Something’s Bugging You?

Yesterday, I woke up at 5:30am to join a group of newbie photographers outing at Canada Hills. Their mission was to take photo of the sunrise.

My mission was... no mission.

I am as dumb as a lamp post when it comes to take photo of landscape.

So there I was standing like a sore thumb armed with my camera and I spotted something that made me go, “Oh yeaaaah!”

Isn’t he just adorable?

I found him in a small dry drain, on his back and his feet in the air. He was not dead, thank God, but almost was if I didn’t rescue him.

I picked him up and he was hissing and spitting and Nurul asked, what’s wrong with it? Having a fit of bad sinus?

Maybe. The environment on top of the hill was terrible. Haze, smokey and mmm... bad. Some part of the forest were burn crisp. Bad summer y’all.



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