The Woman in Me

My greatest weakness of all… sweet scented bath and body care.

I am a completely diabolical douchebag when it comes to bath and body products. It never fails to send my heart fluttering, giddy with extreme excitement and squealing like a terrorize mice. Something about the pleasant aroma lather on my bare skin… Moan! Pure. Orgasmatic. Yo!

I used to have a staggering amount of shower gel and body lotion. And when I said a lot, the amount showed in the photo above? Times it by 300 maybe. Or more. I don’t know. I may exaggerate. Knowing me. Whatever.

And my favorite all time brand is Body Shop. I tried L'occitane, St. Ives, Crabtree & Evelyn and even Avon (gasp! Don’t judge me!) but I still come back to Body Shop.

Recently I cleaned my bathroom and threw away most of my shower gels and lotions that piled up by my bathroom wall which almost reach the ceiling and turned my bathroom into a bloody junkyard. I thought of kicking my bad habit of **koff** pack rat**koff** gathering too much bath and body care since I don’t actually use ALL of it at one time. Not that I shower 10 times a day anyway.

Then, once I dumped everything in the garbage bin, my heart bled for days. But a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do, I said. Moaning my lost, I brought myself to Body Shop and bought a dozen more body shower gels and body lotions. Yes, I’ve a problem. Bite me.

Later days!



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