Keeping Up With Social Medias

I’m having trouble keeping up with everything lately. Be it social media, be it movies, be it my kid’s progression, be it anything- you name it. Everything is either moving too fast or fast getting obsolete. 

Take for instance, blogging.

I love blogging. I love writing. I love reading blogs. However, nowadays there are mini blogs and photo blogs and many more. I used Dayre for a while but because it’s a medium where I can only write using my phone, after a month, my thumbs started to throb badly. I went and checked and Doctor asked me to slow down on the “phone texting”. I get it.

Then there’s Instagram. I like Instagram but I can’t write much in it. Same with Facebook. Writing too long and people find it annoying. Only those who like to read my ramblings appreciate my “long status”.  

I tried Snapchat. I’m still new to it and I’ve nothing to post in it. My only subjects are my kids. It gets boring after a while watching kids doing average kids things.

So here I am. Back here again with blogspot.

Some says that blogging is dead.

Some says blogging is still around and will be around longer than you can say ‘whatsapp me’.

Sigh… first world problem.

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