MIscalculation! (Baby Making Part 15)

(Just so you know: When I posted my first Baby Making 1 (6 weeks pregnant), I only publish it when I was 10 weeks pregnant. All my Baby Making posts are delayed by 3-4 weeks or more. It's my own sick pleasure to keep the news to myself. Especially, how far long am I EXACTLY)

Latest ultrasound:

First photo, little one had his/her hand on the face. Sho cyoot! I brought Mom to accompany me this time as the Mister had to work and the look on her face when she saw how big the baby is already, I tell you, total ecstasy!

My latest scan, the doctor told me I'm actually 2 weeks ahead than I was initially informed. I was like, WHAT? This was coming from my second doctor (I have 3 doctors. I see each one once a month. Why? Because that's how I roll, yo!) and I went to my third doctor and she confirmed, yes, I am actually 2 weeks ahead. WHAAA? This totally cramp up my style, doc! What's next? You forgot to inform me I've having twins? Or tha t I'm actually 37% amphibian? 

Now I have to reset all my Pregnancy Apps! Eeeeee... so not cool.

So, do I know the gender? Hihihihi! It's fun to see people guessing the baby's gender. Some even went as far as to check it via the Chinese Gender Prediction calendar! Even the Mister's boss joined in the bandwagon and gave the Mister a lot of clues on how we would know whether the baby's a boy or a girl e.g. If I look pretty, it's a girl. If I look like an old hag stumbling out of a pub at 8am, it's a boy. If my tummy is long and sharp, it's a boy. If it's round, it's a girl. And so on and so forth.

The Mister and I agreed to keep the gender to ourselves until the baby is born. Not even our parents know *GLEE* Having a secret is so delicious.

Let it be a SUUPPPLIIIEEESSS (surprise)!


sya_zazoo said...

didn't u follow your LMP?haha..just for the sake of asking question.anyway.. better be confirm la kan.silap aribulan branak awal..hihi

Anonymous said...

baby boy! but we'll see.=)

Balqiz said...

sya_zazoo, gives me headache jak mikir hal tok seyes. I just let it be and beranak jak when the time comes hehehehe

Asidah, the bet is on! Hahahaha!


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