A Valentine's Day Blessing

Good Morning! How are you today, sweetie? I know you don’t read my blog but I know you can hear me when I greeted you just now when I refilled your bowl with some yummies and fresh water!

When Mom called me last night and said “You have to come and see this” I rushed out of the house and drove like a mad hare.

As I reached her house, immediately my first question was, “Where is he?” and there you were, underneath my Mom’s kitchen drawer and curled yourself so small coz you just don’t want to be seen. My poor baby!

Mom asked, “You think that’s Bandit? I mean you haven't seen him for almost a year”

I looked at you face, an unrecognizable face, practically eaten by parasites and your paws were swollen and open wounds everywhere on your body, I said to my Mom, “Whether he’s Bandit or not, I don’t care. I’m gonna take care of him and fix him well!”

As usual, Mom won’t say anything. She knows me too well to say nay. I picked you up, brought you home and fed you till your tummy sang a happy song.

You’re still scared. You’re still mangled with skin diseases. But I’m gonna take care of you. You’ll see.

And since we’re starting a new life together, I’m gonna named you Momo.

Welcome home, Momo!

You’re my Valentine’s Day special *grin*



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