P365-#21 ~Not Your Usual Traveller

I’m one of those people who don’t know how to photograph scenery. That is why when I went to Singapore last weekend; I brought home a half empty memory card. I envy those who can shoot nice buildings, people and etc during their vacation whereas for me… meh.

Well, to be fair, I went there not for leisure but was meeting a life mentor/guru. I shan’t say his name here but spending 1 hour and a half with him, gave me new a meaning to everything about my past, present and future.

Three things I should remember everyday:

1) Be grateful for each and every blessings in my life
2) Everything that had happened, I blame no one else but myself coz I did it all and I did it subconsciously (unknowingly)
3) But it happened because it’s necessary for me to grow up and live a better, happier, wealthier and healthier life

Now I can tick off no 47 in my life list. Yeay, me!



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