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Waltzing Towards the Shadow

It's a form of art. Why do I need to explain why I did as so?

Overly dramatic, yup, it's my kinda style!

My Life List in Pursuit to What I Think is My Best Possible Life


1.       Own a diamond ring/pendant
2.       Climb Mount Kinabalu
3.       Take a self photo with the Eiffel Tower
4.       Read 50 books in a year (excluding comic books) (start in 2010)
5.       Touch a real castle in Europe
6.       Get myself a Canon 5D
7.       Visit a platform offshore
8.       Start a snow ball fight
9.       Visit the Great Wall of China
10.   Visit at least one temple in Thailand and Bali
11.   Throw a BBQ
12.   Buy one pair of heels/boots in a month
13.   Visit Melaka, Penang, Langkawi and Terengganu
14.   Donate blood
15.   Visit Singapore
16.   Take a photo of my family outdoor
17.   Change a tire
18.   Go to Disneyland
19.   Bake a batch of muffin
20.   Watch sunrise from a high viewpoint
21.   Take a self photo inside the Statue of Liberty
22.   Visit Holland
23.   Get Lasik surgery
24.   Attend a school reunion
25.   Take ballroom dance lesson
26.   Get a scuba diving licence and go diving
27.   Visit tea plantation
28.   Marry and have children
29.   Go and do my Umrah
30.   Take a photo everyday for a year (start 01/01/2010)

31.       Skydive
32.       Ride a camel and an elephant
33.       Have 500 friends in Facebook and I know each and every one of them
34.       Dance under a full moon
35.       Develop the photos I’ve taken and frame it
36.       Appear in local newspaper (achieving something)
37.       Show up at the airport with my bag and passport- take the first available flight
38.       Hold a bunch of living worms in the palm of my hand (ARRGHH!!)
39.       Visit Sydney Opera House
40.   Go on a fun happy family holiday
41.   Visit Bolivia
42.   Take a hot air balloon ride
43.   Write a book/news article
44.   Master another language (Spanish and Mandarin)
45.   Buy my first house
46.   Start a new life in a new city/country
47.   Attend a self-development course
48.   Work in my dream job and get paid 5x more than current job
49.   Take a self-photo at the Taj Mahal in India
50.   Go white water Rafting on a Class 4 or 5 river  (I’ve done Class 3 –June 2009 in KK)
51.   Work as a life coach or mentor
52.   Visit Greece
53.   Laugh everyday
54.   Plant a garden
55.   Go jungle trekking
56.   Fly in Business Class or First Class on a long haul flight
57.   Take a self photo with the Pyramids in Egypt
58.   Own my dream car (4 wheel drive)
59.    Attend a major concert
60.   Buy at least two designer bags in a year

If you want to help along the way (which would be so super amazingly awesome and I’d love you forever and ever, the end) !!

It's not all as serious as you think

Models: Mohd. Asyrani, Khalisa & Fatin

I'm not alone, I sense it

Model: Fatin

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