I Went Tomb Raidings. Pfft. Yeah Right

It was Tammy’s idea. Yes. Her idea. She’s always thinking of something outrageous for us to do whenever I’m in KL.

So, for the first time in my life, I visited the National Museum. To be exact, I visited the Coffin Exhibitions in the museum.

For a chicken poop like me, of course the exhibition scare the living hell out of me.

There was incense being burned and the interior was semi-dark with soundtrack like as if you're in a freakin' jungle. It so creepy that as I stepped in, I had goosebumps from head to toe. I was a walking human porcupine.

Tammy, the daughter of Ares, the God of War (that explains her being so insanely brave or maybe she just have a gym socks sense or something) kept asking me to take a photo of her with some of the oldest, most disturbing looking coffins ever. Of course I oblige but I was muttering curses at the same time. Curses to her soul to be more exact.

The bones are replicas of course but the coffins are real. Some even as old as the left over dinner in my fridge. NOT.

Check out some of the photos taken. Pardon the poor quality. My hands were cold and I had difficulty in getting my focus coz I kept holding back the urge to punch Tammy in the face for bringing me there and me agreeing to it. What la…

What Do You Hear?

Sit back and listen.

I hear peace and serenity.

I’ve been out and about, traveling more than I bargain for this month and amidst the chaotic hullabaloo, I managed to steal some quiet time alone to enjoy sleeping deliciously in open public.

What’s my birthday wish this year?

I want more of this kind of leisure in life. I want more good things and happiness to be experienced by me, myself and everyone around me.

May this year and all the years to come, be perfectly in peace and serenity to us all. Amin.

Project 365

This year I started my own project 365. I try to shoot something or someone or anything for that matter everyday and recorded it here in this blog.

I hate to admit that no matter how committed I may be towards the project, there are times when I feel so uninspired, or having one of those low moments, or life gets too hectic, my camera is left idle.

And when the down side of life inevitably seeps in, forcing myself to shoot something will result an image that portray my current emotion. My photo speaks loudly of who I am at that current moment in time.

As a person who is determine to be positive, looking at images that depict my negative emotions, totally repulse me. I like to look back upon happy times. Not at those ugly moments in life.

But then again, life is full of ups and downs. Why refuse instead of embracing it? The positive and the negative, all that makes me, me.

The spirit of project 365 is to capture something, anything, every day regardless that day you feel as low as a dung beetle or whatever.

I’m musing the idea now coz it’s part of the lesson in growth. Growth in every kind of ways.

“Each day offers us the gift of being a special occasion if we can simply learn that as well as giving, it is blessed to receive with grace and a grateful heart.” ~ Sarah Ban Breathnach

I Might As Well Enjoy It

I’ve been complaining on how exhausting my life is lately. What’s with my traveling, work and other stuff (spare yourself from going into details, Balqiz. Ok boss) I have little time to rest let alone pick up a book and read.

A text message from a friend sent gush of gratefulness in me.

She said, “But I see you’re having so much fun juggling everything and so far, I see you’re juggling it very well indeed”

And that made me smile coz yes, I must admit I am having so much fun!

I was so wrapped up with the hecticness of my life that I didn’t see the good side of it; the adventure I’m experiencing, the people I meet, the many laughter I had, the places I get to go and many more.

Thank you, friend. I am indeed blessed in every kind of ways.

15th April It's My Birtttthhhhhdaaaay!!!!

Flew to KL yesterday to celebrate my birthday with the Mister ^^

Another year older, another milestone achieved!

When people asked how old am I, I would say 10585, more or less, because I'm just glad to be alive that I counted every day a birthday.

Happy Birthday Me!

Vrooom! Vrooom!

For next project, I will be photographing a sport car. No idea how though... Will have to do lots of research.

Photos above are just my trial and error. By the way... notice the lamp post in the second photo? Yeah that one. Does it make you feel like you want to run amok and pull that bloody sore-eye thing out and stab some marine fish with it? No? Me neither.

The Buildings Speak For Themselves

“There are three classes of people: those who see. Those who see when they are shown. Those who do not see” ~Leonardo da Vinci

I'm Just a Stranger, Even to Myself

Look at yourself
Are you sad?
Don't be afraid
It's not bad to be sad

Dust off your hands
And reach into foreign lands
Of your mind
Dont be kind cuz we're all fools
Each others tools

When the cracks on my bedroom ceiling
Give me this empty bottle feeling
I think its time to repaint
It's time to repaint myself

Try not to peer through plastic eyes
Through plastic eyes
Peel back the rind
And youll find something kind

You're still you, remember you
Rosy child, strong and wild
With apple lungs
You, you breathe with ease
Floating on the breeze ~ INGRID MICHAELSON

Transcend Dream into Reality

Make it stop. I don't want to have it in my dreams anymore.

I'm now scared to sleep...

I Hope This is Just a Phase...

I feel like quitting...

Oil Town Before, Now Oil City

These two architectural buildings are part of Museum Petroleum, which is currently residing on top of a hill called the Canada Hill, Miri.

It's where the first oil well was drilled.

The One Million Dollar Question

What do I want... in life?

Really, really want?


...I wish I can fly. Then I can show you my wings.

Then again... maybe I was born with a pair of wings. But a caterpillar stole it from me and it flew beautifully.

Now the caterpillar is a butterfly. It is like a flying flower.

"May the wings of the butterfly kiss the sun,
And find your shoulder to light on,
To bring you luck, happiness and riches
Today, tomorrow and beyond." ~Irish Blessing

Sweet Wedding Door Gift


Haizul & Sheila’s wedding reception went extremely well yesterday. Congratulations to both of you again!

"Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life,love gives us a fairy tale" ~Anonymous

The Innocents Are Always Artificial

People tend to assume the worst about her coz they judge her by her look.

She dressed like Avril Lavinge and has short hair like Pink.

She’s loud. She’s funny. She has hundreds of friends with different background.

She looks like someone who might eat your face for dinner but all she is, is just a normal girl who eats rice when she’s hungry.

She’s tired of all the judging that is why she said, “Eff this. Accept me for who I am. If you don’t, I’m better off without you”

Remember: Innocent face hides sinister secrets.

Something’s Bugging You?

Yesterday, I woke up at 5:30am to join a group of newbie photographers outing at Canada Hills. Their mission was to take photo of the sunrise.

My mission was... no mission.

I am as dumb as a lamp post when it comes to take photo of landscape.

So there I was standing like a sore thumb armed with my camera and I spotted something that made me go, “Oh yeaaaah!”

Isn’t he just adorable?

I found him in a small dry drain, on his back and his feet in the air. He was not dead, thank God, but almost was if I didn’t rescue him.

I picked him up and he was hissing and spitting and Nurul asked, what’s wrong with it? Having a fit of bad sinus?

Maybe. The environment on top of the hill was terrible. Haze, smokey and mmm... bad. Some part of the forest were burn crisp. Bad summer y’all.

So, You Think Your Life is Hectic Huh? Bummer for You

I’m seriously exhausted these past few weeks. Months to be exact.

It has been a whirlwind of activities day and night.

Weekdays & Weekends:

–office work is making me wish I have extra 6 arms to help me out. Hey, I would even settle for 7 dwarfs. I’m not picky.

-Assignments. I may had finished and done with it now but when new semester starts, that’s the time when I would howl in the middle of the night just ‘coz I couldn’t find much information to support my research. Nightmare.

-Final exams. Oh eff. Mine is next week. Two papers. Child Psychology and Abnormal Psychology. With me running every corner of the world to finish other nitty gritty of my daily life, I come home worn out totally. I don’t even have the energy to lift the damn thick book just so I can read it! I feel like weeping now.

-Personal lovey-dovey stuff. I’m very lucky the Mister is very understanding and that he gives me lots of space. But I do feel guilty for not texting or calling when he diligently text/call me. Sometimes I fall dead asleep at 9pm and skip our night chat for ... 2-3 days! Poor me. I mean him. Ahem.

-Travelling. This April I will be away for ... 10 days? Every weekends I would be either in KL or I have photography session. Which brings me to the next point...

-Photography. I love it. I’m mad over it. But it’s getting more ridiculous by the day just to find 30 minutes to twiddle with my camera.

-Blog, Twitter and Facebook. One of my favourite past time aside from reading (did I mention that I haven’t read a book in like what... a month? WTF, me??) and I can only do this as and when I am: 1) In the toilet 2)Waiting for my turn at a bank/clinic/etc 3) In bed when I’m about to sleep 4) While having lunch/dinner alone. All via my faithful, reliable phone. Thank god for handphones!

It’s a rare moment indeed that I can find time to leisurely do all these and more. Like now, thank God tomorrow’s holiday but only from sheer will alone that I can sit here and type all these.

Tomorrow’s Good Friday and it’s a public holiday. Some would say, hey! Free day for you! I would say, “No babe. Full day for me tomorrow”

Will elaborate more when I’ve the time. Till then, have a great, relaxing, happy weekend!


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