I'm slowly turning into a creature of the night...

Name: Kaisan Rizq
Meaning: Kaisan (wise one) Rizq (Provision/Profit/Wealth)
Likes: Sleeping in the day time. Farting like a boss. Mommy's boobies. Bullying his parents by staying awake at 2am-6am. Mommy singing like a loon at 4am to make him sleep.
Dislikes: Bath time. Changing diapers. Nail clipping. Nose digging. Socks. Being bundled up.

If you look closely, you can see how messy my house is. It’s like Mothercare and Anakku just threw up in there.

Baby things are everywhere, scattering around as if each and every one of it has a pair of long creepy legs, moving all about making themselves at home. It’s driving me crazy! People kept telling me to sit and rest instead of swinging broomstick around my head. I. Can’t. Rest. When. The. House. Is. In. A. Bloody. Chaos!

By the way, A BIG THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN SHOWERING US WITH BABY GIFTS! Since Kaisan only knows how to yawn and poop at this stage, I, as his mother will be doing the cartwheel spelling THANK YOU to each and everyone of you!

Now, back to mundane stuff like taking the opportunity to sleep when he's sleeping *Yawn*


Kaisan's Birth Story -Part 3 (Last)

6th February 2012

I haven’t slept since Saturday.

I haven’t showered or changed since Saturday.

I haven’t eaten anything since Saturday.

If I’m not made if stronger stuff, I think I would run around screaming like a crazy loon.

As the sun started to rise, I began to see clearly the whole room and the occupants in it. It was heartbreaking. All the mothers looked tired and wary. Each and everyone have the same agonizing look on their face and I felt their pain. Some were there for more than a week. I can’t imagine how it feels to be staying in the hospital more than a day. For me, few hours there was already torturous let alone 5 days (The nurses said Kaisan will be admitted for 5 days due to his jaundice)

The lady sitting next to my bed was a native lady who had been in the hospital for 3 days. She said her baby also have jaundice. When the rounding doctor came, she eagerly asked, “How many days more, Doctor?” The doctor, whom I secretly dubbed ASS HOLE OF THE YEAR, looked at her chart and snickered, “Do you know what is wrong with your baby? He swallowed his own shit (meconium) and do you know how dangerous that is? To make matter worst, he has jaundice. Do you what’s jaundice?”

The lady kept smiling and said no, she doesn’t know but would like to go home as soon as possible. The doctor sarcastically answered her, “Oh you want to go back huh? Where do you stay? In a village far away from this hospital right? How did you come here in the first place? By bus right? If I send you back home now and you’re baby continue to be sick, how do you think you’re gonna bring him here fast enough? You can fly, is it?”

The lady still smiled, not knowing how to response to the rude admonishment from the bloody asshole.

I was seeing red just hearing it all. If I were not weak from the ordeal I went through, I would get up and smack the smirk on the asshole’s face with my faded bedroom slippers. Can’t he explain it nicely to the lady instead of smirking and being sarcastic and all? She doesn’t understand what’s wrong with her baby due to her lack of education and language barrier but it doesn’t give the bloody asshole the right to be such a high and mighty son of a bitch who looks down on people lesser knowledge than him.

When it was 9am and still no sight of the specialist doctor, I began to fidget. Waiting was an agony of its own. I was contemplating to run away bringing my baby with or without the letter from the doctor. Then I realized, shit I can’t do that. My baby’s birth card is with them. I need Kaisan’s card for him to be admitted in Columbia. So I waited.

10am. Still no doctor. The nurses said he would be late because it was Public Holiday and he had to cover a lot of patients. FINE.

The mister brought me some rice and chicken to eat but I was too tired, too worried, too many things going on in my head to eat anything.

I refuse to put Kaisan under the blue light because I loathed the idea of leaving him alone in the plastic crib. I don’t mind holding him despite my arms were falling asleep. The Mister and me take turn to hold Kaisan. Whenever we try to put him on the bed, he would wake up and cry. The absence of our body heat when we put him down made him feel exposed and scared. I believe that he remembered what had happened to him and because of that my baby was traumatized and unable to left alone or hold by anyone aside from the Mister or me. I blamed those idiots who jabbed him everywhere!

In the daylight, we inspected his bruises. There were 4 holes each hand. On his feet, a black and blue bruise the size of a 20cent coins marked a needle was prod there too. No wonder he was screaming his lungs out last night… BLOODY HELL!!!

Close to lunchtime, the specialist came and as soon as he reached my bed, I explained to him everything and told him my request and he said okay and only then I can breath easily. Kaisan’s blood test will be send to Columbia Asia for their further action. That means, no more taking his blood. Syukur alhamdulillah…

We brought Kaisan to Columbia Asia and were admitted immediately. Maybe I am pampered. Maybe I am spoiled but having a private room with my own bed, air-condition, my own toilet and friendly and cheerful nurses immediately relaxes me. They told me I could hold Kaisan while putting him under their very modern phototheraphy and I was so glad coz I can’t bear to leave him alone.

7th February 2012

A nurse came to take his blood sample to see whether his jaundice was still high. She was so nice and understanding that she assured us that they only prick the palm of his feet to draw a little bit of blood and that was it. THAT WAS IT? THEN WHY DID THE GH DOCTOR AND NURSES NEARLY PUNCTURED MY SON FLAT WITH NEEDLE JABS HERE AND THERE? The Columbia nurse shook her head and told me I should complain. She said the IV was not necessary because his temperature was normal and his jaundice was very mild.

I blamed myself until now for NOT thinking of Columbia in the first place. I should’ve brought Kaisan there instead of GH. It’s my one regret that I will live for the rest of my life.

Less than 24 hours later, we were discharged and free of jaundice. 


When I think back, I wonder where did I get my strength to survive those nightmares I went through? I mean, I had c-sec and yet I moved all about like as if I was well. I forgot the pain of my cut, the hunger I felt, and the discomfort of my unclean, unwashed self.

My will to fight was strong. I guess that’s what people always say, “A mother’s love is something no one can explain. It is made of deep devotion and of sacrifice and pain”

Kaisan's Birth Story -Part 2

4th February 2012

I would lie if I said waking up that day was like enjoying a cold piece of popsicles (I’M DYING FOR SOMETHING COLD TO DRINK/EAT NOW I’M IN MY CONFINEMENT!)

The pain was still there but bearable. Now that I can feel my whole body again, I tried to move here and there a bit just to get the blood flow nicely. According to Doctor Balqiz’s theory, if I move a lot I will heal faster and I can get discharge from the hospital fast.

I’m grateful I’m able to give birth in a private hospital with my own private room and all but there’s no place like home and besides, the Mister has been sleeping uncomfortably on a chair close by that I can’t bear to see him suffer one more night for me.

Around 8am, nurses came and pulled out the urine tube. This time I squawked like a crow chop in half by the neck. UNPLEASANT. Then the nurse said, “Please inform us once you urinated” Translation: PLEASE GET UP TO THE TOILET AND PEE ON YOUR OWN COZ THERE’S NO MORE PLASTIC TUBE TO GATHER YOUR URINE WHILE YOU LIE LIKE A RICH SPOIL DIVA ON THE BED.

The message was loud and clear. I need to sit up, stand up and walk all about and pee.


Fat chance. So, ever so slowly the Mister helped to lower me down and believe me, it took my ass FOREVER to touch the toilet seat. I swear I can pop out another baby with that time alone. The toilet seat felt so far and the pain of my stitches was beyond any curses I can come up with.

When I finally sat, the ordeal just begun. To pee, or not to pee. For a moment there, I forgot how to pee. My mom was in the toilet watching and supervising. The mister was there ready to help me with anything. And there I was, half naked, bleeding down under and lost all my dignity with no shame whatsoever anymore. I was like a train-wreck. And I couldn’t pee. World biggest problem.

I kicked the Mister and my mom out of the toilet and tried to concentrate… PEE GEDEMMIT! PEE! And when I pee… BURN LIKE ALL OF GODDAMN HELL. I think I bend the iron handrail next to the toilet seat.

Maybe I was so quiet and the Mister thought the toilet hole has swallowed his wife, he asked through the door, “Are you okay?” Yes, yes. I’m okay. Aside from being cut open, pulled out a baby from my belly and suffered world most craziest burning sensation from waist down, yes, I’m okay. Let’s have another baby so I can relive this experience all over again. No. I’m not kidding. No. This is not sarcasm. I love you. Marry me again please. No, no. I’m not delirious from the pain and sleep deprivation.

The short ordeal drained my energy to the max. By the time I reached my bed, I was weak as a drown kitten. I fell asleep immediately after kissing my baby’s forehead and mumbled; “He doesn’t smell like roasted chicken anymore. This scent is much better. At least I don’t feel like eating him anymore” and zzzzz….

5th February 2012

I was already walking all about. I was restless just sitting and sleeping and holding my baby was the only interesting thing I can do. So I walked. I sat on the visitor’s chair. I went to check on other people’s babies. I went to the toilet by myself. Pee still BURNS but bearable.

I think the nurses there told my doctor I was already ready to run the marathon that he told me I could go home that day. YAY!

We packed like the demon was chasing our tails. We were that excited to go home.

Oh home sweet home!

We settled down nicely that day. My mom volunteered to stay the night to help since I still can’t move too much. Families came and helped whatever they can.

But at 11pm that night, my mom noticed Kaisan’s body temperature was quite hot. I took a thermometer and his reading was 37.8C. O-oh… Fever?

We rushed back to the hospital and because the pediatric only works in the daytime, we had to see other doctor in charge that night. He said he can’t do anything coz 1) Kaisan is developing jaundice and needs further treatment and 2) The doctor’s shift finish in 2-3 hours so he can’t help much. He insisted we go to the general hospital to get him check up.

Before I proceed, let me just say one thing. I HATE GENERAL HOSPITAL. I have bad experience there many times. When I first had my asthma at 20 years old, I went there and they asked me to WAIT. I was gasping for oxygen and they ask me to wait? WHAT THE…? Exactly. Apparently they only have one machine there and someone else was using it. The second time was when I peed blood. I was crying in pain and they gave me Panadols and asked to go home and come again the next day because their doctors were all busy. From then on, I vow to never go there again.

So when the stupid idiot of a doctor insisted that Kaisan was in a dire state and that he must be send to GH immediately, I cried. I can’t bear to think my baby will be in the hands of those in GH whom I know treated their patients so carelessly.

6th February 2012

Because I felt like I had no choice and I was worried of his condition, we went to GH and they took Kaisan’s temperature. It was 36C. I was so relieve that his temperature went down but the nurses there said he must be admitted because of his jaundice and they want to monitor him in case his fever comes back.

They ushered me to a long room with rows and rows of beds and small container like crib with blue light to put the baby in for phototheraphy. I gulped when I first saw the room. There were 3-4 beds occupied with mothers holding their babies or sleeping or putting their babies underneath the blue light. They asked me to take the nearest bed with instructions that my mom and the Mister cannot be in the room with me in longer than 30 minutes. WHAT? NO! I just had my c-sec! I don’t even know how to hold my baby correctly! I need my mom! I can’t move too much! I need my husband too!

They then proceed to take my baby to a nearby room. They said they are going to take his blood sample to check his jaundice level. I felt weak. Please. Please God. I can’t bear to know my poor baby being poke all about with a needle… they asked me to wait outside and from there, I can hear Kaisan crying so hard. For the first time in his life, he cried so loud and so hard it broke my heart. I couldn’t help but cried too until my chest hurts. The nurses scolded me for crying saying it might give me post-natal depression. MOTHERFUCKER! YOU GUYS ARE JABBING AND POKING AND TORTURING MY BABY AND YOU EXPECT ME TO LAUGH AND REJOICE IS IT? But I kept all my anger to myself. I know if I burst out, they are going to make it hard on me and my baby.

I can’t remember how long Kaisan was with them but I could still hear his scream. I was helpless. I was weak. I was tired. I haven’t sleep in ages. The Mister and my mom were asked to leave and I felt so lost and alone.

When they finally handed me Kaisan, he was naked, there’s IV his left hand and his right hand and feet were blue and green bruises. He was sobbing softly and I to bite my lips so hard. I was in rage. How dare they do this to my baby!!! I asked why is there IV on his hand? What’s the point? He doesn’t have fever! The nurses said it’s in case his fever comes again and they need to give him antibiotic via IV drip. They said it took them ages to find his vein and they had to poke him almost everywhere. I closed my eyes and quelled the urge to kill. They spent nearly an hour poking my son for ONE STUPID IV DRIP FOR FEVER THAT DOES NOT EXIST ANYMORE?! FUCKING HELL!!!!

I hugged Kaisan tight. I swear the nurses will never, ever get to touch him anymore. Over my dead body first! Then they put cotton with cellotape to cover his eyes and asked me to put him in the phototheraphy crib. I think Kaisan was traumatized with what he had experienced that he cried hysterically when I put him in. Unable to hear him scream longer than a second, I took him out and hug his naked quavering body and he quieted down as soon as he felt my body and heard my voice crooning him. My poor, poor baby… then the nurse came and scolded me again for holding him. She said, “If he you keep holding him, he will get use to being carried all about!” I DON’T FUCKING CARE, YOU STUPID CUNT! MY BABY IS SHAKING AND IN PAIN AFTER WHAT YOU DID JUST NOW AND HE NEED SOOTHING! I ignored her and continued hugging Kaisan like as if any moment someone going to snatch him away from me.

Then he whimpered for milk. Shit. GH has this strict breast-feeding only policy and no bottles are allowed. My problem: I was not lactating yet. My baby was hungry and I have no milk to feed him. I asked the nurse for a bottle of milk and explained to her my condition. She refused to give me one instead she said, “When I gave birth to my premature baby, I had no breast milk for close to a month. But I force my baby to latch on my breast and slowly my milk came. In the meantime, I spoon feed milk into her mouth to feed her” so she gave me a spoon and a cup.

My second problem: The formula I brought to the hospital was accidentally left in the bag, which the Mister took back home just now. So there I was with a crying hungry baby and I had no formula whatsoever in hand to “spoonfeed” him and the nurses refused to help whatsoever. I had no choice but to get Kaisan to suck on my milk-less breast. I broke down and cried again. Oh God… I prayed hard and silently please, please God help my baby. He’s hungry and he needs my milk. Please, please God help us… I sobbed to myself. This is not happening. THIS IS A FUCKING NIGHTMARE!

As I soothed Kaisan’s weak cry with everything that I can think off, hugging him, talking to him, kissing him, I recited zikir Nabi Yunus in my head over and over again. It slowly helped me to calm down and think properly. That was went suddenly it occurred to me, why didn’t I check with Columbia Asia? I grabbed my phone immediately and gave them a call. I explained to them my situation and the lady said, sure, just bring your baby over and we’ll do everything we can. Just get a release letter from the GH’s doctor and you’re good to go.

Happy that I will get my baby out of this hellhole, I asked the nurses where could I find their specialist. She said he’d come over around 9am. I looked at the watch and it was 5am. Fine. Few more hours. I can do this. I can be patient.

At 6am, a doctor came to do his round. As soon as he reached my bed, I marched up to him and said, “I want to be discharge NOW as so I can bring my baby to Columbia Asia. I want you to write me a release letter NOW. Columbia Asia is my panel hospital and it was a mistake to come here in the first place. So, I would appreciate it if you can speed things up coz I want to go out NOW. I am not going to stay here for 5 days!”

He said he’s not the specialist and that I have to wait at 9am for him to come. FARK. FINE.

Kaisan was already asleep. Tired and exhausted by what he had endured, my baby slept in hunger. This time, I didn’t weep. I think the zikir I recited gave me strength and the ability to think despite deprivation of sleep for more than 2 days.

I told the doctor my husband will be coming soon and I need him to be with me in the room by hook or by crook because of my condition. I gave him no choice but to say yes. Don’t mess with an angry, tired mother!

At 7am, the Mister came and THANK GOD he brought formula. I grabbed the bottle and fed Kaisan and he drank like as if he was never fed before. Again, I held back my sob. Don’t worry son, momma’s bringing you out soon… few more hours and we’re free, I whispered to him.

To be continued...

O-oh... Am I turning into a mother who do nothing but post photos of her kid?


Kaisan's Birth Story -Part 1

For many days I’ve been drafting and redrafting this post in my head but extremely reluctant to jot it down for real. The truth is; what I went through was short of a nightmare basked in a ray of sunshine. Of course the sunshine overwrite the entire nightmare all together but to recall back what had happened is like summoning the devil back from hell.

I thought of skipping this labor story entirely but I owe it to my senile memory and for the sake of reminding myself some of the stupid mistake I made when I didn’t sleep for more than 72 hours.

Because the story is pretty long, I’m dividing it into 3 parts. Or two. We’ll see.

So where do I start? Let us start from the very beginning…

3rd February 2012

I woke up quite early that day. After sending off the Mister to work, I proceeded to waddle in pain to the toilet and shower. That was when I noticed HOLY GOOD FOR NOTHING CERVIX! WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY FINGERS?! Yes, it was my fingers. It was the size of a sausage and it was throbbing in pain. My feet were swollen as bad as my hands.

I was terrified. All these while, my water retention and swelling just amused me. But this time, it was alarming and all I can think was, “WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? GOD! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?” I was bloating and throbbing E-VE-RY-WHERE and I didn’t recognize myself in the mirror. It’s like, my water retention triple its amount last night.

I called up the Mister and told him my condition. I think he heard the slight hysteria behind my calm whisper, “MY FINGERS ARE HUUUUUGE! MY FEET BELONGS TO A MONSTER! I’M SCAAAAAARED! WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME? THIS IS NOT NORMAL!!!!” He asked me to contact my doctor immediately and so I did. I was shaking from head to toe. Yes, I was THAT scared. I was turning into some grotesque looking pregnant alien and I almost scream to my doctor on the phone, “GET THIS BABY OUT OF ME NOW BEFORE I EXPLODE INTO A PUDDLE OF WATER!”

After describing to my doctor my state, he asked me to come down his hospital that afternoon. At the same time he asked me to bring my hospital bag along in case he needs to admit me for further check up.

I called up my mom and my sister to pick me up and told the Mister to meet me at the hospital.

My hospital bag and my baby’s bag have been readied for weeks. I declined to have anything for lunch. I drank a glass of cold milk and that was it. I finally was able to relax and feeling all calm knowing I’ll be in good hands in mere hours.

We arrived at the hospital at 2pm and immediately ushered to my doctor’s room. My mom, my sister and the Mister cramped up in the small room, all anxious to know what was wrong with me.

Before I go further, let me warn you that this is the last non-explicit, non-icky, non-gruesome sentence you’ll read because after this, it’s gonna get REEEEEEALLY GRAPHIC. You’ve been forewarned.

The doctor then proceeded to check my cervix. My verdict? UNPLEASANT! Have you ever had someone shove his entire arm down your throat then jiggle it all around? Yes? Well that was how it felt like to me when he thrust his hands inside my vagina to check my dilation.

He didn’t say anything. Well, I don’t expect him to chat with me while his hand is inside me but his silence was… deafening.

I asked him, “Am I dilating?” he inhaled and for the first time ever, my doctor who is known for his chuckling and good humor self looked so grim and serious. He asked me to sit down next to the Mister and gave us the news.

“Your water retention is getting worst (DUH! TELL ME SOMETHING I DON’T KNOW) and chances it might go into you and your baby’s lung is very high. You are not dilating at all and you have placenta previa. You need to have c-sec immediately”

Immediately? Okay. Immediately can be tomorrow or the day after right? Or tonight? I can go home first and get ready properly first right? Right? ROOOOOOITE?

“Immediately is now. Go to level 2 and we’ll begin your surgery at 2:30pm”

Wait. What? In half an hour you’re gonna cut me WIDE OPEN? Are you for real?

The Mister asked for a little bit more time coz he needed to go back to his office and collect his belongings. The doctor said, “Ok. I give you 15 minutes”


While the Mister dashed like the wind to his office, I went upstairs to level 2 accompanied by my mom and my sister. I can’t describe how I felt that time because everything was going too fast. Next thing I know, I was asked to change into a peek-a-boo-I-can-see-your-ass gown, propped on a bed, two nurses SHAVING my pubic hair [FACEPALM] [ULTIMATE HUMILIATION] [I JUST SHAVE FEW DAYS AGO APPARENTLY IT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR THE HIGH AND MIGHTIEST] and inserting a super long plastic tube inside my vagina for urination and IT WAS AS UNPLEASANT AS THE DOCTOR CHECKING MY DILATION. They kept saying “Inhale. Inhale”. I kept thinking, “IN HELL. IN HELL”

Before I can adjust myself with the fact that there’s a plastic tube inside me, I was immediately wheeled to the operating room.

Oi! Oi! I haven’t even said anything to my mom! Where’s my husband? I thought he’s coming in with me in the operating room?

Then I was in a hall where this cheerful chatty guy who introduced himself as the anesthesiologist and explained to me what will happen. When he said he’s going to insert a long needle up my spine, I was like GET ME OUT OF HERE I DON’T WANT NEEDLES INSIDE MY BACK BONE LET ME BE PREGNANT FOREVER HELP NO HELP AARRGHHH but when I received the spinal… well, what do you know? It was so pleasant; it made me all giggly-like. Slowly I lost the feeling of the lower part of my body and the feeling was incredible. It was like I was floating and it made me wanted to sing out loud. For the first time in 9 months; I had my old body back. No pain, no aching, no throbbing and I was… FLYING LIKE A BIRD!

The Mister came in and sat next to me asked me how I was feeling. I was giggling and making stupid joke about how I was just a floating head and the rest of my body is nowhere to be found. Sick. I know.

My mom was there too and we were lucky she joined us inside as she managed to video everything while the Mister kept me company. Because we didn't know I was going to deliver that day, we forgot to bring our camera but thankfully my mom carried a small compact camera which work as a video camera at the same time. Phew! Lucky! [But she didn't focus properly so everything was blurry]

The procedure was fast and I hardly felt anything. Once the doctor pulled out Kaisan from my belly, I heard my mom sobbing and crying and repeatedly exclaimed, “Ooo he’s beautiful! Oooo you should see this! He’s beautiful! He’s so beautiful!” and I kept asking, “Why isn’t he crying?” Worried was an understatement. I was strapped down unable to see anything except my husband’s face and I can’t move and I wanted to see my baby and WHY IS HE NOT CRYING?

Turns out he was being “cleaned” by the pediatrician (removing mucus and whatnot) and once he cried, the first thing I said was, “Why does he sound like a duck?”

It would be weird right to call him Abang Duck? Yes, it would.

The doctor then showed me my baby and tears started to flow. Oh my God… I gave birth to a human being! A baby human! And he’s perfect and crying and whimpering and smelling like… Roasted chicken? What the…? I asked the Mister to smell the baby and he agreed the baby smelled like roasted chicken. But my mom said there’s no such thing. There's just pure sweet scented baby smell. Strange. I swear he smell like roasted chicken…

The Mister went to ‘azan’ the baby while I was being stitched up.

I was still in euphoria that the baby in my belly is finally out and kicking air instead of kicking me. That very moment I realized everything changed. My life, my marriage, my relationship with everybody including friends and family changed. I am now a mother. The status felt alien to me so I tried to think of something else. Like, how soon can I go on a vacation after my 44 days confinement? How much is a return ticket to Singapore? Or should we go on a family trip to oversea end of this year?

When the baby was showed to me again, I tried to memories his every feature and… there’s my nose on his face. Well, at least there’s something from me in him. And kissed his roasted chicken scent.

Once everything was all done, I was wheeled back to my room and I met my in-laws and my sister outside and everyone was asking me, “Guess how much he weight?” I answered, “3.5kg?” And apparently I was the first and only one who gave the right answer. To be exact, Kaisan weight 3.6kg. I pretty much guessed it already coz my doctor said I couldn’t have push the baby out naturally as he was pretty big.

Still numb from waist down, all I can do was lie flat on my bed. I tried to move my feet and felt nothing. The nurses said in 6 hours I would be able to feel my body again but less than 4 hours, I can already feel the BUUUUUUUURN! EVERYTHING IS BURNING! MY BED IS BURNING! MY WAIST! MY BELLY! LET’S GO TO THE ZOO IN SINGAPORE AND BURN ALL THE ANIMALS THERE! LET’S GO TO KL AND BURN ALL THE CLOTHES IN PAVILION MALL!

The pain was INSANELY CRAZY.


From 8pm until 2am, I was in and out of sleep (drowsy due to the painkiller) but moaning in pain still. I beg the nurse to give me something stronger. She gave me 2 pieces of Panadols. PANADOLS? YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME?! I swallowed it immediately and GUESS WHAT? PAIN IS STILL HERE TO STAY! PAIN IS MOVING IN WITH ME AND MY HUSBAND AND THE PAIN WILL BUNK IN MY READING ROOM AND WE’LL BE ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY!

At 3am, the nurse came again and said she finally received instruction from my doctor to give me painkiller stronger than the one she first injected in me. And once she jab me, it was like OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SEEEEEE-NAAAAAAP GIIIIIRRRRRRRLLLLL THIS IS MY JAAAAAAAAM! And instantly I fell asleep, pain standing outside the door with its luggage and all. YOU’RE OUT!

To be continued…

Happy BIRTHday Lil' Guy! FAB FRIDAY

Name: Abg. Kaisan Rizq
Date of birth: 03/02/2012
Time of birth: 3:40pm
Weight: 3.6kg


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