Pregnant again!

Today I'm 12 weeks pregnant. Yay! Pregnant again! According to my doctor, another 2 weeks and I'll be in my second trimester. According to ME, I'm already pregnant 3 months plus and already in my second trimester. Because I said so.

So, the normal question: Any morning sickness. Nope. No morning sickness. No crazy craving. No fever. No stuffing my face like there's no tomorrow.

However, I did experienced bleeding (brownish in color) that the doctor said due to my womb not being that strong yet. I was only 7 weeks pregnant the first time it happened. The second time it happened was yesterday and this time the doctor said due to hormone. Whatever rocks your boat, doc.

Few days ago, I stopped drinking plain water because it tasted horrible. Whenever I gagged after drinking, I thought I was having pregnancy nausea. Only later I found out it was my taste bud that went bonkers. But today, the taste has gone and I can drink water normally and no more gagging air.

I don't eat that much these 3 months. I had such small appetite. And because of that, I didn't gain weight at all. Post pregnancy weight was 52kg and now I'm still hovering between 52kg-53kg -depends on how much water I consume on that day.

As like my previous pregnancy, I showed as early as 6 weeks. Fat? Muscle? Water retention? God knows. It's a nuisance having to explain to curious people that I was only 2-3 months pregnant and not 7 months.

I hope to deliver normal this time so I've been watching and monitoring the food I eat. Less sugar (if possible- zero sugar), less fat, let meat and more vegetables and fruits. I've been trying but it's not easy.

I don't know how to end this post. I haven't been writing much lately but lately, I have this nagging feeling of guilt for not recording down this second pregnancy so I hope to continue this guilt so I can write about it until I give birth. Insyallah.



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