Too Much Free Time in Hand

For the first time in my life, I cleaned the fish tank yesterday. I had it since… can’t remember… as a gift from the Mister and I’ve never done anything more than refilling the water, clean the water filter and feed the fishes. Then yesterday I had a brilliant idea of cleaning the entire tank. All. By. Myself. What was I thinking?

So what I did was;

1. I brought the fish tank to the toilet

2. Slowly and patiently scoop the tiny little buggers by using MY BARE HAND and put em in a bowl I used to eat Maggie Mee. NOT an easy task. Those slimy, slippery, sneaky son of a bitch keep dodging everywhere! I muttered curses and swear to all of em if they DO NOT cooperate, I’m going to feed em to my mom’s hamster which in fact is a vegetarian but what does fishes know anyway? They don’t even have ears for crying out loud.

3. Took all the plants and fist-big rock out of the tank and scrubbed it using my sister’s toothbrush that she left in my house. Ha-ha!

4. Then the most bothersome work ever: Cleaning the tiny, tiny pebbles. Ugh. Trying my patient to the utmost! I tried to wash it like how people wash rice but GAH! It was bloody ridiculous!

5. Once the pebbles all cleaned (70% clean), I put all the fishes in the tank back, together with their decorations and the filter and voila! Done.

I’m proud of myself. Though I must admit I ended up looking like I just try to drown myself but I did a good job. The fishes don’t look that happy though. They swim maniacally in the tank. It’s as if I’m boiling em all to death. Must be traumatized with the whole experience. I think.

It’s okay. That’ll be the first and the last time I’ll ever clean that fish tank. Next time, I’ll just spend my free time gluing ants together to make a necklace.

Later days!


sya_zazoo said...

the funniest entry so far..haha..btw, u forgot to put picture..hihi

Kizz said...

hehehe malaaaaaaaas want to put picture ^_^


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