Waving a white flag (Cooking chicken stew)

I was craving for Mom’s chicken stew few weeks ago but she was in KL so I was like AAAARRGHHHHH and since I am not famously known for my patience virtue, I decidedly to venture to the kitchen and cook one myself.

I was such a brave, brave young lady… *On bended knees praying hard I will not burn the kitchen down*

Fry onions with olive oil, add chicken, add po-ha-tos, add carrots, add water, add a teaspoon of chicken stock, add bit of black soya sauce, add corn flour and lastly add mushroom.

I ate 4 servings before realizing OHCRAPIDIDN'TTAKEPHOTOOFIT so that explains why I only post a photo of... chicken bones with bits and pieces of meat left. Oy...

Though it didn't taste EXACTLY like Mom's stew, meh, whatever *wave hand tiredly*



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