A Monday Like No Other

The New Year is just around the corner and while everyone is busy making resolution that will only last a month or two or worst, a day, I’m busy getting ready for delivery. 

Packing, washing, cleaning, folding, buying –yeah, the whole shebang. 

So despite me morphing in and out into my crazy nesting mode, I managed to spend time with some friends coming down for the holidays. 

Last Monday, I met Asidah! She’s one of my reader and also a blogger who few times came down to Miri and after many clashed time and psychotic reschedule meeting, we managed to hook up FINALLY and surprise, surprise we clicked immediately and easily! 


Since we still have few more minutes to kill before she went off to meet her friend, we brought her to Miri’s Esplanade and to the famous Grand Old Lady on Canada Hill. 

A BLIMP from behind is still a friggin' BLIMP. Not Asidah. ME! Asidah need to gain more weight. Hmph [envying her small waist]

I love Miri but it is so tiny that we managed to finish touring the whole city in less than half an hour. After dropping her off to her hotel, which she AGAIN SNEAKILY DROP ME BABY GIFTS WITHOUT ME KNOWING AND AGAIN THANK YOU! BOTH THE MISTER AND I LOVE IT! I went to meet Tammy and Nurul at a nearby café. 

Spending 3 hours there, Azy called and asked me to join her for dinner. That was her 10 million times invitation which unfortunately for her, I had to say no all these while due to time constrain but that evening I was pretty free so we met at our usual hang out –Kinky Fat Chef Kitchen, owned by our good compadre, Abang Aidel Khardafi. If you’re a burger lover, you’ll love his BBQ grilled homemade burgers [LOL! Iklan kejap] 

After we managed to lick clean Aidel’s kitchen, belly full, cramped cheek laughing and talking too much, we departed and I reached home around 10ish and crashed. Ooo… God bless comfy bed… And soon after, ZZzzzzz...

And that pretty much wrapped up my Monday!

Till then, toodles!


Let’s go somewhere quiet and color it monochrome so the world seems less complicated ~Me

Ok. I’m typing this at 7am on a Friday morning and the first thought in my head was, “Woman, you need to get your shit together!” 

You see, this whole week I’ve been on leave to supposedly rest so that next week/year, I’ll be able to function professionally at work without turning into a garden slug that bark due to no rest and such. But all I did this whole week was running errands, chores, chores and chores and shit, that reminds me, I haven’t done another batch of laundry for the baby’s blankets and towels… also I haven’t done his hospital bag. Also I’m way, way due with few blog posts [hint: a reader came to visit me all the way from KL] Suffice to say, I didn’t get much needed rest. 

Then I looked at the calendar and realized, HOLY HAIRY MONKEY NUTS it’s already FRIDAY! SERIOUS SHIT WHERE DID THE TIME GO? 

So yes, I really need to get my shit together and maybe, MAYBE… get some well-deserved rest that I’ve been drooling over. 

It’s Friday and weekend is just around the corner. Time to get those wary feet up and smile; leave the old behind and embrace the new coz 2012 is near! 

Have a Fabulous Friday, peeps! 

The Belly is Belly, Belly Cool (Baby Making Part 31)

These will be my last pregnancy photos. I promise. Yes, yes. I know I’ve been taking waaaaay too many photos of my pregnant self and it’s getting OLD AND BORING AND OHMAIGADZ STOP IT ALREADY WE GET IT WE GET IT YOU’RE PREGNANT BIG DEAL SO DOES EVERY OTHER WOMEN IN THIS WORLD BLAH LAH LU BOO HISS THROW CARROTS AND ROTTEN TOMATO.

[Solem bow]

But this time, it's different. It's a collaboration between two noobs who were determined to produce a professional image. And these two photographer noobs are:


The photography session was supposed to be done by our professional photographer friend but he got sick so we told him to get a rest and proceed with taking the photo ourselves. 

So, armed with a tripod, two cameras, self-timer and plenty of giggles and laughter, the Mister and I managed to get few nice ones for our memory sake. I’m going to develop some and frame it.

Not bad, eh? Good job, noobs! 

Big Grin! It's Your Birthday!

25th December 2011 was the Mister’s birthday. Since my entire family members are on a vacation (as we usually do every end of the year but I’m carrying a precious cargo, therefore, stay put at home and build my comfort nest) and most of our friends are busy with Christmas, the Mister and I  just celebrated his birthday in a small scale. 
We went out for dinner (we both had STEAK! AWESOME JUICY STEAKS! YUMMEH!) and spend the rest of the day watching Mission Impossible movies from 1-3 at home and lastly, Ghost Protocol at a cinema. A MIND BLOWING MOVIE! 

Two years ago, I gave the Mister a Sony PSP for his birthday. Last year, it was a Blackberry phone and this year, I decided to give him something for him to use at work, while he’s outstation,  for his bike ride, his blog and many more- a Canon G12 camera! It’s a kickass compact camera with SLR functions, which totally beat my old Canon SLR.

Dear Love, may your life be showered with abundance of beautiful meaningful gifts, plenty of love, wealth, health and happiness and gallons of laughter and mirth, so you can say the wrinkles and crinkles on your face is a sign of picture perfect life. Happy Birthday! I will say it in front of you in a bit since you’re sitting behind me right now. I love you! 

To My Single Friends...


I am so looking forward for this long weekend. Not only it’s my favorite season E-VER; cold weather, great movies playing on TV, sipping hot tea, munching on cakes and plenty of reasons to snugglywuggly, Christmas is also the Mister’s birthday!

If that is not fabulous, then I don’t know what is.

So aside from celebrating the Mister’s birthday, I intend to enjoy this holiday by doing what I’ve been missing so much lately- READING!


Merry Christmas to those celebrating this Sunday and have a safe holiday!

Can I have hand grenades with my fries please? (Baby Making Part 30)

1. I gained another 2kg within two weeks. Doctor assured me it’s just water weight (water retention) therefore making me an official Asia first female humpback whale. Please refrain from feeding me 2000kg of plankton, thank you very much.

2. My temper is getting shorter and shorter by the day. Simple innocent question like, “When are you going to deliver?” tend to make me snarl. I WILL DELIVER WHEN I DELIVER OKAY!

3. Sleeping is an agony. I have a cemented beach ball as a belly. No sleeping position is comfortable anymore. My last option is to hang upside down on the ceiling like a bat.

4. Not only my feet are a gigantic webbed duck feet, it is also getting more painful by the day. Not even the Mister’s comfy sandal can prevent me from wincing badly whenever I walk. To add life’s greatest joy, my knees are giving me problems too. Yes, yes. It’s the weight I’m carrying that is making all these beautiful agonies, an agony. I get it.

5. I’m getting more and more paranoid over the upcoming labor pain. Everybody has been telling me that OH IT’S GOING TO BE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PAINFUL YOU WILL DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE, I swear I feel like slicing my wrists now.

6. During a recent checkup, my doctor said something about my placenta wall hardening probably due to infection and that I shouldn’t worry at all. Dear Doctor, DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU’RE TALKING WITH? OF COURSE I WORRY. Because he refused to elaborate more, I spend most of my sleepless night Googling and get NOTHING. Nothing means good right? ROOOOOOOOOIITTTEEE?! [Press the BUY button to purchase hand grenades on eBay]

7. What is this 24/7 tingling and numbness feeling in my left hand? Oh. Hi, Carpal-Screw-You-Tunnel Syndrome. This is one reason why I seldom take photos anymore. I almost drop my camera the other day due to sudden electric-like-jolt pain that ran through my arm when I lifted the heavy ass camera. Next month, this new talent will evolve into electrocuting people with just a touch of my skin. Stay tune!

All Day... All Night... What the Food!

H: Are you going to blog about this?

W: No. Maybe. I don’t know. I guess? Why?

H: It’s a no then?

W: High probability it is a na’ah. I’m so lazy…

H: Too bad. Want me to blog about it instead?

W: Go nuts.

And so the Mister Blogged about what I’ve been baking/cooking these past few days. Check out his POST!

Baked Spicy Chicken Pasta

OMAIGARSH, LEGS! (Baby Making Part 29)

I remember the last time I put on a pair of jeans for a bike ride to Brunei with the Mister and I thought to myself, “Shat. This friggin’ thang is so snug my butt crack is screaming I CAN SEE THE WORLD FINALLY!” It fitted me perfectly fine a week before so it didn’t make any sense whatsoever that I was gasping for oxygen while wearing it that day! Actually I didn’t know I was already pregnant that time and that my body was subconsciously accumulating as much fat as possible to get ready for the blimp I meant to be in the next few weeks.

And that was the last time I wore long pants/jeans.

I was told many times by friends and family to buy maternity pants for work but I couldn’t be bothered just coz. So throughout this pregnancy, I wear short dresses mostly and devoted my legs to my one and only comfy knee-high legging.

But when I reached 7 months, not only my feet look like a drown toad, but my whole legs are tattooed with gnarly red and blue veins! [INSERT AGONY CRIES]


Since I can’t replace my legs with those of Gisele Bündchen’s, I surrendered to the inevitable and started wearing long dresses. But when my one and only legging was torn by my own carelessness [INSERT LONG LINE OF CURSES], I had no choice but to buy myself a new pants and this time, I bought a long one to cover my OH-MY-GOD-ARE-THOSE-THE-FAMOUS-500-YEAR-OLD-TREE-STUMPS of legs.


God I miss wearing long pants!

Nice sandals yeah?! Thanks to the Mister, those are the only sandals that does not hurt my feet when walking/standing.

A photo of a walking blimp with her comfy sandals and knee-high legging which unfortunately cannot be seen due to the ginormous belly. Photo inspired by Felicakes.

Latest Pregnancy Photos FINALLY! (Baby Making Part 28)

Due to the sensitivity of the photos, only those with the Baby Making password are allowed to view it.

Even when it's innocent and common, I still have to private it. We are living in a society full of hypocrites and pseudo religious people who are waiting to bite my head off so better I toe the line

New readers, please email me at balqizdotcom at gmail dotcom to get the password. Loyal readers, the password is the same as the Baby Making posts.


We have a gigantic ass backyard and the only thing planted is a huge mango tree, which the previous owner of the house left us. It’s flattering, really. Generous of them. But ever since we moved in, the tree bore no fruits. None one. Nada. Nil. Zilch.

I told the Mister to chop it off since the tree is nesting 300,000 types of insects and ants and me and them, we are nemesis since the beginning of time. But my darling husband never get around doing it coz whenever he hear me say “Chop the tree”, in his mind it translated into, “LEAVE THE TREE ALONE. IT IS A SACRED TREE! GO GREEN, PEOPLE! GO GREEEEEEEN!” I think Mother Nature is possessing my husband’s brain.

So throughout the whole year, we called the tree the HOMOSEXUAL TREE because it never grew a single fruit.

Visitor: That is a huge tree you have there! You guys are so lucky! Free fruits all year long!

Us: Pfft! That is a Gay Tree. It bears no fruits.

Visitor: Gay?

Us: Either its gay or the poor thing is infertile. Or maybe the previous owner gave it a vasectomy just to spite us.

Visitor: *silent*

Us: What?

But, miracles do happen! Tada!

Weird, huh? Maybe because it got tired of being humiliated by us so it decided to sprout some fruits and guess what? It’s not stingy with its blessing! There’s plenty to go around for friends and family!

What a fabulous Friday!

Your Spouse is a Reflection of Yourself.

Actually my friend quoted it like this;

“Kita tok reflection husband/wife kita. Mun kita bait, kita dapat laki/bini nak bait. Mun kita jaik, dapat lah nak jaik”

I just change it a bit in English just to make it sound more... "quotelike"


“Kite ni… reflection husband/wife kite. Kalau kite baik, kite akan dapat husband/wife baik. Kalau kite jahat.. dapat laaa yg jahat”

Okay I cheated. I asked Nurul to translate it for me [insert immense guffaw]

What do you think of the quote? Make sense?

Chopping. Stuffing. Scrambling. Frying. Enjoy.

Colors. Colors. Various beautiful colors.

First there's purple brinjal with a touch of green.

Then red hot chili fiery and spicy.

Come yellow, yellow egg yolk so mellow.

Mix it and fry it and yummilicious 'terung sambal' is served!

Tada! (The fried brinjal was a tad too brown for my liking so I discolored it to make my superlative, hyper active conscious content)

There will be more food post coming soon. You have been forewarned by the pregnant eating machine.


I’ve encountered TOO MANY good girls who badly want to be BAD. Like, really, really B-A-A-A-A-D. I don’t know since when bad girl image become so fashionable that many good girls I know suddenly adopt habits like smoking, body piercing, tattoos, drinking and shamelessly flaunt it around when in fact it was just yesterday they were praying diligently, wearing ‘tudung’ (hijab), and have a angelic image with halo beaming on top of their head.

TOO MANY times I hear them bragging, “Holy fuck I haven’t had my daily dosage of nicotine!” when in fact, they just started to smoke like 5 minutes ago.

TOO MANY times I see them waving drunkenly a can of beer in their Facebook profile photo while another hand showing their middle finger when in fact, they only drink ONE CAN throughout the whole night.

TOO MANY times I witness a sudden transformation from a sweet, innocent, cherubic demure girly-girl-girl face to gaudy makeup wearer, pouting like a duck and pressing her boobs together pose and post it e-ve-ry-day e-ve-ry-hour in Facebook with captions such as "I'm so ugly today" -'Natch, fishing for compliments and her loyal subjects will shower her with "No you're not!  How can you say that! Look at you! You're hot! You're so sexy! You're alluring!" (Oh Yawn) 

TOO MANY times I listen to them talking about how they beat the shit out of another person who bitch mouth them when in fact; they only do the bashing in their Facebook wall.

I am so impressed [insert bland face]

I don’t know what’s all the hype to portray a bad girl image. I mean, when public view you as bad, you're in the running for the title Bitch of the Year. I guess being called a  bitch something to be proud of. But won't that just ruin your image? Won't it make your life harder especially when you want to make a good impression on someone i.e. your teacher, your boss, your colleagues or your future in laws? I’m caught dumbfuck when it comes to this mystery. Often I asked them why, what and how but often enough these girls deny that they were ever a good girl in the first place and always claim they are wild in the inside, just waiting for their time to show the evil hidden within.

Oh reaaalllllyyy...? Or it's because BAD GIRL gets more attention than a mousy meekly image? NATCH.

And what’s funny is that these wannabes get annoyed easily if you say they are actually good and nice girls. I once made this mistake and immediately was told off, “Oh you think I’m good huh? Well did you know I once did this and that and I got this and that and yetta yetta yetta bla bla bla bla?” and on and on and so forth she went to tell me what makes her so bad.

Shame on me. How could I E-VER think of these wannabes as a bunch of good girls? [Slap head]

For a person who unfairly labeled by public as a BAD GIRL without doing much except scowling like a PMS Oompa Loompa since born, I always try very hard to banish the label because it makes my life a living hell. If there's a murder in town and I was at home reading AND WAS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO THE MURDER AREA, oh you can bet your very soul the first person people suspect would be ME. It's just me. I am hated, misunderstood, presumably evil and soulless, bitchy and downright B-A-D. Bla. Bla. Bla. Bla. Boring. Sometimes I think I almost believe I am what these people assume I am. But then again, would a 'presumably bad girl' prefer to stay home 24/7, read 10 books a week, cook, clean and the only time she ever socialize is dinner out with her girlfriends at 6:30pm and go back home at 8pm? The only drug I ever touch was the one my doctors prescribed (WHICH IS PERFECTLY LEGAL IN CASE YOU'RE GOING TO JUMP AND POINT FINGERS AGAIN)? And would you believe me that I never touch a cigarette in my whole life? That if I do go out clubbing/partying it would be once or twice in 2-3 years? And even with that MANY times I go out, I am always labeled as the wild party girl?

Yeah, here me go again. Justifying something that obviously NO ONE CARES BECAUSE ASSUMING I'M Annie Wilkes's REINCARNATION IS MUCH MORE ACCEPTABLE TO THESE MINDLESS SOCIETIES I AM IN?Yes. Yes. I am the wicked witch of Sarawak who scowl all day.

I am in my third trimester. My hormones is just CRAAAAAZY CRANKY. And yes, I just deviate my original story from something else entirely. Welcome to the world of an ADHD/ADD mind. Thank you for reading. Please leave your judgment at my feet. You are bless.

A morbid conversation between parent-to-be

“I’m going to read the baby nursery rhymes. Maybe he’ll enjoy it and stop bruising my bladder”

“What nursery rhymes you have in mind?”

“Oh something I too would enjoy reading. I hate Twinkle Little Star. Or Baa Baa Black Sheep. I so would gag if I have to read that out loud. You have anything in mind?”

“Hmmm… Humpty Dumpty?”

“Ookay… Reading to a baby about horrible accident of a mutant egg. No, thank you. I don’t think I would like to expose the baby with violence at this early stage. What about Jack and Jill?”

“Jack and Jill went up the hill… Wait. You sure you want the baby to hear the rest? Jack will break his crown and Jill will tumbling after that”

“Eek! No! Next! Oh Little Miss Muffet is a nice nursery rhymes”

“Nope. Miss Muffet is scared to death of spiders. We don’t want the baby to have arachnephobia, do we?”

“Goodness, no. Even Rock-a-bye-baby is scary. Why is it so popular anyway? It’s so dark especially the cradle and the baby falling and all. THAT’S BLOODY GRUESOME, OKAY!”

“How about The Three Blind Mice? Three blind mice, three blind mice, see how they run, see how they run, they all ran after the farmer's wife, who cut off their tails with a carving knife, did you ever see such a thing in your life, as three blind mice?”

“OH. MAI. GAWD. IS THAT SUPPOSED TO BE FUNNY? THAT IS SO PYSCHOTIC! My baby’s going to be mice murderers if he listens to that! We won’t be able to bring him to Disneyland. He’ll be busy chopping Mickey Mouse’s tail!”

“Listen to this: Sing a song of sixpence a pocket full of rye,
Four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie.
When the pie was opened the birds began to sing,
Oh wasn't that a dainty dish to set before the king?
The king was in his counting house counting out his money,
The queen was in the parlor eating bread and honey
The maid was in the garden hanging out the clothes,
When down came a blackbird and pecked off her nose! Wow. I just realized how morbid our nursery rhymes are”

“I wonder is that the reason I’m a little whathefuck in the brain?”

“No comment”

I need clothing aid. STAT. (Baby Making Part 27)

I have my Mac and SD card back! Took Miri Apple store less than an hour to get the SD out of the Mac’s CD slot AND best of all, according to the staffs this is not the first time they encounter this incident. Thank God! At least I’m not the only idiot in town [teary laughter]

Thank you husband for dragging my gigantic ass Mac to Bintang Mall on a blistering hot Sunday afternoon just to stop me wailing my head off 24/7 {HUGS} To prevent this from ever happening again in the future, my ever so understanding husband covered my Mac’s CD slot loading drive with sellotape [insert another teary laughter]

Anyhoo, since the sun was up and shining last week, I decided to wash all the brand new baby’s clothes. I thought of sending it all to the nearest dobby but then decided against it in case they misplace one or two or more. Yes, I am a lazy, lazy bum in this third trimester and secondly HOMAIGAD IT WAS FREAKING HOT LAST SATURDAY SO THE MISTER HAD TO DO THE HANGING WHILE I HIBERNATE IN THE FREEZER AFTER TRASHING ALL THE BABY CLOTHES IN THE WASHING MACHINE.

While sorting it all out (separating the whites and colors) and taking out the labels, I realized this baby have more clothes than his Dad and per piece cost the same as his Dad’s shirt too! (Can’t compare with his mom coz his mom have 2 wardrobes full of clothes) and knowing full well he’ll grow up faster than I can say STAY LITTLE, CUTE AND CHUBBY FOR A WHILE he’ll outgrow his clothes and knowing me, I WILL WANT TO BUY HIM NICE ADORABLE AND YET STYLISH OUTFIT COZ I AM THAT KIND OF PERSON BITE ME AND CALL ME AN IDIOT FOR DRESSING MY SON LIKE A RUNWAY MODEL HMPH I will eat grass for the next 18 years or so.

Dear Son, remember, I love Prada. That will be your first purchase when you earn your first salary. I love you!

I cannot believe myself when it comes to being a WORLD CLASS IDIOT CATEGORY A+++!


While I silently murder my brain, enjoy this photo I took from the Mister's phone. I made this for lunch today. World most simplest, easiest roastered chicken. Marinate it for 2 hours with soya sauce, salt, chopped garlic and roast it in an oven without oil. I took a bunch of photos of it BUT AS I SAID MY MEMORY CARD GOT SWALLOWED IN THE MAC'S CD SLOT AND I AM PULLING MY HAIR IN FRUSTRATION HOW COULD I BE SUCH AN IDIOT THAT IS ONLY IDIOT PEOPLE WOULD DO AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!



Hot and Spicy weekend up ahead!

I don’t fancy fermented chili as it kills the original taste and murder the spiciness. And since fresh chili’s life span is as short as my breath running a marathon, I freeze it to keep it from turning bad.


As and when I want to use it, I’ll just take it out from the freezer, leave it for 2-3 minutes and chop, chop, chop. The taste is the same as fresh chili, so no biggie there. Booyah!

How do you keep your veggie fresh? Do share!

Spewfest! Glory, glory spewfest! (Baby Making Part 26)

This is a password protected post.

Kindly email me at balqizdotcom at gmail dot com for password.

Old readers, the password is the same as all the Baby Making post.

Thank you

Cute things are annoying

Do you think if I listen hard enough, I'll be able to see little blue elves singing annoyingly and repeatedly "La la la-la la la, sing a happy song. La la la-la la la, Smurf your whole day long"?

Thank God the mushrooms died 4 hours after I took this photo [*whisper* together with the Smurfs too I hope...]

What? Smurfs are ANNOYING. I don't think I can tolerate the Happy Smurf Song E-VE-RY-HOUR E-VE-RY MINUTE E-VE-RY DAY if Smurfs really exist there.

Bah. Humbug.

I don't need the stars to tell me we're not compatible. The signs are just everywhere.

If you follow me in Twitter or Facebook, this is just a repeat story from my rant last weekend. 

Yes, the part where Tweeted/FB that I failed to bake 2 cakes in 2 days. 

The first cake I made was a banana cake. I brought home 7-8 pieces of ripe bananas hoping to ease my constipation (What? I’m pregnant! Constipation is NORMAL but effin nuisance) but after I ate one piece I decided I rather eat old shoes. Sorry to all banana lovers out there. It’s just my taste bud lately has gone eff-the-what. Even nice tasty cheesecake (which I bought from a bakery that cost me a king’s ransom) made me threw 8 miles projectile vomiting. 

I should heed the warning there but I ignored it completely. Rooky mistake there, me. 

I decided to not waste the bananas by baking it. Banana muffin? Banana cake? Banana hamana hamana? Banana cake it is. 

So yeah, there I was, bravely venturing into the zone so unknown to me –baking. 

Following the recipe I took from the Internet to the dot, I was confident I would make another success history in my life. Little that I know, the history was about to declare itself A BIG FAT GOOEY FAILURE. 

The cake turned out –as I mentioned earlier on- gooey. Too much mash banana. F-F-F-F-F-F-F!!!!! 

Defeated but not wanting to give up, the next day, after lunch I baked Oreo cake instead. This time, it was PERFECT. Well, almost… I was watching The Walking Dead and next thing I know, my cake was walking dead on its own. It was charcoal black coz I left it too long in the oven. Another epic F-F-F-F-F-F-F-F!!!!

I’m just going to stick with cooking. At least with cooking, I’m slightly better at it. Yes, the word is slightly. Better than burning the whole meal up… GRRRRR!!!! 

Only today I realized, I do not like cake very much. Maybe that’s the reason why I suck at baking. I like cooking better coz I only cook what I like to eat and as for baking, I seldom eat cake. Unless serve or when my craving kicks in and that only happen like once in every century. 

That’s a revelation that one. 

And that’s when I decided to screw baking. 

Yeah. Screw you, baking! You and your crazy measurement, ingredients and all! *Raise fits in the air*

Food Craving: It's better to cook it yourself

The best sup tulang I've ever tasted was maybe when I was in primary school. It was made by my Rukun Tetangga (neighborhood committee) during Hari Raya Aidil Adha. It was the best gotong-royong cookout ever!

Too bad nowadays the concept is non-existent in our modern community. 

Ever since then, sup tulang has been my top 10 favorite food to eat. It's not easy to find the tastiest sup tulang in Miri. There's always something lacking whenever I eat this dish at a restaurant. Yes, I am very fussy when it comes to my favorite dish and to make it even more horrific; I'm pregnant and my craving is kicking up a storm die-die want to enjoy a nice, delicious sup tulang!

So, there I was again, repeat déjà vu from the Pavlova experience; Cook it myself.

And THANK GOD it was DELICIOUS! It's true what they say, the best dish is the one you cook yourself. Coz only I know what I want.

I burned my tongue eating this dish though... What? My dinosaur baby couldn't wait to devour it! It was THAT GOOD.

I also cooked the Mister his favorite dish: Mustard Green (sayur sawi) with oyster sauce.

After that big lunch... it's time for a siesta!



I'm thinking of baking a cake or something this weekend. 

What's your plan?

WHAT... THE...?

Can you see it?

Yes, that one. The glaring RM570.55!

That is how much my monthly grocery shopping cost me.


Life is getting so bloody expensive that it's becoming ridiculous.


Check List AGAIN (WHEN WILL IT EVER END, ME? WHEN?!) (Baby Making Part 26)

Checklist for Hospital Bag 

(For me) 

1. Hospital card

2. IC

3. Blouses (4x)
    • Preferably button front blouse. I don’t have one. That means… SHOPPING!!!!

4. Bra and underwear (4x)

5. Socks (4x)

6. Pads (more than a dozen I think…)

7. Towel (1x)

8. Face towel (2x)

9. Bedroom slippers
    • Preferably pink fluffy bunny slippers like the one I saw in Victoria Secret’s catalogue. I’M KIDDING, HUSBAND!

10. Nursing bra (4x)
      • I do not know where to buy this in Miri…

11. Air/Minyak Selusuh
      • Got that one! The oil I mean. Not the water… I don’t have to have both, right?

12. Food and drinks
     • Biscuits, air Zam Zam, fruits, ice creams and soda (MOM, I’M KIDDING!)

13. Pillows (2x)
      • I’ve stayed in the hospital twice this year and from that experience I know comfy soft pillows are a MUST. Even private hospitals don’t cater for your comfort coz, as you well know, they are NOT luxurious hotels.

14. Hand phone charger

15. Earphone (to listen to all the surah-surah al-Quran on my phone)

(For baby) 

1. Baby diapers

2. Clothes (4x)

3. Socks and mittens (4x)

4. Hat (2x)

5. Blanket/baby wrap (2x)

6. Baby’s girdle (2x)
    • I just realize I don’t have this! ANOTHER EXCUSE TO GO SHOPPING!

7. Baby wipes/wet tissue

8. Minyak kayu putih (1x)

Checklist for Confinement Period 

1. Confinement set like jamu, herbal baths, hot compress etc
    • Got it!

2. Sweater
    • This I have a plenty. I can also borrow from the Mister.

3. Blanket
   • I actually bought a new set of bed sheet and comforter for my confinement period. Reason: People will visit me in my room and I am not going to embarrass myself being seen lying on a shabby old bed sheet. Eek! So NOT!

4. ‘Kain Batik’
    • Mom said she’s getting 4 (or more) new pairs for me. Got that one covered too. Thank God.

5. Stockings
   • I need to dig in my cupboard since I seldom wear socks and I’ve to make sure all are matching. I tend to wear my socks with different pair since I’m too lazy to look for its correct partner.

6. Maternity bra and underwear
   • Errr… are there any sold in Miri?

7. Maternity pads
   • Got to put that in my shopping list.

8. Breast Pad
   • My best friend A gave me a box full of this thing so got that one covered too. Though I did wonder, what the freakin’ hell are these, when I first open her “gift”. Told her I’ve no boobies now and she screamed, “YOU WILL! SOON! AND IT WOULD BE LIKE WATERFALL GUSHING OUT OF YOU SO THIS IS ME PREPARING YOU!” Wow. Scary but thanks babe!

9. Girdle/traditional wrap
   • I remember Mom telling me she got this one covered too. Remind me to ask her again…

10. Books
      • This is the part I’m most excited about! I’ve been saving some books for my 44 days confinement period. So far I have all the Games of Thrones series to read, 2-3 Regency Romance books by various authors and yes, I agree, I MUST GET MORE COZ YOU JUST MIGHT NEVER KNOW I FINISH IT ALL IN MERE ONE WEEK! [Crazy frenzy eyes]

Anything I miss out, do please add in. Thank you!


I smell a long weekend coming our way and that means; BREAKFAST LIKE A KING!

Baby Making Part 25

Hey there Little Guy,

Here’s a confession. The first time I felt you kicking at 18 weeks, that was the time I realized, wow, I’m going to be a mother! And honestly, when the reality sinks in, it made me nervous.

I asked myself constantly; will I be a good mother to this precious child? Will I be able to provide for him all the things he needs to grow up healthily and happily? Am I capable to hold myself back and not to interfere when there are times you need to learn things your own way? And many, many other questions that swims in my head and kept me awake at night.

Your Dad said I’ll be fine when I voiced out these concerns. This is one thing you will learn about your parents: Your Dad is the pillar of strength and stability while your Mom is a basket case. We are a match made in heaven; with me driving your Dad up the wall and him scrapping me off the ceiling when I’m in my moods. Oh you will fit in nicely among the chaos.

During one of the check-up, the doctor managed to give us a good look at how you look like and I gleefully pointed out your nose which unfortunately for you, is a small rounded button nose you inherited from me. I would like to apologize in advance for giving you that nose. If you want to blame me, please, blame my long line of small rounded nose ancestors. But they are dead already so you can’t sue them.

And ever since you reach 7 months in my belly, you have been nudging me and kicking me and occasionally I can feel you rolling and don’t worry, I love your every movement! You made me giggle when you jiggle my belly like a jelly. You made me jumped when you suddenly kick so hard to tell me, “MOM! YOUR ICE-CREAM IS FREEZING MY BUTT!” and what a cute little butt you have there, dear.

We’ve chosen your name already and I hope you like it. I spend many months looking for a perfect one with good meanings. We’ve been calling you with your name, hoping you will give response like one kick if you like the name and double kick saying you hated it. But it’s a game you fail miserably coz you just kick at any names we call out. Unless, you really like to be called MOZART…?

And don’t worry, you will be clothed as soon as you come out coz I’ve started to buy you your cute rompers, pajamas, beanie hat and socks. You would not believe how expensive your clothes are! I know it’s not of your problem but as soon as you get your first job, I’m going to ask you to buy me a Prada dress. You’re welcome.

I wish I know how to make this first letter to you sappy and touching but I just do not know how too. I may have a serious demeanor at the outside but since you’ve been the victim of my constant tease (poking you when you jab me and drinking cold water so you would squirm inside –oh that was fun) you can guarantee I am going to make your life interesting. Ask your Dad. He’ll vouch for me [insert creepy smile]

We love you, little guy. Can’t wait to see you in… 82 days.

Mini Pavlova in a cup

I don't exactly know what Pavlova actually taste like. I’ve been asking some friends to bring back a piece for me from KL or Singapore but everyone said it gets soggy very fast. That sucks. I imagine soggy Pavlova would taste like old socks so I stop nagging my friends to bring back one for me. 

Tired of salivating at the photo, I decided to make one. 

Yeah. You read that right. I, Balqiz, the two left hands when it comes to culinary skill, the one who NEVER bake in her whole life, the one who thinks ‘preferably room temperature egg’ in a recipe means I have to put the egg under my armpit to ‘warm up’ the refrigerated egg, wanted to bake my own Pavlova.


I scouted the dessert’s recipe like a hellhound on a deadly mission. 

I finally found the easiest, simplest way and thankfully, easy. And because I am VERY NOT confident I can pull a Nigella Lawson in mere seconds (miracle does not happen to me when it comes to baking), I decided to do a mini Pavlova. 

So, on a Sunday afternoon, after battling with sugar, white eggs, corn starch and all the baking equipment that were so alien to me, I managed to create:

I don’t have strawberries or berries so I just add grapes coz good God, the Pavlova itself is already sweet and add with strawberries? No thank you! I cheated a bit by using a ready made whip cream by Nestle. 

So, my verdict? Meh. I like the texture of the meringue but I KNOW I need to improve more if I want to really enjoy a good Pavlova. But, good try, me! At least I get to use the cake mixer which has been looking at me pathetically all these while ever since I bought it.

P/s Yeah, the Pavlova look mashed here. That's because I broke the meringue just so I can squeeze it in the cup. I am a JI-NI-ES.

Oh Let Me Be... It's Me and My Belly (Baby Making Part 25)

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Art is not what you see. But what you make others see.

This intricate work of art is truly admirable.

This henna was done on my sister-in-law last Thursday for her wedding. 

Beautiful, isn’t it?

Do you remember your first henna moment?

I'm of the opinion that people don't know what a hypocrite they are about 90 percent of the time.

Friend 1: Ever since I marry ‘up’, suddenly I’m ‘in’ and those wealthy and high class people, who used to not bother about my existence, are my unofficial friends now, wanting to introduce me to their other high class friends. When I was a mere nobody, these people wouldn’t give me two hoots but now? I even received an invitation to a join the ‘in’ club just because they see me as their equal now. I hate these people! Bloody bunch of hypocrites! I am not stooping to their shallowness. I ignored their invitation and went on my own merry way and keep my so-called-low-class friends.

Friend 2: Count yourself lucky. At least they seek you out for your social class. The hypocrite is at a minimum level and very transparent. In my case, people wanted to befriend me so they can be the first to witness as and when I fall from grace. To them, I’m like a time bomb ticking, ready to explode and prove their assumption about me is right. They are itching to say, “See? XXX is BAD! She’s a menace to society! She’s an embarrassment! She’s no good! It’s expected she’ll do something like that! I told you! How many times did I tell you? She WILL show her true color sooner or later” What’s worst, I don’t know who they are until it’s too late. They follow my blog, Twitter and Facebook diligently; they are super friendly in real life and so on and so forth. But behind me, lo behold! There’s not a shred of my dignity left intake once these people finished bitching and analyzing and devouring my every words, actions, activities and such.

Friend 3: Wow. Life sure sucks big time for you guys! LOL!

Last Friday Night...

... My brother got married.

Now, 3 out of 5 of us are married and all 3 got married this year. 

It is indeed a good year for our family.

Syukur alhamdulillah...

Photo by the talented Nurul

Thank you for the nightmare I'm going to have tonight.

I hate zombies.

Hate in a new level of hate. Like, really, really hate em. I NEVER would succumb myself to watch a movie that have zombies walking around freely attacking people. Unless I get suck into it. I’m watching you, I Am Legend. Stupid Will Smith made me eagerly go watch the movie and halfway through I was ready to crap my pants. That should teach me a lesson TO FIRST CHECK WHAT MOVIE IS IT FIRST NOT JUST BECAUSE WILL SMITH IS IN IT, DUMBASS. No, I do not watch Walking Dead, the new hit TV series either.

I tend to make fun of zombies ALL THE TIME but the real fact is; zombies scares the shit outta me. If ever there’s a zombie apocalypse, I’ll be the first one to take a hand grenade, pull the safety pin and swallow it willingly. KABOOM! No me to be devoured by hungry zombies.

And I DO NOT WANT TO BE TURNED INTO A ZOMBIE EITHER. I don’t fancy people’s brain that much…

But I found this iPhone app called Zombifier: 3D Zombie Booth. It is totally EEEEEEEEEK! AWESOME MUCH! So I went on zombiefying myself and everything around me. It’s fun (coz our zombie photos can move too! Go check it out!) but it’s also gory, scary, freaky and AH MAI GAD I WILL NEVER SLEEP WITH THE LIGHTS OFF EVER AGAIN!

Remind me to book a time to see my dentist after I give birth. My God... My cavities are PURE NIGHTMARE!


That's my sister. Isn't she pretty? She's pregnant. Her pregnancy glow is TO DIE FOR! Add a designer sunglass and BAM! HOT!



Gifts! Baby gifts! Thank you for all the baby gifts! Oh yeah. Zombies can't talk. So... GRRRR GROOOWWLLL AARRRRRR RRRRRRRRWWWWW MMMRRRR!

I am brainless. Love me.


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