Gender Prediction (Baby Making Part 14)

It's funny that the people around me already know I am pregnant even before I myself know about it.

They were asking me, “Are you pregnant?” question more than I can count which initially I just simply laughed and said, no I’m just FAT.

After a while, I get really, really annoyed whenever people ask me that question. I even took a pregnancy test a day or two before my period was due and it was negative. It was a big blow for me. I was emotional, depressed and really, really frustrated. And these people’s pestering questions were not making my life any easy. I know they meant well but… Oh well.

One lady from the office café even said, “Wah! You’re already glowing! How many months are you already?” in which I stammered, “Not pregnant” and we both embarrassingly shut our mouth and continued our business.

A cleaning lady approached me and said, “You are filling up nicely lately. Pregnant?” and again I had to laugh hesitantly and answered, “I just had heavy lunch. I guess that’s why I look pregnant”

But 5 days after I took the first pregnancy test, I realized my period was 5-6 days late. As I mentioned in this POST, I brushed it aside thinking it was due to my constant cough and stress. And when I took another test (2 pregnancy kits to be exact), oh my…

As soon as the words gets out (I kept the news to myself actually but the baby bump is just too obvious to be missed by everyone) my Chinese colleagues excitedly showed me a Chinese Gender Prediction chart.

They said the chart is 98% accurate and that I should check it out.

Being a Muslim, I was taught to not believe in fortune telling or prediction whatnot and being a first time mother, I don’t really care if I’m carrying a boy or a girl, as long as my baby is health and perfect, I’m happy and grateful.

I took the chart, thanked them and kept it in my drawer. I didn’t even look at it coz I was quite busy that day.

Few weeks later, I noticed a lot of people has been saying, “It looks like you’re carrying a girl” and even my Mom said, “I have a feeling the baby’s gonna be a girl…”

I always thought my first one will be a boy. But if its a girl, hey as I said, I'm still happy.

Then one day I was cleaning my drawer, I saw the Chinese Gender Prediction chart again. Just out of boredom, I looked it up.

Well, based on my Lunar Age (just add 2 years to the age of your conception. E.g I’m 30 this year and my Lunar Age is 32) and say if I conceive in April 2011...Then I'll have a boy. If I conceive in May, I'll have a girl.

So, what will it be? Let it be a surprise hehehehe

It’s just a fun prediction thing. I am not sure on the accuracy so I’m not putting much thought on it. I’m just focusing on having a healthy, strong and prefect baby.

But we’ll see, eh?


LadyBird said...

my prediction is you might have a daughter based on your cravings,tantrums (jaik alu bunyi) and the shape of your tummy (for now) ;)

Balqiz said...

So far 90% said it's a girl and the rest said it's a boy hehehehe we'll see (^_^)


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