One of those cliche that you just gotta do...

(Don't be fool by the hair on my head coz this photo was taken last year)

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers A SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI and a happy long holiday!

Maaf Zahir dan Batin!


13 weeks pregnancy brought forth the fashion awkward stage. Everything I wear makes me look like I just had too much cake. This pregnancy bump does not make people think I'm pregnant at all.

Kaisan is 1 year 6 months and 2 months ago, he started reciting the alphabets. He recognizes his letters and is happy to point out random letters on the street. One of these days, I should really take a video of him pronouncing the letter W -doblelop.

I started my reading again after a long hiatus. 


Current addiction

Totally out of my usual genre but one word: MINDBLOWINGLYAWSOME.

But don't take my word on it.

( ^o^)ノ I gained 2kg in just 3 days ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ (Baby Making Part 16)

Dear Me,

Did you swallow a blimp?

Yours faithfully,


Second trimester brings me two new gifts- stuffy nose and super sense of smell. Both at the same time. So now:

1. I can smell bad breath from miles away. Please. Do make sure your breath is minty fresh before you come and talk to me.

2. Being in crowded places where body odor wharfing freely gives me migraine.

3. Garbage MUST be taken out immediately after cooking coz the slight smell of it can send me flying to the nearest toilet bowl (There was once I couldn’t to reach the toilet in time and I spew puke all over the toilet’s door. Messy!)

4. I can detect an early smell of stale food and when expose to the smell openly, there is a high chance of me turning into a psychotic serial killer.

5. Sneezing and blowing nose every nano second of the day.

Thank god the Mister and I invested in a humidifier in our bedroom that totally helps me a lot. It’s easier to breathe during sleep as my nose don’t get clog up like as if I just shove an eraser up my breathing hole.

And we make sure the whole house is free of any unpleasant smell. I splash scented oil, air freshener and scented cleaning detergent all over the house every day. Yes, it is very necessary. Seriously. It’s the safest and most logical thing to do just so I can stay sane and the Mister can keep his head on his neck for all time. I’m nicer when I’m happy and comfortable.

A dream that reveals my true self

People always tell me that dreams during pregnancy are more vivid and more radical than ever. You don’t say?

I am one of those people who never ever NOT dream when I sleep. Even when I nap for 10 minutes, I have dreams and I usually can remember it as soon as I wake up.

But during this pregnancy, my dreams are so REAL that there was once I dreamt I was being chased by a get this –poisonous butterfly (!!!!) and I woke up with my heart beating like crazy and sweating like as if I did ran like a mad buffalo a second ago.

Sexual dreams? Oh don’t get me started on that! Would you believe me that I had multiple orgasms WHILE I SLEEP AND DREAM? Phew. The endorphin pumping in one dream alone is enough to feed entire sex deprived men and women in this world. If I can write the steamy scenes I dreamt, man, I can be an instant erotica novel writer.

Last night’s dream was so bizarre, the image still plague me till now.

Put on your seat belt and get ready to be shaken:

I was in an unfamiliar house with a bunch of kids. Some were my siblings but they were so young. Like 7 years old! It was dark and gloomy and I think it was around 7pm. We were at the first floor of the house, in a room cramped from floor to ceiling with boxes, clothes and furniture. At a corner of the room, there was a rocking chair and it was rocking softly. I was curious and approached it gingerly. To my utter disbelief, it was an old man sitting on the chair and… he was dead. It was a bloody corpse!

Before I could do anything, suddenly the corpse grabbed my arm and said, “I’m not dead” and a screaming old lady barged in the room crying “LEAVE MY FATHER ALONE!” while tugging my other arm. Then the ‘corpse’ shushed his hysterical daughter and said, “Calm, child. It’s okay. She’s here just to listen to my story” and he released my arm and asked me to sit.

He started to tell me (and the kids and siblings around me) that he had died many, many years ago but his daughter wouldn’t let go of him so she kept him in that house, preserved and all. Though his soul has left his body, occasionally his soul would return back to plead to his daughter to release him and bury his body but his daughter stubbornly refused.

I looked at his daughter (she was as old as my grandmother) and she was staring at me full of hatred. I asked her to whom is she mad at but she didn’t answer me. Instead she paced the room and kept looking at me like as if she wants to put me on fire.

Then the old man continued to talk. He gave me many lessons in life and advices. I can’t remember all but one of it is that hatred is the most evil kind of emotions a person can possess and he asked me do I hate anybody. I said no. And that I forgive those who wronged me coz somewhere or another, I must be the cause of what had happened. He said, “No, I think there’s another person whom you harbor so much hatred” and his eyes darted to his daughter. To my surprise, his daughter’s feature changed to someone I REALLY know and I screamed, “YOU! IT’S YOU ALL ALONG! YOU DID THIS TO YOUR OWN FATHER? HOW COULD YOU?” and she screamed back saying I don’t know what I’m talking about. I pushed her and ran out of the room. Only then I realized I was in whose house. And that made me even angrier for being so stupid. Why I didn’t realized this before?

Then I found myself running out of the house and all of a sudden the old man appeared in front of me. He said, “Forgive her. Please. It’ll be better for you and for her. Do it for me”

I fell on my knees and cried so hard. I can feel my anger slowly trickling out of my body and I repeatedly say, “I forgive you” and I woke up.

I checked the time and it was 4:30am. I recited some Quran verses and wondered… Whoa… I didn’t know I was harboring such anger towards at my ex’s mother… And seconds later, the Mister pulled me back to bed and I went back to sleep feeling at peace in my husband’s arm.

I read somewhere that dreams are ways for us to resolve some issues and I think I resolved mine last night. I do forgive her. Even though she thinks she never did me wrong but its okay. I cleanse myself from all hatred. Old man, whoever you are, thank you. You look like Osama Bin Laden actually… hihihi!

He Came. He Saw. He Rescued.

Two nights ago, we were driving back home when the Mister suddenly stop the car, reversed it and asked, “DID YOU SEE THAT?”

“What? Where?”

“That! Can’t you see it? I almost ran over it!” and he jumped out of the car.

Since I still can’t see a thing (it was raining heavily) I thought he saw a ghost and almost hit it. Like WHAT THE HELL? HIT A GHOST? THAT’S LIKE CREEPY IN A NEW LEVEL OF OHMYGODSCARYMUCH! But then again, you can’t hit a ghost. Either your car will just pass through it or the ghost will do an acrobatic jump and appear at the backseat of your car. F-F-F-F-F-F-F! SCARY. AS. HELL. OKAY!

But turns out it was a tortoise. Fuh. I was so relieve. I would totally crap in my pants if it were a ghost.

Say hulo to Mr. Totois!

Poor Mr. Totois had a rough life. His shell is all… messed up. Scratches and dents and erm… broken. The Mister took an old plastic drawer to put Totois in and I fed it veggie just so he’ll have a healthy bowel.

We’re not sure what to do with it yet. Maybe we’ll free it at a lake nearby our house or give it to my mom since she’s gaga over tortoise. She has like 4-5 tortoises as pets.

Will wait till the Mister come back from his business trip to think of what we’re going to do with Mr. Totois. Till then, Totois will have a nice home and plenty of food like green vegetables and lots of fruits.

Sure is lucky to be found by a health freak couple. Next thing you know I’ll be feeding it yogurt with blackberry flavor.

I was in a very good mood last week.

If you haven't follow me in Twitter, you miss alotta shit from me.

Last week, I was tweeting in my usual glorious bluntness and candid self. Love me.

P/s I just came back from... somewhere and I am still recuperating after the long trip. Slow updates ahead. Bear with me. Give me money. Thank you. Love you to bits!

Short Short. Yet. Again.

I thought of putting the title as "The Idiot Who Self-Damaged Her Look A Week Before Raya" but I don't like calling myself an idiot in the world wide web. I call myself Stupid Idiot in my head instead.

I cut my hair so short, I'm gonna look like a dyke this Raya wearing purple kaftan. Oy...

Red hairband is from Eva Monte Inspired Designs

MIscalculation! (Baby Making Part 15)

(Just so you know: When I posted my first Baby Making 1 (6 weeks pregnant), I only publish it when I was 10 weeks pregnant. All my Baby Making posts are delayed by 3-4 weeks or more. It's my own sick pleasure to keep the news to myself. Especially, how far long am I EXACTLY)

Latest ultrasound:

First photo, little one had his/her hand on the face. Sho cyoot! I brought Mom to accompany me this time as the Mister had to work and the look on her face when she saw how big the baby is already, I tell you, total ecstasy!

My latest scan, the doctor told me I'm actually 2 weeks ahead than I was initially informed. I was like, WHAT? This was coming from my second doctor (I have 3 doctors. I see each one once a month. Why? Because that's how I roll, yo!) and I went to my third doctor and she confirmed, yes, I am actually 2 weeks ahead. WHAAA? This totally cramp up my style, doc! What's next? You forgot to inform me I've having twins? Or tha t I'm actually 37% amphibian? 

Now I have to reset all my Pregnancy Apps! Eeeeee... so not cool.

So, do I know the gender? Hihihihi! It's fun to see people guessing the baby's gender. Some even went as far as to check it via the Chinese Gender Prediction calendar! Even the Mister's boss joined in the bandwagon and gave the Mister a lot of clues on how we would know whether the baby's a boy or a girl e.g. If I look pretty, it's a girl. If I look like an old hag stumbling out of a pub at 8am, it's a boy. If my tummy is long and sharp, it's a boy. If it's round, it's a girl. And so on and so forth.

The Mister and I agreed to keep the gender to ourselves until the baby is born. Not even our parents know *GLEE* Having a secret is so delicious.

Let it be a SUUPPPLIIIEEESSS (surprise)!

The Best Small Things in Life

1. Spending extra hour in bed on a rainy weekend.

2. Successfully cook a delicious meal for love ones.

3. Taking long showers.

4. Having a good night sleep.

5. The smell of a new book.

6. The smell of an old book.

7. Drinking a hot cup of tea early in the morning.

8. Hugs

9. Laughing so hard until your tummy hurts

10. Winning at lucky draws

11. Babies

12. Chocolate syrup with ice-cream and lots of nuts and corn flakes.

13. Favorite song playing on the radio

14. Laying on my husband's chest

15. Fresh, warm and clean towel

16. Hot waffles with honey and butter

17. FRIENDS rerun

18. Fairy Tales and happy endings

19. When you hit a point in a book and you suddenly can't stop reading

20. Having a good conversation with your best friends

Photo: Tumblr

Gender Prediction (Baby Making Part 14)

It's funny that the people around me already know I am pregnant even before I myself know about it.

They were asking me, “Are you pregnant?” question more than I can count which initially I just simply laughed and said, no I’m just FAT.

After a while, I get really, really annoyed whenever people ask me that question. I even took a pregnancy test a day or two before my period was due and it was negative. It was a big blow for me. I was emotional, depressed and really, really frustrated. And these people’s pestering questions were not making my life any easy. I know they meant well but… Oh well.

One lady from the office café even said, “Wah! You’re already glowing! How many months are you already?” in which I stammered, “Not pregnant” and we both embarrassingly shut our mouth and continued our business.

A cleaning lady approached me and said, “You are filling up nicely lately. Pregnant?” and again I had to laugh hesitantly and answered, “I just had heavy lunch. I guess that’s why I look pregnant”

But 5 days after I took the first pregnancy test, I realized my period was 5-6 days late. As I mentioned in this POST, I brushed it aside thinking it was due to my constant cough and stress. And when I took another test (2 pregnancy kits to be exact), oh my…

As soon as the words gets out (I kept the news to myself actually but the baby bump is just too obvious to be missed by everyone) my Chinese colleagues excitedly showed me a Chinese Gender Prediction chart.

They said the chart is 98% accurate and that I should check it out.

Being a Muslim, I was taught to not believe in fortune telling or prediction whatnot and being a first time mother, I don’t really care if I’m carrying a boy or a girl, as long as my baby is health and perfect, I’m happy and grateful.

I took the chart, thanked them and kept it in my drawer. I didn’t even look at it coz I was quite busy that day.

Few weeks later, I noticed a lot of people has been saying, “It looks like you’re carrying a girl” and even my Mom said, “I have a feeling the baby’s gonna be a girl…”

I always thought my first one will be a boy. But if its a girl, hey as I said, I'm still happy.

Then one day I was cleaning my drawer, I saw the Chinese Gender Prediction chart again. Just out of boredom, I looked it up.

Well, based on my Lunar Age (just add 2 years to the age of your conception. E.g I’m 30 this year and my Lunar Age is 32) and say if I conceive in April 2011...Then I'll have a boy. If I conceive in May, I'll have a girl.

So, what will it be? Let it be a surprise hehehehe

It’s just a fun prediction thing. I am not sure on the accuracy so I’m not putting much thought on it. I’m just focusing on having a healthy, strong and prefect baby.

But we’ll see, eh?

I am stalked by a woman. Not flattering at all.

Years and years ago, a friend introduced me to his girlfriend. I growled when I first met her. She was whiny, ridiculously childish, bitchy, attention-seeker and impossibly stupid. Thankfully, we don't see each other much but unfortunately she lived not far from my house. 

One day, she was buying cakes near my house and stumbled upon my mom. They greeted each other and my mom asked politely how was she. She then started to babble about how tired she is because her boyfriend (my friend) was sleeping at her house and she had to "entertained" him. My mom, of course, was shock to hear such candid confession but didn't say more and politely excuse herself.

When I hear the story, I was curious... is she really that STUPID? So I told my friend what she told my mom. My friend, obviously, didn't believe me. He went and asked his girl and this girl started to bawl her eyes out claiming that my mom forced her to confess about her boyfriend sneaking in her bedroom at night.

And yes, he believed her. From then on, I was the lying SOB and that my mom was a telltale. Nice.

I avoided her ever since. It was hard as her boyfriend is a friend of mine and we hang out a lot. So whenever she's around, I made excuses to go elsewhere or not to go out at all. Not long after, the lovely couple broke up. Oh heavenly delight!

But unfortunately she had my hand phone number. She always text me asking me how I was. She would emailed me too. I still don't know who did she get my email address. But I ignore her each and every time. I changed my number and I thought, that was it.

She didn't get the hint. She even had the cheek to add me as friend in Friendster (before Facebook, there was Friendster for those who were just born yesterday) and I declined. She then added me in Facebook and again I declined. She tried many, many times to add me again and again in Facebook and STILL I declined. Until I was forced to BLOCK her and only then I had peace.  

When I started Twitter, she added me too! OMG! Stalker much! Again, I had to block her. 

She still emailed me but I marked her email as spam mail. And later, I changed my email address and peace at last.

As time goes by, I met the Mister and we get together and I blog about it. Suddenly, she was in the Mister's Facebook. And his Twitter. I was like... WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS WOMAN?

I told the mister to block her and he did. She's been reading my blog. How utterly stupid I was for not realizing this sooner? How else would she know the mister? They were NOT from the same school and NOT from the same circle of friends and the mister have no bloody idea who she is. 

There was once I blog about a friend's helping me with my wedding door gift and lo behold! She contacted my friend, asking my friend where did she get the door gift from? Scary? V-E-R-Y.

And now she's starting to send me emails again in my new email address and I'm getting FED UP WITH THIS STALKING BUSINESS!

Dear You, You know who you are. I am STILL nice enough to NOT write your name here. Would you please quit it! I don't want to be your friend. I am never your friend in the first place and I do not like you at all. I don't care what's happening to you. I don't want to know your life's update. I don't care to read your stupid junk mails. I don't want you to read my blog and STOP KEEPING TRACK OF MY LIFE AND GET A LIFE! Sincerely, Me.


I present to you, my second lover who gives me orgasmic pleasure to the max (the first one is of course, my husband) -BUAH DABAI!


A Sneak Peak (Baby Making Part 13)

The little one was kicking and jumping and doing somersault during the ultrasound until the doctor couldn't take a proper photo! Little one was so active! Must be because I just had salmon for dinner. Yes, yes. The salmon was REALLY THAT nice. So nice that my baby was like a jumping Mexican bean in my belly.

Next time, do the cartwheel and 'bagi tepuk pengakap 3 kali', baby! Make your Momma proud!

Ah, our own little jellybean. Grow strong and healthy, baby. Mommy and Daddy can't wait to hold you. We love you!

Sometimes bloggers too have relapsed because…

We are human after all.

Well, d’oh. Of course we’re human. I doubt a naked mole rat can type on a keyboard and click “PUBLISH” right? (Ahah! Caught you picturing a naked person typing a blog post! Shame on you!)

Well, yesterday lot of people thinks I posted something about paranormal activities but I am so sorry to deceive you guys. Instead, “Haunted” is just a lame emo post that has nothing to do with ghost or demon or genie or even a possessed can opener.

It’s just me baring my soul to the world oh-woe-its-me-cry-me-a-river kinda thang. BORING.

And if you’re a PC user (Apple users no problem), you would notice that SUDDENLY THERE IS NO BLOODY SPACE BETWEEN PARAGRAPH IN THIS BLOG AND WHY YOU ASK? HOW THE FRIGGIN’ HELL SHOULD I KNOW? Well, I should know since I build this blog from scratch but AAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHH! I really, really do not want to fix anything in this blog anymore. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. I’ve had it up to HERE!

Small problem it may seem but I’m an OCD when it comes to my blog. I DEMAND PERFECTION.

But it’s not giving me perfection.

And I’m tired. I don’t want to CARE anymore about this blog anymore. AY GIVE UP.

It’s either I get people to build me a new template THAT ACTUALLY WORKS THIS TIME or I stop blogging and concentrate on LIVING. My husband would love the last part.



Sometimes I think my marriage is just like a sitcom.

(While watching Baby Story on Astro)

Me: OMG. When I give birth, please remind me NOT to scream like that woman! And please don't leave me even if it gets to be as gruesome as THAT!

The mister: Don't worry. I won't run away. I'll be next to you holding your hands.

Me: If I hold your hands while I'm having contraction, I'm afraid I might break it. How?

The mister: Then I'll give you some oranges so you can squeeze it and make juice while giving birth.


"Oh, for Thor's sake..." said Hiccup. "I thought that was just a story..."

"Stories come from somewhere," said the witch. "The past haunts the present in more ways than we realise"

~Cressida Cowell (How to Break a Dragon's Heart)

***My mind is pretty messed up right now. I have no idea where to go or what to do. I just need to get up and push through the darkness and work past all my memories that are haunting me again***


Snappy Sunday

Can you guess what 'flower' this is?

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. 


Pretty ain't it?

Snappy Saturday

If you know what flower this is, do share. I found this in my MIL's garden. Is it a type of orchid? Sunflower? Or an alien plant send to eat our face?

Old Skool Books

I found these lurking in my bookshelf and wondered, "Are these MINE?" *Eyes darting left and right while clutching the books possessively*

The books are so old. The pages are all yellowed and slightly brittle. I don't remember ever buying it.

Nevertheless, I had a great time reading both books. I read Judith McNaught when I was in high school so rereading it again was really a pleasure. The other book, never seen, never heard, never read it before but surprisingly an enjoyable read. 

Thank you, O Fairy-Book-Mother for giving these two books! (What? It's never too old to belief in fairies!) 

Selamat Menjalani Ibadah Puasa

It's not too late for me to wish my readers a Happy Ramadhan!

Poster courtesy of Shareyza Ghazali

I am officially 99% Flame and 1% Sanity

If you follow me in Twitter, you’d notice lately I’ve been tweeting rather angrily (Angrily? I don’t give a damn if that word does not sound right and proper for the grammar police coz as I said over and over again, my grammar can cry and commit suicide for all I care coz I butchered it sadistically)

Two days ago, I lashed out at a friend’s tweet about how nobody reads blog anymore after I tweeted asking for my followers to recommend me good blogs to read. Usually, I would keep my mouth shut when I disagree as not to ignite negative response. But at that moment in time, his lighthearted statement was like a personal insult to me. As an avid reader, I hate it when people poke fun at my bluestocking hobby. I had enough people throwing insult at me for preferring to spend time indoor reading than going out clubbing, partying and such. I hate it when they laugh at the choices of books I read. So when he said nobody reads blogs anymore, it was the last straw. I read books, yes but I read blogs too as it is another form of reading material. I know what he said was harmless but enough is enough. I am not going to sit and let people slander my feelings in public like so. I lashed out. He lashed back. I questioned his intelligence. He questioned my motive. And on and on it went. Some joined in to support him and I lashed out at them too. Them interrupting and quipping brainlessly just fueled my anger. Yes, you can give me your opinion but if your opinion is base on your own ignorant assumption, you are indeed a moron. How do you expect a statement such as “Nobody blogs anymore coz it’s easier to Twitter”. So I asked, if indeed blogging is so outdated, then how in the whole wide world famous and successful bloggers can earn thousand of income in a month UNTIL NOW? Heck, if you have no knowledge on something, shut the hell up. No one wants to hear your stupid baseless theories. “Books are better reading material and it will always stay that way”. Obviously you never heard of eBooks and Kindle? Puh-lez. Get out of your 100 year old turtle shell and smell the technologies evolving every second of the day.

Every day there is always something that ticks me off. Even innocent remarks like, “You are such a small person to carry such a big tummy” made me hissed, “That is because your view is obstructed by that garbage truck you called nose! That’s why!”

I am indeed like a handgrenade ready to explode at anybody who dare to pull my trigger. Friends and family said it’s just the pregnancy hormones and that I should calm the *BLEEP* down coz it’ll effect the baby. I don't know whether it's the hormones (never been pregnant before so how would I know?) or it's just me but I know for sure I'm like Hades now walking around casually throwing spitfire at people. I can even get angry at cute kittens. Reason: For playing with my legs as if God created my legs for the purpose of being their chew toy and scratching post.

When I get angry, people question me why. And when I explain, they said it’s just a small matter and why would I make a big deal out of it. Small to them but it’s gigantic to me.

What they don’t know is that when I burst out, that is when I’ve reach my limit. Small irritating, stressful things piles up day by day, months by months and years and then… KABOOOOOOM! It’s like a volcano erupting. It’s one of my worst traits, I admit –piling up my issues silently. I thought I fixed it already and I was okay for a while but turns out I am still human and I went back to my evil self.

Le sigh… I’m trying to listen to a lot of calming songs to reduce my anger level. At night, I recite Yasin, surah Mariam, surah Lukman and even sing Asmaul Husna and Asmaul Anbia. May this anger subside soon before I combust into flame. Amin.

A brief history on my before and after look.

I was digging through my phone's album when I saw these:

At J's wedding a year ago (2010).

1. That's not my hair. That's a dead possum glued on my head. Totally avant-garde.
2. It was freezing cold in the ballroom but because I want to show off my footballer's shoulders, I slipped off my shawl and smile with my teeth chattering noisily.

At X's wedding last month (2011)

1. Same shawl, same footballer's shoulders. But this time, meatier and oilier shoulders.
2. I stuffed a fat dead pigeon in my hair to achieve that incredible high bun.

I'm a changeling. I have different look every year.

Not that you asked... (Baby Making- Part 12)

I’m typing this down while trying to find a comfortable position to sit. Lately my back feels like I have a lamp post as backbone. Stiff. Aching. Painful.

I don’t know why. I used to have this kind of backache when I wear high heels everywhere 24/7 but ever since I got knocked up (OHMAIGADSOCRUDE!!!!) I can’t wear any of my heels. Not only because it’s safer (I am dead clumsy. It’s a good thing my ankles are iron made) but also none of my heels fits me anymore. My feet have swollen to the size of a winter melon since the beginning of my pregnancy. So now I wear sensible, boring looking flat CLOWN shoes. I’ll be joining the circus soon.

Most people said, “Oh pish posh! Backache is common during pregnancy, dear!” Really? I thought backache is normal ONLY in third trimester. But then again, swollen feet are quite unusual to have at this early stage either.

I thought I can fix my back by lying down on my back on a floor for few minutes a day but turns out it is a big HELL NO. I can’t breathe when I’m at that position but ironically, when I sleep at night, (I sleep on my left side mostly) I tend to roll on my back and it didn’t bother my breathing at all *Lift one eyebrow* What the H*LL?

I’m seeing my doctor for my next checkup tomorrow. I’ll ask him about my backache and if he said, “Take a chill pill. It’s normal” I promise I shall not threaten him with a scalp knife and maybe, MAYBE, I shall let him keep his hair. That is if my hormones are cooperating like a sane person tomorrow.

You see, I have not been in a good mood lately. My back hurts, making it a complete B**CH to sit for hours and hours at work. I sleep very little coz I can’t find a comfortable position and 3-4 times a night, I would be rudely awaken by the need to pee.

Lack of rest/sleep = Chainsaw Massacre

I know. I know. Let it be a practice for me when the baby comes. But what if I say my baby will NOT be a nocturnal creature like his/her father? He/she will be JUST like me, a sleeper, and a normal functioning human being that would fall asleep at 9pm and wake up at 7am, happy and cheerful because he/she is SO THE MORNING PERSON? *Praying silently my wish will come true*Dear God, PLEEEEEEEASE PLEASE GRANT MY WISH PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE*

Backache and sleepless night aside, today I actually I wanted to answer few questions from friends and readers that I’ve yet to answer coz, well you know, chainsaw massacre and all. Messy business *Lift one eyebrow and dance it a bit for few minutes* but instead I was babbling about backache instead. ADD much.

So the questions are:

Q1) How far long are you actually?

I’ve been avoiding this question since the very beginning of my pregnancy. Reason for being deliberately obtuse? Because I’m embarrassed. There you have it. I am embarrassed that my belly was showing quite obviously already until a lot of people think I was already 4-5 months long when in fact I was only 5-6 weeks long that time. So how far long am I now? I’ll answer that soon. I promise (Rrrrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuuunnnn!!!!!)

Q2) Do you have morning sickness?

Yes and I can proudly say it was tolerable and manageable. I only have it for 2-3 weeks and ONLY in the evening. Now, I no longer cradle my toilet bowl like a gigantic precious diamond. I sit on it instead coz I still pee a lot. If my urine can cure cancer, I’ll be a multi-zillionaire by now bottling it and selling it to the world

Q3) Are you having twins?

Ah. This famous question again. But I shall be nicer this time. My last 2 checkups, doctor found only 1 baby and the heartbeat was super strong that goes dub dub dub dub dub that made my husband shuffle in happiness. If my next check up doctor said, oh there are 4 legs here, then yes, I’ll announce that I’m carrying twins.

Q4) Food aversions?

I shall make it easy by listing it down instead:

a) Food that trigger my nausea

• Roasted chicken (the smell… UGH!!!! Until now I can’t abide it)

• KFC chicken

• Oranges (Vitamin C U in Hell!)

b) Food that cannot settle well in my stomach and gives me gastrick (Only happen during my pregnancy)

• Cheese

• Ice-cream

• Cold drinks

• Carbonated drinks

• Chocolates


• Anything sweet. Be it cakes, fruits, drinks, cookies- anything with MASSIVE SUGAR LEVEL written on it.

• Fast food like burgers, nuggets, sausages etc (But I can eat fries)

d) Food that I can’t stop eating

• Fruits like kiwi, apples, grapes, plums, avocados and pears

• Noodle soup (I can eat this everyday and every night!)

• Vegetables

• Salmon fish (Love, love, and love salmon! Marry me! Oh wait. I’m taken)

• Yogurt

• Plain, hot water (Okay, this is not food but *shrugged*)

Other than that, I have no problem.

Q5) Any cravings?

I don’t know how craving feels like actually. There are times I feel like eating something but it will be for a minute or two. The need does not haunt my dreams or gets me salivating like a mad dog just thinking about it. If I can eat what I wanted to eat, I’m happy. If I can’t get it, no biggie. I don’t fall on my knees and cry pathetically oh woe it’s me kind of thang. Life goes on. What’s for dinner?

So far the most difficult one I wanted to eat was “dabai masin” (Only Sarawakians know what this is) and since it's not the season yet, it made my family quite... restless and worried (They badly want to give me EVERYTHING I crave that's how hardcore they are with my pregnancy) But 30 minutes after I announced I want to eat dabai masin, my mom’s friend called and offered her few. Bliss! I ate once, and done. Don’t want to touch or look at it anymore.

Q6) All and all, how’s your first trimester?

Despite my constant complains about experiencing fatigue, backache, morning sickness and constant pee, my pregnancy is actually going on BEYOND GREAT. The mister has been a wonderful help, caring for me in every kind of ways. My mom has been awesome providing me with all the necessaries that I needed like food, maternity clothes and listening ears. My friends have been so happy and obliging my “LET’S EAT! LET’S EAT HERE TODAY! LUNCH WE EAT HERE! DINNER THERE! TOMORROW? TOMORROW WE EAT AGAIN!”

Contrary to popular believe, I am actually enjoying my pregnancy experience. It’s something new and being an Aries, I’m a sucker when it comes to experiencing new things even though it means morphing into a slimy garden slug.

Okay. This is a long post. I hope it helps to put you to sleep. Say thank you. You’re welcome.


Wordless Wednesday

What? I swear it was NOT me who punch your grandmother in the face the other day! I swear! *Pull the above I-are-so-sweet-and-nice-butter-won't-melt-in-my-mouth look*

Would this face do such terrible thing? *Big doe-eyed*Blink*Blink*Blink*

*Kena pat on the head* "Ok, I believe you. Run along, little doe"

Foolproof look. Never fail to bail me out of trouble.


P/s I SO punched your granma silly MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Waving a white flag (Cooking chicken stew)

I was craving for Mom’s chicken stew few weeks ago but she was in KL so I was like AAAARRGHHHHH and since I am not famously known for my patience virtue, I decidedly to venture to the kitchen and cook one myself.

I was such a brave, brave young lady… *On bended knees praying hard I will not burn the kitchen down*

Fry onions with olive oil, add chicken, add po-ha-tos, add carrots, add water, add a teaspoon of chicken stock, add bit of black soya sauce, add corn flour and lastly add mushroom.

I ate 4 servings before realizing OHCRAPIDIDN'TTAKEPHOTOOFIT so that explains why I only post a photo of... chicken bones with bits and pieces of meat left. Oy...

Though it didn't taste EXACTLY like Mom's stew, meh, whatever *wave hand tiredly*

New blog header coming up soon!

Why, yes. I have nothing much to do aside from designer my blog header. Thank you for noticing.

Will put it up once I'm done tweaking with it.

One Minute Motivation

No problem if you have problems. This is easy to say until you are in the midst of a really big one. But the only people I am aware of who don’t have troubles are gathered in little neighborhoods. Most communities have at least one. We call them cemeteries. If you’re breathing, you have difficulties. It’s the way of life. And believe it or not, most of your problems may actually be good for you!

Let me explain. Maybe you have seen the Great Barrier Reef, stretching some 1,800 miles from New Guinea to Australia. Tour guides regularly take visitors to view the reef. On one tour, the guide was asked an interesting question. I notice that the lagoon side of the reef looks pale and lifeless, while the ocean side is vibrant and colorful,” a traveler observed. “Why is this?” The guide gave an interesting answer: “The coral around the lagoon side is in still water, with no challenge for its survival. It dies early. The coral on the ocean side is constantly being tested by wind, waves, storms — surges of power. It has to fight for survival every day of its life. As it is challenged and tested it changes and adapts. It grows healthy. It grows strong. And it reproduces.” Then he added this telling note: “That’s the way it is with every living organism.”

That is how it is with people! Challenged and tested, we come alive! Like coral pounded by the sea, we grow! Physical demands can cause us to grow stronger. Mental and emotional stress can produce tough-mindedness and resiliency. Spiritual testing can produce strength of character and faithfulness. So, you have problems – no problem! Just tell yourself, “There I grow again!”

An excerpt from Luke Bong's motivational email and photo from Tumblr


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