The Best Small Things in Life

1. Spending extra hour in bed on a rainy weekend.

2. Successfully cook a delicious meal for love ones.

3. Taking long showers.

4. Having a good night sleep.

5. The smell of a new book.

6. The smell of an old book.

7. Drinking a hot cup of tea early in the morning.

8. Hugs

9. Laughing so hard until your tummy hurts

10. Winning at lucky draws

11. Babies

12. Chocolate syrup with ice-cream and lots of nuts and corn flakes.

13. Favorite song playing on the radio

14. Laying on my husband's chest

15. Fresh, warm and clean towel

16. Hot waffles with honey and butter

17. FRIENDS rerun

18. Fairy Tales and happy endings

19. When you hit a point in a book and you suddenly can't stop reading

20. Having a good conversation with your best friends

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