My Talking Monkey

Last night was the first time Naila and me had an actual conversation like two intellectual human being. By that I mean, she can speak properly and not some gibberish monkey language. I was so proud of her that her speech is getting articulate and more advance by the day.

I remember how worried I was that she was not talking at an age where kids should be talking. I was thiiiis close to bringing her to see a speech therapist. Despite people telling me I should just give her time and that eventually she will talk, I was not satisfied with old wives theory. So I took matters in my own hand and with the help from Joe and Kaisan, we embarked on the journey to teach Naila to talk.

And she's talking now. I'm very happy. I don't complain when she talk too much. In fact I feel proud that she achieve this milestone despite doctor once said she might have speech difficulty one day due to her tongue.

Last night, Naila and me had a long discussion. Even though it was about why she should not use my pads as her diaper (long story for another day), I wanted to hug her and tell her I'm so so happy but she was being serious about her curiosity so I just smile and I explained to her in a way that her 2-year-old brain can understand.

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