"Irashaimase!" They Shouted

Aaah... my favourite sushi joint in Miri –Nikko Sushi!

Next time, if ever you come here and see a lady guffawing like a lumberjack while stuffing her face with udon noodles and varieties of sushi in front of her, do come over and say hi!

Once in a blue moon, me and my siblings would join force and have dinner together. It’s a pretty rare occasion for us all to be able to do this since one brother is offshore, another brother studying outside of Miri and a sister who is always busy with work. So when we finally able to combine all 5 of us in one table, and one voice agree to have dinner/lunch at one place, such feat deserves a dance around a campfire.

I brought them to my all-time-bestest-nicest-yummiest sushi joint that night and we had great time poking fun at people’s face, the shape of my youngest brother’s nose, fighting over salmon fish and yup, it was a great night indeed.

I hope to have this gathering more often in the future and maybe next time, we’ll bring our significant others along and make em regret the day they agree to be our significant other. Hah!
Later days!



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