To You. From Me.

Would you rather be a drama queen who lives a colorful and an exciting life or a dull nobody who sit at home wishing for something great to happen?

I choose to be me, a drama queen I may be but at least, I’m a queen of something. And you’re nothing but a mere nobody.

Wedding Drama Part I

I’m truly blessed for having really helpful and supportive friends and family. Without them, most probably I would be gnawing the legs of my desk planning for my upcoming wedding.

Not only do I have really good people around me but I’m also very lucky that all preparation is going smoothly and accordingly.

The date has been set! This was one of the most difficult things to achieve as the Mister and I need to check with our families whether the date is a yes or a nay and so thankfully, it’s a YES! The thing is, the date is pretty special and holds a great meaning to me and I’ll explain about that in another post.

The venue has been booked! Now this one is PURE LUCK! Who would’ve guessed that this venue we’ve chosen would be available on the date that MANY, MANY couples will get hitch on? And again, syukur alhamdullilah!

The photographer has been chosen! This one was a lucky coincidence. You see, photos rank the highest priority to me and everything else can suck monkey nuts for all I care. I was pulling my hair out thinking where can I get a really, really good and affordable photographer in Miri to cover my wedding. And just when I almost exhaust my options, I bumped into a friend whom I know worked part time as a wedding photographer. Why didn’t I think of him before this? He’s perfect! I always admire his photo skills/styles and I went to his website, spotted his phone number, called him up and voila! Done! Do check out him out!

The theme of the wedding has been decided! This was easy coz obviously it’s going to be a white wedding and this is the only hint that I’m revealing. The rest will be revealed on the wedding day.

I got engaged 2 weeks ago. A week after that (last week) I started planning and by the end of that week, me and my whole troop of helpful friends and family accomplished 4 of the most important and biggest matter for a wedding! Way to go, us!

Of course, there are few more important stuff that need tackling as soon as possible but as what the Mister like to say, “Take one thing at a time and while you’re at it, enjoy the ride” Thank you, Love. I am indeed enjoying this! Stress? Yes, of course there is a moment where I feel like setting myself on fire. Conflict of interest? Oh yes, a plenty. Time management? One word: HECTIC! Budget? Working around it to accomplish a small, simple yet elegant memorable wedding is like trying to understand the working mind of schizophrenia.

All and all, everything is going smoothly. I just need to tackle few more other stuff like the dress, door gifts and decorations. I’ll write more on that matter other time.

So later days folks!


When I go about my daily life, I always, always make sure I stop and admire at least one of the many things around me. Let it be colors, nature, animals, people, objects or even food. I would freeze time and let myself appreciate that one moment of beauty, wonder, joy, humor, and yes, curiosity.

I once parked my car by the side of the road on the way to work one morning just to admire the sky. It was breathtaking! The clouds were fluffy and the sky was so blue and I sighed in mere delight as I sat in my car for a whole 5 minutes.

One night when I was out having dinner with my family, there was a reflection of lights bouncing from a mirror to a fountain and best of all, it created orbs of colorful lights dancing and creating rainbows of beautiful delights.

And then I smile. Little, little things in life... never fails to amuse me. I don’t have to have a camera in hand each and everytime I admire something. Sometimes, having it stored in my own memory and keeping it all to myself makes the experience more special and sacred.

Later days!

Huh? Your Hand Smells Like Monkey's Butt?

Fastest easiest way: Hand lotion. 'Nuff said. Now say thank you. You're welcome!

Secret Fire by Johanna Lindsey

I know I didn’t buy this book. I would remember if I did. I think...

The thing is I usually buy a bulk of books at one go and later forgot about it and would find it later lurking in my shelf. But this one is entirely different!

This book is OLD! Look at the colour! The pages are all brown and yellowish and I didn’t recognize the price tag. I think it's close to 15 years of age or something.


I’m easily pleased. And Johanna Lindsey is my favourite historical/regency romance author.

It took me half a day to finish it. Sigh. I wish I can read slower so I can savour it but alas...

Later days!

True to Yourself II

Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind.
"Pooh!" he whispered.
"Yes, Piglet?"
"Nothing," said Piglet, taking Pooh's paw. "I just wanted to be sure of you."

So sweet~

True to Yourself I

"Like a cloud, you are soft. Like bamboo you bend in the wind. Creeping slow you're at peace because you know... it's okay to be afraid" ~Mulan

I Promise This Will Be The Last! from my engagement. No more after this. I promise!

I made this:

The Mister edited it and added his own touch and voila!

Thank you (^,^)

I Made a Wish and 'You' Came True

"When I was little I had a teddy bear that kept all my secrets, shared all my adventures and wiped away all my tears. I used to think no one would ever take his place then I found you" ~Anonymous

Photo by Nurul

Meet Talullah Phoebe

She was my birthday present this year but unfortunately she makes me sneeze. Fer real. My eyes would go all watery and my nose started running all over the floor and I looked like a train wrecked after that.

So I gave her to my family and they love her! Phoebe, in return, terrorized their life.

Later days!

I'm Engaged!

 On 16th July 2010 at 8:30pm, my life changed. I’m no longer the Mister’s girlfriend. I’m his fiance! I LOVE THE MIND BLOWING RING! FINALLY! DIAMONDS! I now can ticked off "Own a diamond ring" from my life list!

A ring must represent her owner. And the owner is a bookworm so it's understandable the ring is in between her favourite book!

The preparation for the night was KERAAAYZEE! I was given less than 4 days to prepare and I dragged everyone around me in the hustle and bustle of preparing for the clothes,  the food, the make up, the Watikah (the agreement between two parties on what to give etc) and many more. Suffice to say, EVERYONE was as exhausted as I was.

But THANK GOD everything went well (though there was a glitch or two that made the engagement hilarious in which I told my future sister-in-laws that it’ll be a great story to tell when we’re old one day)

Overall, everyone was happy and I was radiant beyond belief!

Next: Getting married! Eek! Date has been set and agreed and now... preparations! Lots and lots of preparations!

Thank you Alex for the engagement gifts! It's EXACTLY what I WANT!!!!!

And finally, a low quality photo of myself (taken with my phone gah! I haven't gotten my photos from Nurul yet so in the mean time, this will do. Le sigh!)

Later days!

Turtle is NOT Angry

funny pictures of cats with captions

Hihihi! So cute!

My Dear Diary Moment

It feels like there’s a cold electric current flowing in my veins.

I’m a walking nervous wreck.

Dear Me,

When you read this tomorrow or the day after or any day in the future, I hope to God you’ll be laughing your ass off remembering this very moment when you can’t sit still, your eyes keep darting at the clock ticking, your bowels are throwing a circus party, and anytime, yup, anytime soon, you would throw up your breakfast which consist of Chinese tea and 2 pieces of bread spread with chocolate syrup. You really need to get better food coz seriously if you keep this up; you’ll end up fat and dead by the alleyway. Do we have alleyway by the way? No? Then where can we dump our enemy’s dead bodies? Plural, my dear. Note the plural in “bodies”. Jeez girl. You need to chill out a bit and stop rambling. You’re chattering like a frozen squirrel for crying out loud! I can’t help it! I’m anxious and I’m nervous and I feel like peeing in my pants! Tonight, it’s just the first step. You’re putting one foot in and in the next… what? Six months? Five months? Then you’ll face the big thing. Breath. Breath. Breath Balqiz. Everything’s going to be okay. Everything’s going to be all right. Stop that monkey giggle! You’ll be fine! Everything’s going to be fine! Besides, he’s not like the previous one. You know you can trust him. In your heart and soul, you can feel that he loves you sincerely and committed to make this relationship works. He had proven more than a hundred times so. Moreover, he’s the only one that can make the nightmares stop. That should mean a lot right? Right! Oh god I hope I’m right…

(Inhale deeply) So here goes nothing. Wish me luck!

Glory to Your Somberness

A millennia ago, I used to worry whether my blog post have “quality” or pure rubbish. Then one day, I say fuck it and post whatever I feel like it.

Now, I blog about:

1. Nonsense/amusing quotes floating in my head

2. Photos I took with my phone including narcissistic photos of myself (but of course)

3. A dear diary moment

4. Lessons I learned in life

5. Sarcasm

6. Pure rubbish ramblings

And I’m happy like that.

No pressure. No worry. Just pure myself and I.

Later days!

Charm is A Product of The Unexpected ~Jose Marti

Each friend represents a world in us, a world not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born ~Anais Nin

Model: Nurul

Told Ya I'm Gonna Get It...

Ridonkulously expensive Christian Dior eyeshadow. Tick.


Get Her Outta Here!

Selflessness STILL does NOT exist in my dictionary. Nor does mediocre.

Life doesn't really get much better than this.

Spot the Red

I'm addicted to my iPhone's camera and the many apps see...

My Canon is currently resting. It's Winter in Malaysia. Let it hibernate for a while.

Later days!

Drained and Uninspired

It was one of the most blissful weekend ever. Good things were swirling, absorbed and inhaled. I was dancing in clouds.

Then a new week arrived and all hopes and dreams for the upcoming weekend marred by unpleasant news. Charred and burn.

All beyond my control. When I inhale, it's like I inhaled dust and sand.

Charred and burn.

UPDATE: Within seconds after I posted this, news changed towards better. Must I throw my Drama Queen's crown just to get things rolling? *Dramatic sigh*

Anticipating 16th July at 8:30PM.

And Once Again...

... You would answer, "And I Love YOU Too! Very, very much!"

Too Much Free Time in Hand

For the first time in my life, I cleaned the fish tank yesterday. I had it since… can’t remember… as a gift from the Mister and I’ve never done anything more than refilling the water, clean the water filter and feed the fishes. Then yesterday I had a brilliant idea of cleaning the entire tank. All. By. Myself. What was I thinking?

So what I did was;

1. I brought the fish tank to the toilet

2. Slowly and patiently scoop the tiny little buggers by using MY BARE HAND and put em in a bowl I used to eat Maggie Mee. NOT an easy task. Those slimy, slippery, sneaky son of a bitch keep dodging everywhere! I muttered curses and swear to all of em if they DO NOT cooperate, I’m going to feed em to my mom’s hamster which in fact is a vegetarian but what does fishes know anyway? They don’t even have ears for crying out loud.

3. Took all the plants and fist-big rock out of the tank and scrubbed it using my sister’s toothbrush that she left in my house. Ha-ha!

4. Then the most bothersome work ever: Cleaning the tiny, tiny pebbles. Ugh. Trying my patient to the utmost! I tried to wash it like how people wash rice but GAH! It was bloody ridiculous!

5. Once the pebbles all cleaned (70% clean), I put all the fishes in the tank back, together with their decorations and the filter and voila! Done.

I’m proud of myself. Though I must admit I ended up looking like I just try to drown myself but I did a good job. The fishes don’t look that happy though. They swim maniacally in the tank. It’s as if I’m boiling em all to death. Must be traumatized with the whole experience. I think.

It’s okay. That’ll be the first and the last time I’ll ever clean that fish tank. Next time, I’ll just spend my free time gluing ants together to make a necklace.

Later days!

I Should List Down "Learn How to Play Golf" in My Life List

Last week, after the company's event, some of my colleagues decided to hang out at Eastwood Valley's driving range. I joined in since I always want to know what's so great about golf.

I mean, between football and golf... well, let's just say, in football there are more men with tight, tone, and tan ass than those in golf. No offense.

Golf MAY look easy but to me, holly chipmunk! There's a specific way to hold the club (the stick used to hit a golf ball) and my fingers seemed to have mind of their own and they just couldn't follow the exact way of gripping the bloody club!

Once I mastered (yeah sure!) the "grip", the second thing I need to learn was how to swing it. Gah! Body combat/kick boxing is way much easier!

My colleague was nice enough to say I looked natural. Pfft. Natural my ass! As soon as I swing the club few times to get hang of it, it went flying out of my grip! Thank god no one got hurt!

The second time I tried to hit the small ridiculous tiny white golf ball, the club went "CLAK" and hit the ball and instead of flying waaaaaay over the green, the ball just rolled few centimeter away. WHAT. THE. FUCK?

I tell you everyone there had a field good time laughing at this "natural".

Later days!

"Irashaimase!" They Shouted

Aaah... my favourite sushi joint in Miri –Nikko Sushi!

Next time, if ever you come here and see a lady guffawing like a lumberjack while stuffing her face with udon noodles and varieties of sushi in front of her, do come over and say hi!

Once in a blue moon, me and my siblings would join force and have dinner together. It’s a pretty rare occasion for us all to be able to do this since one brother is offshore, another brother studying outside of Miri and a sister who is always busy with work. So when we finally able to combine all 5 of us in one table, and one voice agree to have dinner/lunch at one place, such feat deserves a dance around a campfire.

I brought them to my all-time-bestest-nicest-yummiest sushi joint that night and we had great time poking fun at people’s face, the shape of my youngest brother’s nose, fighting over salmon fish and yup, it was a great night indeed.

I hope to have this gathering more often in the future and maybe next time, we’ll bring our significant others along and make em regret the day they agree to be our significant other. Hah!
Later days!

Some Things Can’t Be Made Funny...

...Like what has been said and done. And I've a long memory.

Leezbeth's Yummy Cuppies

When you look at cupcakes, you've got to smile like this (^_^)

My WANT List. Yes. Not My Wish List. My WANT List!

Currently, I'm WANTING all these. I hope to get it by this month end or early next month.

I've been wanting these two for ages! Ok. I lied. I wanted it since last month. Last month was ages ago so don't go screaming "BIMBO" at my face, you dung beetle!

I tried it and I fell head over heels in love with it! It's Christian Dior's 5 Colours Eyeshadow and currently I'm only interested at these two colours. Price each: RM260. Cue to vomit blood. Bah! I can afford it. Next! (super ego/diva/slapherhead commanding voice)

Since Levi's decided to be a bitch and discontinued my favourite kind of jean cut, I'm switching loyalties and going for Calvin Klein Jeans instead. That'll teach Levi's a thing or two. Hmph!

I KNOW for a fact I'll look super hawt in that jeans (my blog, my narcissism hokay? You can vomit blood elsewhere nao. Kthxbai) But unfortunately, I'll only get it when I fly to KL next time or KK. I know in 1Borneo, KK there's one CK Jeans shop just opposite MNG shop. How the hell did I remember;that?

And last but not least:

*Foaming at the mouth* It's Sketchers Bikers Mary-Janes! *swoon*

I know I have too many shoes currently but I WANT this for my kick-boxing/cardio class! *Cue to scream "Hoi! Spending RM300 for a shoe for just one occasion?"* Ahem. I kick-box in style hokay? And besides, it's not a one time occasion. I'm planning to use the shoe for other time also like traveling and such. Nah! Take that, stingy-voice-in-my-head!

That's all from me today. Later days!

This post was brought to you by the BIMBO monster reigning inside of Balqiz. Balqiz was unaware of the monster unleashing her devilish, neurotic, selfish, egoistic, narcisstic self onto her blog. The blog now is no longer is safe for public eyes. The end.

Take a Break

I think it's about time you take a break and chill. Drink a cup of tea, eat a cupcake and put your feet up.

You deserve it.

Viva La Charity Work

Yesterday, I spent the whole day helping the company’s charity work at Eastwood Valley. We organized a workshop for 200 primary 6 students from schools outskirt of Miri to help them prepare for their upcoming UPSR exam this coming September.

It was tiring I must admit. In fact, this whole week I put my time and energy to shape things up for the workshop and by the end of the day yesterday, I collapsed in bed, exhausted but happy and satisfied. It’s a fulfilling feeling when you help others achieve something good in their life.

I may not play a huge part in organizing the event but as what one of the committee member said, "Those little things that you said you do? It’s not little. It is part of what helps to make things possible. It made EVERYTHING possible today"

Reminded me of a story a wise fellow said to me;

On a construction site, three masons were working. Each one was busy with a trowel, cement and bricks. A passer-by went up to the first one, who looked very bored and asked him what he was doing. "I am laying bricks," he said sullenly.

The passer-by then approached the second man who looked somewhat more enthusiastic and asked the same question. "I am building a church," was the reply.

Walking up to the third mason who was whistling, the passer-by again asked the same question. The mason stopped his whistling for just a moment and with great joy and excitement said: "I am building a cathedral."

Moral of the story? You tell me.

I Don't Hate You...

...I'm just disappointed you turned into everything you said you'd never be ~Unknown

I Hear You

"You are a woman of intelligence and energy who happened to have access to a great deal of money. You used that money to buy your independence and finance your social life. But you did not use it to do anything else particularly useful. The activities in which you lavish your money into demanded very little of your time or skills. Furthermore, you had neither a husband nor a familly to absorb your considerable energies. Other than your interest in reading and occasional photography, you did not devise anything else of serious nature to occupy your time and ability. Your only outlet for action was your social life and constant travelling. So you got bored and started looking for adventure. And that, my dear, is what got you into trouble"

....Two Matters


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