Not that you asked... (Baby Making- Part 12)

I’m typing this down while trying to find a comfortable position to sit. Lately my back feels like I have a lamp post as backbone. Stiff. Aching. Painful.

I don’t know why. I used to have this kind of backache when I wear high heels everywhere 24/7 but ever since I got knocked up (OHMAIGADSOCRUDE!!!!) I can’t wear any of my heels. Not only because it’s safer (I am dead clumsy. It’s a good thing my ankles are iron made) but also none of my heels fits me anymore. My feet have swollen to the size of a winter melon since the beginning of my pregnancy. So now I wear sensible, boring looking flat CLOWN shoes. I’ll be joining the circus soon.

Most people said, “Oh pish posh! Backache is common during pregnancy, dear!” Really? I thought backache is normal ONLY in third trimester. But then again, swollen feet are quite unusual to have at this early stage either.

I thought I can fix my back by lying down on my back on a floor for few minutes a day but turns out it is a big HELL NO. I can’t breathe when I’m at that position but ironically, when I sleep at night, (I sleep on my left side mostly) I tend to roll on my back and it didn’t bother my breathing at all *Lift one eyebrow* What the H*LL?

I’m seeing my doctor for my next checkup tomorrow. I’ll ask him about my backache and if he said, “Take a chill pill. It’s normal” I promise I shall not threaten him with a scalp knife and maybe, MAYBE, I shall let him keep his hair. That is if my hormones are cooperating like a sane person tomorrow.

You see, I have not been in a good mood lately. My back hurts, making it a complete B**CH to sit for hours and hours at work. I sleep very little coz I can’t find a comfortable position and 3-4 times a night, I would be rudely awaken by the need to pee.

Lack of rest/sleep = Chainsaw Massacre

I know. I know. Let it be a practice for me when the baby comes. But what if I say my baby will NOT be a nocturnal creature like his/her father? He/she will be JUST like me, a sleeper, and a normal functioning human being that would fall asleep at 9pm and wake up at 7am, happy and cheerful because he/she is SO THE MORNING PERSON? *Praying silently my wish will come true*Dear God, PLEEEEEEEASE PLEASE GRANT MY WISH PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE*

Backache and sleepless night aside, today I actually I wanted to answer few questions from friends and readers that I’ve yet to answer coz, well you know, chainsaw massacre and all. Messy business *Lift one eyebrow and dance it a bit for few minutes* but instead I was babbling about backache instead. ADD much.

So the questions are:

Q1) How far long are you actually?

I’ve been avoiding this question since the very beginning of my pregnancy. Reason for being deliberately obtuse? Because I’m embarrassed. There you have it. I am embarrassed that my belly was showing quite obviously already until a lot of people think I was already 4-5 months long when in fact I was only 5-6 weeks long that time. So how far long am I now? I’ll answer that soon. I promise (Rrrrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuuunnnn!!!!!)

Q2) Do you have morning sickness?

Yes and I can proudly say it was tolerable and manageable. I only have it for 2-3 weeks and ONLY in the evening. Now, I no longer cradle my toilet bowl like a gigantic precious diamond. I sit on it instead coz I still pee a lot. If my urine can cure cancer, I’ll be a multi-zillionaire by now bottling it and selling it to the world

Q3) Are you having twins?

Ah. This famous question again. But I shall be nicer this time. My last 2 checkups, doctor found only 1 baby and the heartbeat was super strong that goes dub dub dub dub dub that made my husband shuffle in happiness. If my next check up doctor said, oh there are 4 legs here, then yes, I’ll announce that I’m carrying twins.

Q4) Food aversions?

I shall make it easy by listing it down instead:

a) Food that trigger my nausea

• Roasted chicken (the smell… UGH!!!! Until now I can’t abide it)

• KFC chicken

• Oranges (Vitamin C U in Hell!)

b) Food that cannot settle well in my stomach and gives me gastrick (Only happen during my pregnancy)

• Cheese

• Ice-cream

• Cold drinks

• Carbonated drinks

• Chocolates


• Anything sweet. Be it cakes, fruits, drinks, cookies- anything with MASSIVE SUGAR LEVEL written on it.

• Fast food like burgers, nuggets, sausages etc (But I can eat fries)

d) Food that I can’t stop eating

• Fruits like kiwi, apples, grapes, plums, avocados and pears

• Noodle soup (I can eat this everyday and every night!)

• Vegetables

• Salmon fish (Love, love, and love salmon! Marry me! Oh wait. I’m taken)

• Yogurt

• Plain, hot water (Okay, this is not food but *shrugged*)

Other than that, I have no problem.

Q5) Any cravings?

I don’t know how craving feels like actually. There are times I feel like eating something but it will be for a minute or two. The need does not haunt my dreams or gets me salivating like a mad dog just thinking about it. If I can eat what I wanted to eat, I’m happy. If I can’t get it, no biggie. I don’t fall on my knees and cry pathetically oh woe it’s me kind of thang. Life goes on. What’s for dinner?

So far the most difficult one I wanted to eat was “dabai masin” (Only Sarawakians know what this is) and since it's not the season yet, it made my family quite... restless and worried (They badly want to give me EVERYTHING I crave that's how hardcore they are with my pregnancy) But 30 minutes after I announced I want to eat dabai masin, my mom’s friend called and offered her few. Bliss! I ate once, and done. Don’t want to touch or look at it anymore.

Q6) All and all, how’s your first trimester?

Despite my constant complains about experiencing fatigue, backache, morning sickness and constant pee, my pregnancy is actually going on BEYOND GREAT. The mister has been a wonderful help, caring for me in every kind of ways. My mom has been awesome providing me with all the necessaries that I needed like food, maternity clothes and listening ears. My friends have been so happy and obliging my “LET’S EAT! LET’S EAT HERE TODAY! LUNCH WE EAT HERE! DINNER THERE! TOMORROW? TOMORROW WE EAT AGAIN!”

Contrary to popular believe, I am actually enjoying my pregnancy experience. It’s something new and being an Aries, I’m a sucker when it comes to experiencing new things even though it means morphing into a slimy garden slug.

Okay. This is a long post. I hope it helps to put you to sleep. Say thank you. You’re welcome.



LadyBird said...

oh wait till you have him/her stretching or kicking inside the tummy. that to me is a wonderful feeling. don't forget to share this part in few more month to come. ;)

you take care there woman.

Lomo Camera said...

hiii. :)

Balqiz said...

Eileen, that's the part I'm excited to experience!


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