I Should List Down "Learn How to Play Golf" in My Life List

Last week, after the company's event, some of my colleagues decided to hang out at Eastwood Valley's driving range. I joined in since I always want to know what's so great about golf.

I mean, between football and golf... well, let's just say, in football there are more men with tight, tone, and tan ass than those in golf. No offense.

Golf MAY look easy but to me, holly chipmunk! There's a specific way to hold the club (the stick used to hit a golf ball) and my fingers seemed to have mind of their own and they just couldn't follow the exact way of gripping the bloody club!

Once I mastered (yeah sure!) the "grip", the second thing I need to learn was how to swing it. Gah! Body combat/kick boxing is way much easier!

My colleague was nice enough to say I looked natural. Pfft. Natural my ass! As soon as I swing the club few times to get hang of it, it went flying out of my grip! Thank god no one got hurt!

The second time I tried to hit the small ridiculous tiny white golf ball, the club went "CLAK" and hit the ball and instead of flying waaaaaay over the green, the ball just rolled few centimeter away. WHAT. THE. FUCK?

I tell you everyone there had a field good time laughing at this "natural".

Later days!



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