Psychoanalyzing Herself

It's an ugly world we live in. She decided to see the beauty in it. That's why she's pretty happy with all the small things in life and she's always grateful.

Connecting the Stars

It's funny how two souls dreamed of the same dream whilst following a path differ from another. They listened to their hearts and guided by different stars and for that was where they knew they'd find each other.

A Ball of String

There's suppose to be a story about this ball of string. Something to do with life and love but I was lost in my day dream and it all went blank.

I never figure out what's the story all about or the lesson behind it all. I guess, the lesson is to keep your mouth shut and mind your own life.

And Then You Were Gone...

You are a wandering soul... Be happy wherever you are.


She took off her shoes and sat at the edge of the world and wonder when will her altruistic self stop destroying herself.

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45 books to go

That's How We Roll, Y'all

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Archieve Moment #2 ~Innocent

"No matter how old you are, you always think that there may be something hiding under the bed" Monica, age 13

No Fashion Sense! Gah!

I can't make this work. Fudge. I need new working clothes. Shopping... bah! Humbug!

What's For Dinner, Marsupilami?

Lazy people's food. Bliss.

What She Called Her "Pleasantville Theme"

She was bored so she took my camera and asked me to pose with my books. I obliged coz that's what a sister would do (especially when both were bored to death).

After many amature direction, screaming and giggling, these two were her best shots. Edited by me (with her directing/screaming/giggling behind me of course)

Enjoying my holiday by being a complete bum! Huzzah!

A Valentine's Day Blessing

Good Morning! How are you today, sweetie? I know you don’t read my blog but I know you can hear me when I greeted you just now when I refilled your bowl with some yummies and fresh water!

When Mom called me last night and said “You have to come and see this” I rushed out of the house and drove like a mad hare.

As I reached her house, immediately my first question was, “Where is he?” and there you were, underneath my Mom’s kitchen drawer and curled yourself so small coz you just don’t want to be seen. My poor baby!

Mom asked, “You think that’s Bandit? I mean you haven't seen him for almost a year”

I looked at you face, an unrecognizable face, practically eaten by parasites and your paws were swollen and open wounds everywhere on your body, I said to my Mom, “Whether he’s Bandit or not, I don’t care. I’m gonna take care of him and fix him well!”

As usual, Mom won’t say anything. She knows me too well to say nay. I picked you up, brought you home and fed you till your tummy sang a happy song.

You’re still scared. You’re still mangled with skin diseases. But I’m gonna take care of you. You’ll see.

And since we’re starting a new life together, I’m gonna named you Momo.

Welcome home, Momo!

You’re my Valentine’s Day special *grin*

Meaningless Contribution

There are signs everywhere but we still lost our way all the time but those who know the way even at nights when it's so dark are those who never pay attention to signs anyway.

" Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today." James Dean

Photo theme inspired by the legendary icon, James Dean.

Photos edited with a combination of textures + monocrome.

Model: Zoul B.

Stay Outta My Way!

I used to hate people until I figured out I’m the Queen of the Universe and now I don’t give a rat’s ass and go on my merry way. It’s so liberating!

Bow to me, intellectually challenged beings of the Neatherthals! (Insert evil laughter)

You swept me off my feet!

We don't need one day to show our love for each other coz everyday is Valentine's Day when I'm with you.

I’m sorry... I’m so so sorry...

I know this is just a wistful thinking but I sincerely hope you’re happy wherever you are. I hope the choices you make, the places you go, the people you meet and the journey you went through makes you happy.
I also hope you won’t hate me even though I know you were confused and lost when I let you go. But I can’t dwell on the past anymore. I can’t beat myself with guilt anymore. I can’t cry anymore tears. But I learned my lesson well. I’ll do better when I adopt another cat.
I miss you, Bandit... You’ll always be my baby...

Reconnecting ~Good or Bad?

I guess it's okay to reconnect back with them. No harm done when it comes to family right? *Inhale deeply* Riiighhhtt...

P365-#31 ~Chilling Out

I can't wait for the weekend. I've been out and about and flying here and there for the past 4 weekends in a row and now I can't even remember the days anymore. Like today, I thought it was Friday! Sigh...

I badly need this coming Chinese New Year holidays. Weekend... STOP BEING A TURD AND COME HERE STAT!!!

Remember to Remember

Sometimes I forgot people have feelings. And that they battle with their own demons. I should remember to be more considerate even when they are being difficult. People have reasons to be difficult. Give them a chance, Balqiz.

P/s photo is mere illustration. Nothing to do with statement above

P365-#30 ~Not So Merry-Go-Round

I was a bit sad seeing how empty and ruined Jerudong Park is now. I used to go there with my family many years back and had the greatest time ever!

But now... Sigh... Even this Merry-Go-Round doesn’t look as grand as before. The horses no longer smile a happy smile coz the paint all peeled out and it made em look eerily like a bunch of psychotic horses ready to eat your face off and what’s worst during the ride, a light bulb burst out.

I wish I have all the money in the world and buy the park and rebuild it again so I can help to create smiles and laughter and more beautiful memories for all children in this world.

Sometimes I wish for the impossible…

And now I wish a kindhearted billionaire stumbled upon this wish of mine and made it come true and again, we can hear peels of laughter coming from happy kids and one day, I too can bring my kids there and create happy memories for them.


P365-#29 ~Kampung Ayer, Brunei

As a favor for Haizul, a bunch of us went down to Brunei to photograph him and his fiancĂ©e last week. I can’t upload the photos yet (grumble… grumble) since all photos will be used for his wedding’s slideshow. Will be able to upload it after his wedding (grumble… grumble)

We stayed overnight, as we want to catch the morning light at Kampung Air, Brunei.

And these are what I managed to capture. It was a gorgeous and a beautiful day yet AM I IN A BLOODY OVEN OR WHAT NOW IT’S SO FREAKING HOT FOR FUCKSAKE but look at the blue sky and the white fluffy clouds! It made me forgot for a moment how fuggin’ hot it was that day.

And it was my first time seeing all these! Sigh… I really need to travel more…

P365-#28 ~Good Karma

“You are very lucky. There must be something good you’ve done in your life that now God is giving you good karma in return”

Thanks. That's why I’m awesome.

P365-#27 ~Quote

This quote has nothing to do with my life. It doesn’t touch me in a special way, it doesn’t change my life and no, I’m not a fan of Kurt Cobain. I found this quote in Twitter and scribbled it on a piece of pink paper and voila!

I know. My camera phone is suxxo to the maxxo.

What? I was bored at work. Bite me.

P365-#26 ~What? I'm on Diet. Believe it!

It's sad when your own mind can't accept that you're on diet. Diet means, eating less fat and carbs so you'll always have that cute waist of yours.

Potato, celery, mushrooms, herbs, garlic and bake it for 20 minutes with olive oil and a dash of salt and pepper and voila! My dinner tonight.

It's very tasty actually.

P365-#25 ~Changi Airport, Singapore

My flight back to Miri was delayed by 2 hours so I spend the time loafing around Changi Airport. I was in complete awe coz it's so huge, interesting, beautiful and best of all... carpeted! Was dying to take off my shoes and run my feet on the dirty carpet... Miaw.

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