The Innocents Are Always Artificial

People tend to assume the worst about her coz they judge her by her look.

She dressed like Avril Lavinge and has short hair like Pink.

She’s loud. She’s funny. She has hundreds of friends with different background.

She looks like someone who might eat your face for dinner but all she is, is just a normal girl who eats rice when she’s hungry.

She’s tired of all the judging that is why she said, “Eff this. Accept me for who I am. If you don’t, I’m better off without you”

Remember: Innocent face hides sinister secrets.


Fahriee said...

I have sinister secrets? D:

Kizz said...

You tell me ^_^

kenwooi said...

interesting.. everyone surely has their own secrets =)

Kizz said...

Kenwooi, I couldn't agree more ^^


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