I am stalked by a woman. Not flattering at all.

Years and years ago, a friend introduced me to his girlfriend. I growled when I first met her. She was whiny, ridiculously childish, bitchy, attention-seeker and impossibly stupid. Thankfully, we don't see each other much but unfortunately she lived not far from my house. 

One day, she was buying cakes near my house and stumbled upon my mom. They greeted each other and my mom asked politely how was she. She then started to babble about how tired she is because her boyfriend (my friend) was sleeping at her house and she had to "entertained" him. My mom, of course, was shock to hear such candid confession but didn't say more and politely excuse herself.

When I hear the story, I was curious... is she really that STUPID? So I told my friend what she told my mom. My friend, obviously, didn't believe me. He went and asked his girl and this girl started to bawl her eyes out claiming that my mom forced her to confess about her boyfriend sneaking in her bedroom at night.

And yes, he believed her. From then on, I was the lying SOB and that my mom was a telltale. Nice.

I avoided her ever since. It was hard as her boyfriend is a friend of mine and we hang out a lot. So whenever she's around, I made excuses to go elsewhere or not to go out at all. Not long after, the lovely couple broke up. Oh heavenly delight!

But unfortunately she had my hand phone number. She always text me asking me how I was. She would emailed me too. I still don't know who did she get my email address. But I ignore her each and every time. I changed my number and I thought, that was it.

She didn't get the hint. She even had the cheek to add me as friend in Friendster (before Facebook, there was Friendster for those who were just born yesterday) and I declined. She then added me in Facebook and again I declined. She tried many, many times to add me again and again in Facebook and STILL I declined. Until I was forced to BLOCK her and only then I had peace.  

When I started Twitter, she added me too! OMG! Stalker much! Again, I had to block her. 

She still emailed me but I marked her email as spam mail. And later, I changed my email address and peace at last.

As time goes by, I met the Mister and we get together and I blog about it. Suddenly, she was in the Mister's Facebook. And his Twitter. I was like... WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS WOMAN?

I told the mister to block her and he did. She's been reading my blog. How utterly stupid I was for not realizing this sooner? How else would she know the mister? They were NOT from the same school and NOT from the same circle of friends and the mister have no bloody idea who she is. 

There was once I blog about a friend's helping me with my wedding door gift and lo behold! She contacted my friend, asking my friend where did she get the door gift from? Scary? V-E-R-Y.

And now she's starting to send me emails again in my new email address and I'm getting FED UP WITH THIS STALKING BUSINESS!

Dear You, You know who you are. I am STILL nice enough to NOT write your name here. Would you please quit it! I don't want to be your friend. I am never your friend in the first place and I do not like you at all. I don't care what's happening to you. I don't want to know your life's update. I don't care to read your stupid junk mails. I don't want you to read my blog and STOP KEEPING TRACK OF MY LIFE AND GET A LIFE! Sincerely, Me.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha psycho. Well writen geng. Dah imagine ku kejap tek.

rouselleg said...

Ooooohh...scary much! Like a ghost out to hunt you. (I'm not linking my blog to my name. I'm scared to be stalked all the way in my own private country, hihi!)

Anonymous said...

You got a stalker. You've arrived. -kutasia-

Balqiz said...

Anonymous, exactly. Psycho eh!

Rouselleg, I used to use a different name for my blog but I don't feel like its me so I decided to use my own name and only then I can bring my own personality here. But, as u can see, it comes with a price. Sigh!

Kutasia, arrived where? I hope it's London. Hehehehe

nurul said...

errkk..?? sik tauk pun.. kmk kenal ka?

Balqiz said...

Memang ktk sik kenal. Sbb ya pelik tetiba nya message ktk dlm FB nanyak pasal doorgift kmk

Jazica Albek said...

i think she likes you. hahaha wtf.

Balqiz said...

J.A, I like to flatter myself by saying, Ya-ha! That cpuld be it!

grace said...

lol. your stalker very gung ho! i wonder if she will reply here......

not gonna link my URL here as well...scary. hahaha..

Balqiz said...

grace, she ain't got the courage to come out clean. I bet she's at the back bitching about me instead coz she thinks she's not stalking but being "friendly". Yeerrright


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