I'm Engaged!

 On 16th July 2010 at 8:30pm, my life changed. I’m no longer the Mister’s girlfriend. I’m his fiance! I LOVE THE MIND BLOWING RING! FINALLY! DIAMONDS! I now can ticked off "Own a diamond ring" from my life list!

A ring must represent her owner. And the owner is a bookworm so it's understandable the ring is in between her favourite book!

The preparation for the night was KERAAAYZEE! I was given less than 4 days to prepare and I dragged everyone around me in the hustle and bustle of preparing for the clothes,  the food, the make up, the Watikah (the agreement between two parties on what to give etc) and many more. Suffice to say, EVERYONE was as exhausted as I was.

But THANK GOD everything went well (though there was a glitch or two that made the engagement hilarious in which I told my future sister-in-laws that it’ll be a great story to tell when we’re old one day)

Overall, everyone was happy and I was radiant beyond belief!

Next: Getting married! Eek! Date has been set and agreed and now... preparations! Lots and lots of preparations!

Thank you Alex for the engagement gifts! It's EXACTLY what I WANT!!!!!

And finally, a low quality photo of myself (taken with my phone gah! I haven't gotten my photos from Nurul yet so in the mean time, this will do. Le sigh!)

Later days!


youchiyagami said...


@rouselleg said...

congratulations balqiz! i'm super happy for you! don't forget to update on twitter, haha!

Kizz said...

Thank you !

NeuroChiq said...

Congratulations, dearie. Best of luck in the wedding preps! =D

sya_zazoo said...

congrats dear...

Kizz said...

Thank you girls!


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