A Working Mother

A working mother sometimes comes to work with an unbutton blouse. Or worst, uneven button blouse.

At lunch time, stay in the office because you do not want to be on the road with working mothers who are fighting tooth and nail to beat the traffic when fetching their kids from school.

After lunch time, a working mother comes back to the office with ketchup on her pants or a piece of meat in her hair.

A working mother's handphone is always ringing. It's either the baby sitter calling or her kids crying for a new pencil.

A working mother is always missing from work. She's either at home taking care of her sick baby or she's at the pediatric clinic waiting for her baby's next shot.

Despite their seriousness at work, a working mother is actually very entertaining. They can snort water out of their nose, make funny faces and do the monkeys dance to their kids. Sometimes, all at the same time.

A working mother is super multitasker. She can talk on the phone describing to her own mother the shape of the red dots she found on her son's body this morning while typing an email to the Vice President of her company to book him for an urgent meeting.

A working mother is a caring and understanding colleague. But her tempers are short because she slept only two hours last night due to her teething son.

A working mother can run in her heels and dodge obstacles like a ninja. This is because she has enough practice at home trying to walk around a house full of toys and Legos on the floor.

A working mother makes the best negotiator. The skill is well practice at home when trying to negotiate a deal with her husband about who should put their son to sleep tonight.

A working mother is a creative inventor. They can think out of the box for any problems thrown their way. It's another skill a mother is fully proficient when having short attention span children who easily gets bored.

A working mother is a walking talking Wikipedia. Ask them anything and they can provide you a 10 minutes long answer in a single breath without a blink in their eyes.

A working mother has eye bags the size of a man's fist, smells of putrid milk, barf, often wearing wrinkly blouse to work but the most generous and patient when dealing with difficult customers/colleague.

A working mother makes the best employee. Trust me I know. I am a working mother.

I have some more to add it but I just don't have the time because well, I am a working mother.



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