So, You Think Your Life is Hectic Huh? Bummer for You

I’m seriously exhausted these past few weeks. Months to be exact.

It has been a whirlwind of activities day and night.

Weekdays & Weekends:

–office work is making me wish I have extra 6 arms to help me out. Hey, I would even settle for 7 dwarfs. I’m not picky.

-Assignments. I may had finished and done with it now but when new semester starts, that’s the time when I would howl in the middle of the night just ‘coz I couldn’t find much information to support my research. Nightmare.

-Final exams. Oh eff. Mine is next week. Two papers. Child Psychology and Abnormal Psychology. With me running every corner of the world to finish other nitty gritty of my daily life, I come home worn out totally. I don’t even have the energy to lift the damn thick book just so I can read it! I feel like weeping now.

-Personal lovey-dovey stuff. I’m very lucky the Mister is very understanding and that he gives me lots of space. But I do feel guilty for not texting or calling when he diligently text/call me. Sometimes I fall dead asleep at 9pm and skip our night chat for ... 2-3 days! Poor me. I mean him. Ahem.

-Travelling. This April I will be away for ... 10 days? Every weekends I would be either in KL or I have photography session. Which brings me to the next point...

-Photography. I love it. I’m mad over it. But it’s getting more ridiculous by the day just to find 30 minutes to twiddle with my camera.

-Blog, Twitter and Facebook. One of my favourite past time aside from reading (did I mention that I haven’t read a book in like what... a month? WTF, me??) and I can only do this as and when I am: 1) In the toilet 2)Waiting for my turn at a bank/clinic/etc 3) In bed when I’m about to sleep 4) While having lunch/dinner alone. All via my faithful, reliable phone. Thank god for handphones!

It’s a rare moment indeed that I can find time to leisurely do all these and more. Like now, thank God tomorrow’s holiday but only from sheer will alone that I can sit here and type all these.

Tomorrow’s Good Friday and it’s a public holiday. Some would say, hey! Free day for you! I would say, “No babe. Full day for me tomorrow”

Will elaborate more when I’ve the time. Till then, have a great, relaxing, happy weekend!


Fahriee said...

Hang in there, Balqiz! :)

theeggyolks said...

don't over worked yourself. Have a nice rest this week end :D

Anonymous said...

Umm, I don't know we still have faithful, reliable phones nowadays. What make/brand of phone you're using?

Kizz said...

Thanks All ^^


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