Sure. Why Not?

Wow. I really messed up my 2 blogs. I actually archived all the posts I wrote in (domain expired already) and when I wanted to publish it all, the dates and tags were all jumbled up! Kaisan’s birth story went to the top dated 2014 (WRONG CHILD, BLOGGER! I GAVE BIRTH TO NAYLA IN 2014!) and the tag shown was “food, cooking”. What? WHAAAAAAAAAAT?!

Then my posts from which I exported out to be imported in this blog, decided to jump on my throat and stick a golf club up my ass. Meaning, it’s all F* up.

I would kill for a web expert right. About. Now.

I seriously do. Not. Have. The. Time. To. Fix. All. These. Shits. Shit.

[Insert pathetic wails of a dying hamster]

I want to start blogging again. I seriously am. I want to bring back all the memories I wrote about my kids and my life but… Why. Must. Everything. Be. So. Difficult!

To start all over again is like starting to date again at the age of 60. It’s so TIRING!

I guess I just have to inhale, exhale and wing it. This is my punishment for moving blogs and deleting and archiving and CAN NEVER SETTLE WITH ONE BLOG AT A TIME GAWD WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME.

Thank you.  I just need to rant. 

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