Sometimes I think my marriage is just like a sitcom.

(While watching Baby Story on Astro)

Me: OMG. When I give birth, please remind me NOT to scream like that woman! And please don't leave me even if it gets to be as gruesome as THAT!

The mister: Don't worry. I won't run away. I'll be next to you holding your hands.

Me: If I hold your hands while I'm having contraction, I'm afraid I might break it. How?

The mister: Then I'll give you some oranges so you can squeeze it and make juice while giving birth.


LadyBird said...

lol...nah padan muka, sapa suruh banyak gilak imajin.

Balqiz said...

I can't help it!!!!! It's scary but at the same time... OOOOOOO BEST hahahaha gila


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