In the midst of a hectic day, I would sometimes wonder… what am I rushing for?

Work will never finish. If it does, then I won’t have a job anymore. So why can’t it wait for another day?

Families will always be there. So 10 minutes late shouldn’t be a problem.

Friends. I’m the one who’s always on time anyway (hmph!)

The mister will always understands and give me as much time and space as I need.

So, what am I rushing for?

Have you ever lie down in bed in the middle of the night and wonder… all these rushing everywhere, what have you achieved? Is it an accomplishment to be proud of? A memory worth cherish? A good deed that makes you feel good inside?

Or… just daily routine that means nothing?

Time just passed by and when I looked back, wow, it’s the middle of the year already! Did I leave my footprints in the sands of time? God knows.

Later days.


apijah said...

like this entry!


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