P365-#20 ~Dreams Do Come True!

Yes! I’m going to tick off #15 in my Life List!

Better believe it, me!

P365-#19 ~Majestic

"If you hold on to the handle, she said, it's easier to maintain the illusion of control. But it's more fun if you just let the wind carry you." ~Unknown

P365-#18 ~Story of My Life

Sometimes I cry for everything that’s wrong and all the problems that I cannot solve. It’s like a giant yellow monster that obviously smells of stinky reality. It sneaks in even when you choose not to allow it. But that’s depression for you. It just happens from being around stupid people.

P365-#17 ~Dead Fish

Hit by another bout of sickness, I feel as miserable as hell. Flu, cough and sore throat. I couldn’t sleep at night and when I did, I would wake up few times in the middle of the night wondering where the heck am I. The fever is getting to my head.

More than once last week I’ve been thinking, if I’m dead in the house, how long would anyone notice I’ve been missing? They would have to break my front door and pry opens my front grill just to get to my moldy, rotten, maggot-infested few days dead body. Shit. That thought scares the shit out of me.

Dear dead fish, I feel ya. I really do.

P365-#16 ~I Do

P365-#14 ~Anti-Depressant

I never needed it actually. The doctor was wrong. I was fine. I just need to make sure no one can hear the voice in my head screaming obscenes. That'll sure to get me into trouble. Aside from hearing voices, I can see unicorns and fairies dance naked under a rainbow.

P365-#13 ~New Love Affair

It’s not that I don’t love you anymore.

I met someone new. Much, much better than you. It was love at first sight.

Meet Estee Lauder. Sorry, Lancome. Maybe some other time.

P365-#12 ~Quack

No, you do NOT have anatidaephobia. The duck is NOT watching you. Chill.The duck just want to nest on your head. There. Nothing to worry about. So go run and shave your head.

P365-#11 ~Ornament of Memories

In my dream, a fairy told me, “It’s just memories. You can either flick it away or keep it in the memory bank” and hand me a handful of memory erasing dust. I took it and throw it away and said, “I’ll keep those memories thank you. Whether it’ll hurt me or haunt me or make me smile, I must learn to live with it coz it’s part of me from the past” and the fairy whispered, “I’m glad there is hope for you still” and I woke up.

P365-#11 ~Time for Myself

Everything change when I give myself time to to appreciate the beauty around me. I now give time for me to dream, to hope and to smile. Even when things look gloomy, the beauty is still there. Hidden in my own heart.

P365-#10 ~Ordinary Day

It was a day filled with the glow of ordinary things and me and my two friends passed them quietly. Someone said it is a perfect day to be born and I think all of us felt the same way. Whether it’s living in the past, or present or future. I love the present life I have today.

P365-#9 ~One Step At A Time

Am I really living the life I really, truly, deep-in-my-soul want to live? And am I really fortunate? I asked myself. And then I realize, there’s a little tiny spark inside of me that refuse to be put out and that tiny spark always pushes me to take the first small step towards living my most real, authentic life. How do I know that one step is bringing me to the right direction? Because when I take that first step, small it may be, it makes me feel more alive and those around me, those who supported me and truly love me will see me come alive, and will do whatever it takes to help me to take the next step, and the next one and then the next one. That’s when I know, I am really fortunate and that tiny little spark... light me up.

P365-#8 Broken Mirror

The doctor called it “bacteria/virus infection”. I called it “getting run over by a bloody steamroller”. Turns out, I have the migraine. Well, that’s my own diagnosis. Since it feels almost the same as a normal headache, I didn’t put much thought to it. But when my symptoms worsen (fatigue-ness, loss of appetite, nausea and of course, the mother of all problems... headache) I Googled it (thank God for Google!) and I narrowed it down to two possibilities: 1) Anaemia and 2) Migraine. I conclude it’s the later since I would go all cost without having to bleed myself to a nincompoop of a doctor. Doctors. Shish. Unless you arrive at their door step close to death, then and only then would they go all out to check what’s wrong with you. Popped 2 migraine pills and slept for half a day, and migraine’s all gone. Voila! I should change my major to medic. Later days!

P365-#7 It Suits My Mood

It has been a bleak weekend...

Oh woe, its me.

P365-#6 Fishing at Pulau Melayu

I am still unwell. Woke up at 6:30am on a Saturday morning with major headache and since I was not feeling sluggish, I got up and do my laundry and cleaned up the house. Then at 9am, I crashed back on bed, bringing with me my ass-crown headache and sinus.

And there I was the whole morning and afternoon till 5pm, sister picked me up and we headed to Pulau Melayu to give me a huge dose of fresh air, while watching brother and his friends fishing.

It was a beautiful day but my condition was getting worst and so I bid adieu the glorious sunset and drove home.

Friday the 13th 2009

By the way, the Mister proposed ^.^ (13th November 2009)

Photo courtesy of the talented Ms. Nurul

P365-#5 // Go Green

Today, I feel like I’ve been hit by a bubonic plague or something. Groan~

P365-#4 // Thursday Today

No one is perfect and I like to think I’m like the rest of you mortals out there. Imperfection makes us human. Not zombies. Or androids. Or a marsupilami.

P365-#3 // A Secret Makes a Woman Woman

What’s my deepest secret? Don’t tell anyone but I always wanted to snap a photo of my neighbour when he walks around his garage clad only in his brief and post the photo here for everyone to see what an ass-clown he is publically showing himself ONLY IN HIS UNDERWEAR! Disgusting? Disturbing? Donkey? Your choice. Go ahead and make my day.


I passed by this pump tank every day and the thought that goes in my head every time is, “Thank God I’m NOT that fat”

KK Again

KK still charms me no matter what. Had so much fun shopping, sight-seeing, and some quality time with the mister :-)

You Get Me Every Time

I wrote a letter to myself early last year. I told myself by end of 2009, I would meet the sweetest, most loving and caring man who would accept me despite what comes may and cherish me till the end of our life. And 9 months later... I met you.

What took you so long?

Goodbye 2009. Hello 2010!

As I looked back at 2009, I smiled to myself and thank God for that had happened to me in that year. Circumstances and events pushed me to grow 10 years wiser, 100 times stronger, and 1000 times happier and calmer. It was a year I shall forever remember as the year I took hold of my life and moved forward for a better life, a better future and a better me.

What have I achieved in 2009?

Not many. I can count it with my fingers but each achievement is a milestone of its own and each changed my life forever.

What changed?

Everything! I am a new person inside and outside. I do new things. I have new habits, new interest and best of all... a new love.

Therefore I bid you adieu 2009 and thank you for everything!

And for that, I greet you salut 2010! I expect greater things and happier possibilities to happen and may my satisfactions grow tenfold in every kind of ways!


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