Glory to Your Somberness

A millennia ago, I used to worry whether my blog post have “quality” or pure rubbish. Then one day, I say fuck it and post whatever I feel like it.

Now, I blog about:

1. Nonsense/amusing quotes floating in my head

2. Photos I took with my phone including narcissistic photos of myself (but of course)

3. A dear diary moment

4. Lessons I learned in life

5. Sarcasm

6. Pure rubbish ramblings

And I’m happy like that.

No pressure. No worry. Just pure myself and I.

Later days!


sya_zazoo said...

totally agreed.say wat ever u's ur blog anyway.kalau tak suka silalah tekan butang 'x' di atas kanan.

Kizz said...

Hahaha thank you, my most loyal commenter/blog follower! I would like to reward your loyalty with me bowing in grace but I've backache so maybe some other time ^_^


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