Wedding Drama Part I

I’m truly blessed for having really helpful and supportive friends and family. Without them, most probably I would be gnawing the legs of my desk planning for my upcoming wedding.

Not only do I have really good people around me but I’m also very lucky that all preparation is going smoothly and accordingly.

The date has been set! This was one of the most difficult things to achieve as the Mister and I need to check with our families whether the date is a yes or a nay and so thankfully, it’s a YES! The thing is, the date is pretty special and holds a great meaning to me and I’ll explain about that in another post.

The venue has been booked! Now this one is PURE LUCK! Who would’ve guessed that this venue we’ve chosen would be available on the date that MANY, MANY couples will get hitch on? And again, syukur alhamdullilah!

The photographer has been chosen! This one was a lucky coincidence. You see, photos rank the highest priority to me and everything else can suck monkey nuts for all I care. I was pulling my hair out thinking where can I get a really, really good and affordable photographer in Miri to cover my wedding. And just when I almost exhaust my options, I bumped into a friend whom I know worked part time as a wedding photographer. Why didn’t I think of him before this? He’s perfect! I always admire his photo skills/styles and I went to his website, spotted his phone number, called him up and voila! Done! Do check out him out!

The theme of the wedding has been decided! This was easy coz obviously it’s going to be a white wedding and this is the only hint that I’m revealing. The rest will be revealed on the wedding day.

I got engaged 2 weeks ago. A week after that (last week) I started planning and by the end of that week, me and my whole troop of helpful friends and family accomplished 4 of the most important and biggest matter for a wedding! Way to go, us!

Of course, there are few more important stuff that need tackling as soon as possible but as what the Mister like to say, “Take one thing at a time and while you’re at it, enjoy the ride” Thank you, Love. I am indeed enjoying this! Stress? Yes, of course there is a moment where I feel like setting myself on fire. Conflict of interest? Oh yes, a plenty. Time management? One word: HECTIC! Budget? Working around it to accomplish a small, simple yet elegant memorable wedding is like trying to understand the working mind of schizophrenia.

All and all, everything is going smoothly. I just need to tackle few more other stuff like the dress, door gifts and decorations. I’ll write more on that matter other time.

So later days folks!


~Am said...

Ras! Good choice indeed.


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