( ^o^)ノ I gained 2kg in just 3 days ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ (Baby Making Part 16)

Dear Me,

Did you swallow a blimp?

Yours faithfully,


Second trimester brings me two new gifts- stuffy nose and super sense of smell. Both at the same time. So now:

1. I can smell bad breath from miles away. Please. Do make sure your breath is minty fresh before you come and talk to me.

2. Being in crowded places where body odor wharfing freely gives me migraine.

3. Garbage MUST be taken out immediately after cooking coz the slight smell of it can send me flying to the nearest toilet bowl (There was once I couldn’t to reach the toilet in time and I spew puke all over the toilet’s door. Messy!)

4. I can detect an early smell of stale food and when expose to the smell openly, there is a high chance of me turning into a psychotic serial killer.

5. Sneezing and blowing nose every nano second of the day.

Thank god the Mister and I invested in a humidifier in our bedroom that totally helps me a lot. It’s easier to breathe during sleep as my nose don’t get clog up like as if I just shove an eraser up my breathing hole.

And we make sure the whole house is free of any unpleasant smell. I splash scented oil, air freshener and scented cleaning detergent all over the house every day. Yes, it is very necessary. Seriously. It’s the safest and most logical thing to do just so I can stay sane and the Mister can keep his head on his neck for all time. I’m nicer when I’m happy and comfortable.



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