2013 Achievements. So far.

Sometimes I forgot that impossible dreams are actually possible (unless I wish for a flying turtle that is)

2013 is a prosperous, lucky, life-changing and unbelievably incredible year.

1. I bought a house.

                Never in my wildest dream would this be a possibility for me. But this year, I signed the papers.

2. I graduated and got my Degree.

                Ever since high school, a Degree in hand was what I always aim for in life and now, I am finally having one- Bachelor Degree in Professional Studies.

3. I moved out of admin role.

                Two years ago, it occurred to me that I was in the role because of what has been ingrained in my mind and it took me one year to get myself out of it. I am now a QA/QC Coordinator, working my way up to be a QA/QC Engineer.

4. I got pregnant again.

                Life is pretty amazing.

Walking on Clouds

For 3 years I have been playing with the idea of getting myself one pair of super comfortable shoes for my aching feet. While I was pregnant with my first, my feet were swelling as early as 4-5 months. I was suffering immensely walking on flats, sandals, shoes -you name it. I bought em all. But all were not comfortable and not suitable for my condition.

Then one day, I tried on a pair of Hush Puppies sandals and immediately fell in love. However the price was so steep. So I put off the idea of luxury... for 3 freaking years!

Yesterday I decided to just fuck it. I bought myself this and though it cost me a bomb, it's worth it. It's like walking on clouds. 

Pregnant again!

Today I'm 12 weeks pregnant. Yay! Pregnant again! According to my doctor, another 2 weeks and I'll be in my second trimester. According to ME, I'm already pregnant 3 months plus and already in my second trimester. Because I said so.

So, the normal question: Any morning sickness. Nope. No morning sickness. No crazy craving. No fever. No stuffing my face like there's no tomorrow.

However, I did experienced bleeding (brownish in color) that the doctor said due to my womb not being that strong yet. I was only 7 weeks pregnant the first time it happened. The second time it happened was yesterday and this time the doctor said due to hormone. Whatever rocks your boat, doc.

Few days ago, I stopped drinking plain water because it tasted horrible. Whenever I gagged after drinking, I thought I was having pregnancy nausea. Only later I found out it was my taste bud that went bonkers. But today, the taste has gone and I can drink water normally and no more gagging air.

I don't eat that much these 3 months. I had such small appetite. And because of that, I didn't gain weight at all. Post pregnancy weight was 52kg and now I'm still hovering between 52kg-53kg -depends on how much water I consume on that day.

As like my previous pregnancy, I showed as early as 6 weeks. Fat? Muscle? Water retention? God knows. It's a nuisance having to explain to curious people that I was only 2-3 months pregnant and not 7 months.

I hope to deliver normal this time so I've been watching and monitoring the food I eat. Less sugar (if possible- zero sugar), less fat, let meat and more vegetables and fruits. I've been trying but it's not easy.

I don't know how to end this post. I haven't been writing much lately but lately, I have this nagging feeling of guilt for not recording down this second pregnancy so I hope to continue this guilt so I can write about it until I give birth. Insyallah.

A Working Mother

A working mother sometimes comes to work with an unbutton blouse. Or worst, uneven button blouse.

At lunch time, stay in the office because you do not want to be on the road with working mothers who are fighting tooth and nail to beat the traffic when fetching their kids from school.

After lunch time, a working mother comes back to the office with ketchup on her pants or a piece of meat in her hair.

A working mother's handphone is always ringing. It's either the baby sitter calling or her kids crying for a new pencil.

A working mother is always missing from work. She's either at home taking care of her sick baby or she's at the pediatric clinic waiting for her baby's next shot.

Despite their seriousness at work, a working mother is actually very entertaining. They can snort water out of their nose, make funny faces and do the monkeys dance to their kids. Sometimes, all at the same time.

A working mother is super multitasker. She can talk on the phone describing to her own mother the shape of the red dots she found on her son's body this morning while typing an email to the Vice President of her company to book him for an urgent meeting.

A working mother is a caring and understanding colleague. But her tempers are short because she slept only two hours last night due to her teething son.

A working mother can run in her heels and dodge obstacles like a ninja. This is because she has enough practice at home trying to walk around a house full of toys and Legos on the floor.

A working mother makes the best negotiator. The skill is well practice at home when trying to negotiate a deal with her husband about who should put their son to sleep tonight.

A working mother is a creative inventor. They can think out of the box for any problems thrown their way. It's another skill a mother is fully proficient when having short attention span children who easily gets bored.

A working mother is a walking talking Wikipedia. Ask them anything and they can provide you a 10 minutes long answer in a single breath without a blink in their eyes.

A working mother has eye bags the size of a man's fist, smells of putrid milk, barf, often wearing wrinkly blouse to work but the most generous and patient when dealing with difficult customers/colleague.

A working mother makes the best employee. Trust me I know. I am a working mother.

I have some more to add it but I just don't have the time because well, I am a working mother.


My husband and I, believe it or not, haven't had our honeymoon yet.

As soon as we got married, we had to move into a new house. The house move took our time, energy and our entire saving. Then we went to KL, Johor and Singapore -with my whole family. Then I got pregnant and the whole vacation/traveling bug came to an abrupt halt.

Then recently, we went to Singapore for a little getaway but when you bring a baby who WAS TEETHING LOUDLY, one week felt like a million years. We came home and badly in need of another vacation from that vacation.

Our wedding anniversary is coming up and when I asked my husband what's the plan, he wistfully said he wanted to go somewhere with me, just the two of us. Aww... That's so sweet.

Wait. What? Just the two of us? What about our son?

Since Kaisan was born until now, I have not spent one night without him. Despite him being a handful, I cannot for the life of me imagine being away from him. How can I sleep at night knowing he's crying somewhere looking for me? Or worst... What if he can't remember me after being away from him for so long? ARGH!!!

This clingy mom also has another reason for not leaving her little bundle of terror -breastfeeding. I am not going to lug around a breast pump to a resort and spend most of my time pumping at the beach's changing room. And what am I going to do with all the milk I pump? Feed it to the sharks? Make mocktails?

I don't know, man. This is tougher than I thought...

But I admit, we do need a time out and badly in need of a TLC.

Hmmm? Hmmm...


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