My Dear Diary Moment

It feels like there’s a cold electric current flowing in my veins.

I’m a walking nervous wreck.

Dear Me,

When you read this tomorrow or the day after or any day in the future, I hope to God you’ll be laughing your ass off remembering this very moment when you can’t sit still, your eyes keep darting at the clock ticking, your bowels are throwing a circus party, and anytime, yup, anytime soon, you would throw up your breakfast which consist of Chinese tea and 2 pieces of bread spread with chocolate syrup. You really need to get better food coz seriously if you keep this up; you’ll end up fat and dead by the alleyway. Do we have alleyway by the way? No? Then where can we dump our enemy’s dead bodies? Plural, my dear. Note the plural in “bodies”. Jeez girl. You need to chill out a bit and stop rambling. You’re chattering like a frozen squirrel for crying out loud! I can’t help it! I’m anxious and I’m nervous and I feel like peeing in my pants! Tonight, it’s just the first step. You’re putting one foot in and in the next… what? Six months? Five months? Then you’ll face the big thing. Breath. Breath. Breath Balqiz. Everything’s going to be okay. Everything’s going to be all right. Stop that monkey giggle! You’ll be fine! Everything’s going to be fine! Besides, he’s not like the previous one. You know you can trust him. In your heart and soul, you can feel that he loves you sincerely and committed to make this relationship works. He had proven more than a hundred times so. Moreover, he’s the only one that can make the nightmares stop. That should mean a lot right? Right! Oh god I hope I’m right…

(Inhale deeply) So here goes nothing. Wish me luck!


[tErOmPaH bIrU] said...

Yes!!! INSYAALLAH you'll be fine :)

Kizz said...

Thanks you!!!!


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