Goodbye 2009. Hello 2010!

As I looked back at 2009, I smiled to myself and thank God for that had happened to me in that year. Circumstances and events pushed me to grow 10 years wiser, 100 times stronger, and 1000 times happier and calmer. It was a year I shall forever remember as the year I took hold of my life and moved forward for a better life, a better future and a better me.

What have I achieved in 2009?

Not many. I can count it with my fingers but each achievement is a milestone of its own and each changed my life forever.

What changed?

Everything! I am a new person inside and outside. I do new things. I have new habits, new interest and best of all... a new love.

Therefore I bid you adieu 2009 and thank you for everything!

And for that, I greet you salut 2010! I expect greater things and happier possibilities to happen and may my satisfactions grow tenfold in every kind of ways!




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