A Story of a Queen

Once upon a time, in a time when darkness reigned longer than daylight and the nights were cold and empty, a Queen found herself left and betrayed by the people she loved and trusted most.

She had no one to go to as she was alone in the empty big castle and she almost lost her mind in grieve, sadness and… anger.

Then one morning, she woke up, gathered her belongings and left the castle behind. Determined to never look back, the Queen ventured out alone in the strange and unknown world.

She walked a thousand mile. Then another thousand. And then another thousand. Each steps she take, she picked her shattered hearts and dreams and glued it all back piece by piece. And each mile she reached, she learned something new about herself.

She also met new people, see new places and experience life she never thought she would.

After many long months of traveling, the Queen found herself standing on a cloud. She was surprised to find out she had walked so far and so long that she reached the sky!

So the Queen decided she would start her life there. The dreams she had patched up, nicely hung strongly in her heart that though no longer broken but will forever scar for life.

The Queen built her castle perched high on a big white fluffy cloud. She can fly anywhere she wants and she had never been happier. Surrounded by other people who had reached the sky, she knows she will never be alone anymore.

She vowed to never take revenge to those who betrayed her because there's no room in her heart for such hatred. She just said, "I just hope one day... They know what they had done to me and I don't need their sorries but I just want them to admit their faults and that's enough for me"

Everyone said, oh no my Queen. No one would admit such fault! No one would subject themselves to crimes that they committed. And besides, why do you need to hear all that? What would you gain?

And the Queen said; I just need to hear it so I can stop blaming myself for being the loyal one, the supportive one, the patient one and the trustworthy one and ended up paying the price that almost cost me my life.

Then one day, on an ordinary day, the Queen found herself facing the very person who had betrayed her.

The Queen was surprised to see that she no longer feel anything towards the person. No anger. No sadness. No nothing.

The person then admitted that he had done her wrong. That he acted badly and made the worst decisions. The person then said the Queen had been the best Queen ever. She was kind, she was tolerant, she was patient, she was a fantastic motivator, and a great companion.

The Queen couldn't help but cry. She cried for the sorrow and hardship she endured. She cried for her broken heart and smashed up dreams. She cried for all the 'what if's. She cried for finally ... Finally she gets to hear what she always wanted to hear.

But she cried harder for the strength in her that made her survived all those years, the patient she had to battle all demons coming her way, the will for her to keep moving on and for that... She kneed down and thank God for EVERYTHING!

A Wiseman once said, things happen for a reason and in time you'll see the advantage of it.

And the Queen did see the benefits of it all. She had walked farther than she had ever been. She had been to places she never thought she would go. She experienced a plenty. She’s stronger now, she’s confident, she’s happier, wealthier and healthier, she’s positive and she’s successful in every kind of ways.

A whisper of voice asked the Queen, would you go back to the old castle if given a chance?

And the Queen answered, “I used to think I would. Because I am that kind of person who would never gives up. The kind that always gives people another chance. But now I am so high up here. My life is here now. And besides, how do I go down? I’m on a cloud for crying out loud and they are on the land!”

“Let them rebuild that old castle. Let them rebuild their life together. For I am happy enough to know, no one can replaced me. No one can be better than me and no one can care for anyone like me. Besides… they are living off my remains” and she laughed gleefully.

The end.


sya_zazoo said...

nice...wish i can be that queen

Kizz said...

You can be whoever you want to be when you set your mind to it ^_^

rouselle said...

nicely written balqiz! :)i love it! :)

Kizz said...

Thanks babe!

Lady Liza said...

Lap2 the hidden lesson in the story.. this could be the modern fairy tale ending..

No prince on noble steed, nor knight in shining armor.. for life is not a fairytale, you gotta learn to fight to save yourself.. wake up 'n save yourself...

Kizz said...

Lady Liza, I couldnt agree more! Chayook chayook!


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