P365-#8 Broken Mirror

The doctor called it “bacteria/virus infection”. I called it “getting run over by a bloody steamroller”. Turns out, I have the migraine. Well, that’s my own diagnosis. Since it feels almost the same as a normal headache, I didn’t put much thought to it. But when my symptoms worsen (fatigue-ness, loss of appetite, nausea and of course, the mother of all problems... headache) I Googled it (thank God for Google!) and I narrowed it down to two possibilities: 1) Anaemia and 2) Migraine. I conclude it’s the later since I would go all cost without having to bleed myself to a nincompoop of a doctor. Doctors. Shish. Unless you arrive at their door step close to death, then and only then would they go all out to check what’s wrong with you. Popped 2 migraine pills and slept for half a day, and migraine’s all gone. Voila! I should change my major to medic. Later days!



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