Ladies Nite Tonight at Cheeries Berries, Anyone?

As a favour for Sir DamnDirtyAngel

Bunny Weeeebit!

funny pictures of cats with captions

I think this is the cutest lil' thang EVER!!!!!!! And it has ATTITUDE!!!!! *munch on the wabbit's head* That'll teach it to be too cute. Hmph!

A Wake Up Call

Your past experience prepare you for your future if you allow yourself to learn from them ~Me

Attitude. A Must Have

Without attitude, you're a bloody rabbit. Ouch!

Freaking Out. BIG TIME!

If you’re anything like me, you would understand perfectly why I wanted to poke my eyeballs out, cut off my ears and hide myself underneath a sofa till the end of time.

Fudge my procrastinating self. FUDGE! Since when I started to have this evil disease? I almost NEVER procrastinate! Like really! (I ‘THINK’ dot dot dot)

I have a handful of work projects that is meeting the datelines rather dangerously. I’ve been putting it aside all these while to do… to do WHAT? I have no bloody idea! What have I been doing lately? Fugging nothing hokay! Arrghhh!!! I can’t bear the thought of the bosses asking me, “So… where is it?” when the time comes. Arrghhh!!!! I swear if I don’t finish it on time, I’m going to blend myself into a glass of tomato juice.

School matter, sucked hamster nuts!!! My 3 assignments are due next week. NEXT FUGGING WEEK HOKAY! And I haven’t done SHIT! Procrastination should be outlawed! Seriously!


Aside from juggling work and school, I’m starting to do a lot of planning for my upcoming dot dot dot. (Subject to be confirmed once the Mister and I have the green light from our parents) The date is pretty much set. The problem will be the venue. I have some ideas but (yes, there’s always a bloody BUT) the venues may not be approved by his parents as the distance and some matters related to god knows what.

My parents? Hey, they are a bunch of hey-ho-merry-ho people. No problem as long as I’m happy. Yes, you read that right. AS. LONG. AS. I. AM. HAPPY. Hah! Money wise, we’re ok that part. Safely nestle in our bank account is a bag full of cash that itches to be spent. I WANT TO SPEND IT! Oh the temptation!

Breath, me. Breath! One step at a time.

Anyone care to lessen my burden? Maybe help me do my assignments? I mean, one of my assignments? Pweeez?

P/s Whoever said working, studying and living at the same time is easy... I would like to meet that person and stab him to death

Be Seeing You Soon!

Make me an offer I cannot refuse and I tell you right now, you'll never regret it.

♫ Ya Just Wanna Be Free ♫ La la la la ♫

It's like I was given wings then they told me it's illegal to fly...

Every Season Has a Reason...

In the end everything always turns out well for me. It's like the Universe is conspiring into favouring me in all situations.

A New Man in Her Life

Syikin Hadi and her newborn baby, Tuah

Dreams and Such

"I don't think you can ever be too weighed down by dreams and the things that make you happy. It's the other things that burden us that we have to get rid of. And I think that having someone to help you carry your dreams just means having someone there to love you and support you and let you know that it is possible to achieve them!" ~Anonymous

My Life as an Adventurer

I get so excited about a new adventure until it turns into a bit of a chore and I forget how exciting it sounded in the beginning...

Photo was taken during my white water rafting in KK, June 2009.

Two Things

She said, "There are two things you should always know. First, there is such thing as inner beauty and second, people underestimating your worth. Getting older has been kind of a roller-coaster ride to me"

Me Miss Cooking

Last night before heading out for a movie, I cooked myself Mee Hong Kong.

Turns out, I still have my magic touch! The photo doesn't do justice to the taste. Yeah okay, I'm biased. Of course I would say it's nice. I cooked it!

Later days!

A Story of a Queen

Once upon a time, in a time when darkness reigned longer than daylight and the nights were cold and empty, a Queen found herself left and betrayed by the people she loved and trusted most.

She had no one to go to as she was alone in the empty big castle and she almost lost her mind in grieve, sadness and… anger.

Then one morning, she woke up, gathered her belongings and left the castle behind. Determined to never look back, the Queen ventured out alone in the strange and unknown world.

She walked a thousand mile. Then another thousand. And then another thousand. Each steps she take, she picked her shattered hearts and dreams and glued it all back piece by piece. And each mile she reached, she learned something new about herself.

She also met new people, see new places and experience life she never thought she would.

After many long months of traveling, the Queen found herself standing on a cloud. She was surprised to find out she had walked so far and so long that she reached the sky!

So the Queen decided she would start her life there. The dreams she had patched up, nicely hung strongly in her heart that though no longer broken but will forever scar for life.

The Queen built her castle perched high on a big white fluffy cloud. She can fly anywhere she wants and she had never been happier. Surrounded by other people who had reached the sky, she knows she will never be alone anymore.

She vowed to never take revenge to those who betrayed her because there's no room in her heart for such hatred. She just said, "I just hope one day... They know what they had done to me and I don't need their sorries but I just want them to admit their faults and that's enough for me"

Everyone said, oh no my Queen. No one would admit such fault! No one would subject themselves to crimes that they committed. And besides, why do you need to hear all that? What would you gain?

And the Queen said; I just need to hear it so I can stop blaming myself for being the loyal one, the supportive one, the patient one and the trustworthy one and ended up paying the price that almost cost me my life.

Then one day, on an ordinary day, the Queen found herself facing the very person who had betrayed her.

The Queen was surprised to see that she no longer feel anything towards the person. No anger. No sadness. No nothing.

The person then admitted that he had done her wrong. That he acted badly and made the worst decisions. The person then said the Queen had been the best Queen ever. She was kind, she was tolerant, she was patient, she was a fantastic motivator, and a great companion.

The Queen couldn't help but cry. She cried for the sorrow and hardship she endured. She cried for her broken heart and smashed up dreams. She cried for all the 'what if's. She cried for finally ... Finally she gets to hear what she always wanted to hear.

But she cried harder for the strength in her that made her survived all those years, the patient she had to battle all demons coming her way, the will for her to keep moving on and for that... She kneed down and thank God for EVERYTHING!

A Wiseman once said, things happen for a reason and in time you'll see the advantage of it.

And the Queen did see the benefits of it all. She had walked farther than she had ever been. She had been to places she never thought she would go. She experienced a plenty. She’s stronger now, she’s confident, she’s happier, wealthier and healthier, she’s positive and she’s successful in every kind of ways.

A whisper of voice asked the Queen, would you go back to the old castle if given a chance?

And the Queen answered, “I used to think I would. Because I am that kind of person who would never gives up. The kind that always gives people another chance. But now I am so high up here. My life is here now. And besides, how do I go down? I’m on a cloud for crying out loud and they are on the land!”

“Let them rebuild that old castle. Let them rebuild their life together. For I am happy enough to know, no one can replaced me. No one can be better than me and no one can care for anyone like me. Besides… they are living off my remains” and she laughed gleefully.

The end.

Thank God It's Freaky Friday

Ever feel so tired with everything that suddenly you just want to walk out of the building and go straight home, write your will then later shoot yourself with a water gun?

Yeah. Water gun.

It’s just one of those days I guess.

Later days.


In the midst of a hectic day, I would sometimes wonder… what am I rushing for?

Work will never finish. If it does, then I won’t have a job anymore. So why can’t it wait for another day?

Families will always be there. So 10 minutes late shouldn’t be a problem.

Friends. I’m the one who’s always on time anyway (hmph!)

The mister will always understands and give me as much time and space as I need.

So, what am I rushing for?

Have you ever lie down in bed in the middle of the night and wonder… all these rushing everywhere, what have you achieved? Is it an accomplishment to be proud of? A memory worth cherish? A good deed that makes you feel good inside?

Or… just daily routine that means nothing?

Time just passed by and when I looked back, wow, it’s the middle of the year already! Did I leave my footprints in the sands of time? God knows.

Later days.

A Day at Sakae Sushi

I have no idea what I ate that day at Sakae Sushi, the Curve. All I know is that the rice (I think it was salmon fried rice) made me queasy in the stomach. Too rich for my taste I guess.

Oh. The mister didn’t get his ordered bento that day. So he ended up having to finish my rice. I’m awesome that way.

Later days!

Rantings of an Insomniac

I came back from my two weeks holiday on last Saturday night and until today I am still adjusting back to life.

I couldn’t sleep for the past two nights whereas during those long hols, I was asleep before or close to midnight. I was exhausted from the lack of sleep. I was agitated, moody, sensitive and it doesn’t help that my PMS came to join force. Suffice to say, I was Medusa reincarnated and highly lethal.

I finally get to sleep last night though. Thank God. 11 hours straight. A feat for a two days insomniac.

Anyway, does any one of you out there know of a way to sleep without help from medications? Appreciate if you can share with me. I need my beauty sleep. I can’t allow Medusa to be leashed out to you poor innocent Mirians.

Later days.

Universal Studio, Singapore

I’m not going to upload all the photos I took in Universal Studio, Singapore here. The amount is too staggering! Most, I just dumped it in my Facebook. With details and such.

Here... well, here I’m a dead marsupilami lazy.

One thing for sure, I LOVE the place! It may not be 100% complete but it’s so awesome that I decided then and there that I am going to live in Far, Far Away’s castle for the rest of my life!

I am MAD over castles ok! And even though this one is a fake one (boo hoo hoo!) I STILL LAVIT! So okay, it’s pretty obvious that my favourite place there is the Far, Far Away. Oh well. Aside from castles, I’m a sucker for fairy tales and everything about “...and they lived, happily, ever after!”

Amsyar Danial at a Park

...And I Made History on 31st May 2010


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