My Life List in Pursuit to What I Think is My Best Possible Life


1.       Own a diamond ring/pendant
2.       Climb Mount Kinabalu
3.       Take a self photo with the Eiffel Tower
4.       Read 50 books in a year (excluding comic books) (start in 2010)
5.       Touch a real castle in Europe
6.       Get myself a Canon 5D
7.       Visit a platform offshore
8.       Start a snow ball fight
9.       Visit the Great Wall of China
10.   Visit at least one temple in Thailand and Bali
11.   Throw a BBQ
12.   Buy one pair of heels/boots in a month
13.   Visit Melaka, Penang, Langkawi and Terengganu
14.   Donate blood
15.   Visit Singapore
16.   Take a photo of my family outdoor
17.   Change a tire
18.   Go to Disneyland
19.   Bake a batch of muffin
20.   Watch sunrise from a high viewpoint
21.   Take a self photo inside the Statue of Liberty
22.   Visit Holland
23.   Get Lasik surgery
24.   Attend a school reunion
25.   Take ballroom dance lesson
26.   Get a scuba diving licence and go diving
27.   Visit tea plantation
28.   Marry and have children
29.   Go and do my Umrah
30.   Take a photo everyday for a year (start 01/01/2010)

31.       Skydive
32.       Ride a camel and an elephant
33.       Have 500 friends in Facebook and I know each and every one of them
34.       Dance under a full moon
35.       Develop the photos I’ve taken and frame it
36.       Appear in local newspaper (achieving something)
37.       Show up at the airport with my bag and passport- take the first available flight
38.       Hold a bunch of living worms in the palm of my hand (ARRGHH!!)
39.       Visit Sydney Opera House
40.   Go on a fun happy family holiday
41.   Visit Bolivia
42.   Take a hot air balloon ride
43.   Write a book/news article
44.   Master another language (Spanish and Mandarin)
45.   Buy my first house
46.   Start a new life in a new city/country
47.   Attend a self-development course
48.   Work in my dream job and get paid 5x more than current job
49.   Take a self-photo at the Taj Mahal in India
50.   Go white water Rafting on a Class 4 or 5 river  (I’ve done Class 3 –June 2009 in KK)
51.   Work as a life coach or mentor
52.   Visit Greece
53.   Laugh everyday
54.   Plant a garden
55.   Go jungle trekking
56.   Fly in Business Class or First Class on a long haul flight
57.   Take a self photo with the Pyramids in Egypt
58.   Own my dream car (4 wheel drive)
59.    Attend a major concert
60.   Buy at least two designer bags in a year

If you want to help along the way (which would be so super amazingly awesome and I’d love you forever and ever, the end) !!



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