I Might As Well Enjoy It

I’ve been complaining on how exhausting my life is lately. What’s with my traveling, work and other stuff (spare yourself from going into details, Balqiz. Ok boss) I have little time to rest let alone pick up a book and read.

A text message from a friend sent gush of gratefulness in me.

She said, “But I see you’re having so much fun juggling everything and so far, I see you’re juggling it very well indeed”

And that made me smile coz yes, I must admit I am having so much fun!

I was so wrapped up with the hecticness of my life that I didn’t see the good side of it; the adventure I’m experiencing, the people I meet, the many laughter I had, the places I get to go and many more.

Thank you, friend. I am indeed blessed in every kind of ways.


f.loren said...

HO HEMMM JII!!!!!!!!!> gambar ya kacak lalalaalalalulallauuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kizz said...

O-M-G Kaseh, beliang ati kamek HahHahHahahahHaha! Dah belaja ka ndak anak tok ka... good luck on ur exams!


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