My Dear Diary Moment

(no pictures YET)

I really had one hell of a nerve-wrecking, psycho-stress, whirl-wind adventures since I landed in Johor Bahru on Wednesday last week.

A month ago when I bought my ticket to visit my best friend in Johor Bahru during this long Gawai holiday, I had no plans on what I’ll be doing there for 2 weeks. I thought, “Oh I’m just gonna wing it!” Besides, I wanted to reunite with my bestie. That’s the main idea right?

Bad idea. Bad, bad idea.

As I reached JB, Aveen and I decided oh why don’t we drive to Singapore on Monday (31st May) and check out the new Universal Studio? I was like, whoot-whoot! I’m game!

But that’s another 4 days to go… so what will I be doing in JB for 4 days? Aveen will be working and she also needs to go back to her in-law’s place for the long weekend.

Ok, so I decided to go to KL in the meantime and come back to JB later on Sunday with Nurul and her friends (they planned to drive from KL to JB in the weekend). Besides, they said we’re going to stop by Melaka for a day and since I haven’t been there, why not? Besides, I haven’t seen the mister in ages so it’ll be like killing 2 birds with one stone.

The mister bought me a ticket from JB to KL and on Thursday (27th May) I flew to KL.

Since I arrived there at 12pm, I had to find my own transportation to go to KLSentral. Ookaay… one thing about me is that public transportation such as buses tends to make me nauseous. So there I was, standing like a sore thumb in KLSentral calculating in my head whether I’ll take the cab, the bus or… KLIA express train? Which of course I took the train. Faster and cleaner and no stinky armpits sitting next to you. And no Balqiz puking all over the place. Good choice, me.

To take the train, I had to take the KLIA bus from LCCT and sigh… even a 5 minutes ride made my tongue tasted like there were furs growing on it and my stomach was rolling like a whirl pool.

I reached KLIA on time to catch the train. God bless KLIA express train! For a RM35 ride which some consider very expensive; I say it’s worth it!

Oh! By the way, I managed to watch Shrek 3D that night. I love the movie but there were few scenes that made me feel a touch emo coz it reminded me of some past memories. Oh let’s not go there. Life goes on and I’m in a much happier place!

Anyhoo… The next day was public holiday (Friday) so together with Mareaty and Nurul we went for a photoshoot for Arya, Mareaty’s daughter who just turned 1 year old a month ago. We went to a public garden somewhere in KL (shit I forgot what’s the name of that place. Oh I got it. It was at Taman Tasik Perdana) and OOHMAIGADZ! It was freaking hot, I swear my sweats alone can water a year worth of vegetable garden!

Less than an hour after that we decided to fuck it and drove to god-knows-where where our schoolmate, Shikin Hadi stayed. She recently just gave birth and since I haven’t seen her since primary 6, what the hell. It’s better than staying under the sun and melts into a puddle of mud.

That afternoon, Mareaty said she and her hubby planned to drive to JB that evening. I was like, hmmm why don’t I come along with you guys? Coz apparently Nurul’s friend changed her mind on going to JB (WTF right?) and I was left with no transport to go to JB.

I can stay back in KL if I wanted too but I badly want to go to Universal Studio. I mean, since I’m still in West Malaysia, why not?

Mareaty said, ok no problem. Just drop by her house by 8pm. By 6pm she texted me that her husband changed his mind. WHAT. THE. FUDGE? I feel like slapping my forehead with a sledge hammer. What is wrong with everyone for screaming out loud!

So there I was… numb beyond anything. My trains of thoughts were lines of madness that not even a psychologist or a mad hater can decipher.

I can’t use the bus coz of what I just wrote above.

I can’t use the train coz ... well just coz.

I can’t drive there coz I don’t dare to drive the mister’s car (he can’t come along coz he can’t take leave)

My only option was: The plane. I went online (thank god I had the sense of a gnat to bring along my laptop and my broadband all the way from Miri) and bought myself a return ticket from KL-JB-KL. Insane right? Tell me about it.

The fuck up thing was, the flight to JB was at 7am. Holly Mamee Monster! That means I have to wake up at 4am to reach LCCT on time!

I called up Aveen and told her my Lady Gaga story. She said she can only pick me up around 9am plus coz she was still at her in-laws in god-knows where.

JB-KL by plane takes only 30 minutes or less. That means I’ll be in the boring airport for an hour plus.

Sigh. What choice do I have?

Universal Studio better be good or else I’ll burn the place down!

To be continued…



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