Freaking Out. BIG TIME!

If you’re anything like me, you would understand perfectly why I wanted to poke my eyeballs out, cut off my ears and hide myself underneath a sofa till the end of time.

Fudge my procrastinating self. FUDGE! Since when I started to have this evil disease? I almost NEVER procrastinate! Like really! (I ‘THINK’ dot dot dot)

I have a handful of work projects that is meeting the datelines rather dangerously. I’ve been putting it aside all these while to do… to do WHAT? I have no bloody idea! What have I been doing lately? Fugging nothing hokay! Arrghhh!!! I can’t bear the thought of the bosses asking me, “So… where is it?” when the time comes. Arrghhh!!!! I swear if I don’t finish it on time, I’m going to blend myself into a glass of tomato juice.

School matter, sucked hamster nuts!!! My 3 assignments are due next week. NEXT FUGGING WEEK HOKAY! And I haven’t done SHIT! Procrastination should be outlawed! Seriously!


Aside from juggling work and school, I’m starting to do a lot of planning for my upcoming dot dot dot. (Subject to be confirmed once the Mister and I have the green light from our parents) The date is pretty much set. The problem will be the venue. I have some ideas but (yes, there’s always a bloody BUT) the venues may not be approved by his parents as the distance and some matters related to god knows what.

My parents? Hey, they are a bunch of hey-ho-merry-ho people. No problem as long as I’m happy. Yes, you read that right. AS. LONG. AS. I. AM. HAPPY. Hah! Money wise, we’re ok that part. Safely nestle in our bank account is a bag full of cash that itches to be spent. I WANT TO SPEND IT! Oh the temptation!

Breath, me. Breath! One step at a time.

Anyone care to lessen my burden? Maybe help me do my assignments? I mean, one of my assignments? Pweeez?

P/s Whoever said working, studying and living at the same time is easy... I would like to meet that person and stab him to death



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