There's Something About Naila

I actually have tons of things to blog about. But I just couldn’t bring myself to sit and write more than 140 words. Writing in social media is getting miniscule by the day that penning thoughts in long sentences become too tedious. I do not know how writers can do it. I guess I got suck into this miniscule blog so much so that I lost the desire to write a whole page of my thoughts.

Well today I decided to break the habit and pen some stories about my kids. What? You expect me to write something more politically challenge? Please. You got the wrong blog, man.

Before I start, I just want to warn you early that I’m a bit high on medication right now. Yes, I still have to take my nerve pain meds due to my chronic carpal tunnel syndrome. And the meds are making me super relax and high. Sometimes I would burst out laughing for no apparent reason. Yes. Awesome right?

Anyway, I do feel guilty for not writing more about Naila. In this blog, I wrote everything about Kaisan. From his birth to his first tooth and so on. Ahh the curse of being a second born…

But Naila is so unlike Kaisan. I should really write more about this girl. She’s so unique, funny, smart and damn opinionated. And I say that with pride.

She loves being the center of attention that she would shove her brother aside so she can bask in the glory of people’s admiration.

If Kaisan can sing, she can sing better. She would spontaneously burst into high pitch song with lyrics that she made up herself just so she can show she can sing too. Most of the time it’s just gibberish.

If Kaisan gets into trouble for doing something naughty, she would strut oh so confidently and announce to whoever listening that “Abang is very naughty and I’m very good. I didn’t do what he did because what he did was wrong” I know. Super annoying git, right?

If Kaisan have homework from school, she would cry that she doesn’t. I would secretly take Kaisan’s old exercise book and tell her “Naila, you must have drop your homework in Abang’s bag. Here’s your book” and she would happily sit next to her brother to do her homework.

If Kaisan were being taught by me to read, she would demand that she’s being taught too. And she learned very fast. She already know the word “BALL”, “ALL”, “CAT”, “DOG”, “BIG” and “CAN”

But however competitive she is, her brother is always her hero, her best friend, her playmate, her rival and enemy all at the same time.

When she woke up from her nap, the first person she would ask is her brother. “Where’s Abang? Is he playing outside? Can I play with Abang?”

When she’s been given a treat, she would run looking for her brother to share her loot. And she’s not stingy with her food.

Oh how she loves food! Whenever we attend a party or a gathering with food around, she would sit quietly by herself eating and enjoying her dish. She would be so oblivious with the kids around her playing coz her food is much, much more important than kids running around.

I always find this super cute. No, she’s not anti social. She does mix around with kids and able to interact but unlike Kaisan, the super friendly boy, Naila is quite reserve and selective. She prefers babies or older people like people my age. Hahaha! The reason is that she likes to talk and she knows only people my age would interact with her properly.

In school, she calls her teacher by their name instead of calling them teacher. I suspect this girl doesn’t know her own age…

With babies, she always been fascinated with babies that often she would come up to me and ask for a “little sister”. Nope! This baby factory is close, young lady!

Oh there are so many things I want to write about Naila but I’m almost dead on my butt now. It’s nearing midnight and I’m going to continue soon.



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