P365-#30 ~Not So Merry-Go-Round

I was a bit sad seeing how empty and ruined Jerudong Park is now. I used to go there with my family many years back and had the greatest time ever!

But now... Sigh... Even this Merry-Go-Round doesn’t look as grand as before. The horses no longer smile a happy smile coz the paint all peeled out and it made em look eerily like a bunch of psychotic horses ready to eat your face off and what’s worst during the ride, a light bulb burst out.

I wish I have all the money in the world and buy the park and rebuild it again so I can help to create smiles and laughter and more beautiful memories for all children in this world.

Sometimes I wish for the impossible…

And now I wish a kindhearted billionaire stumbled upon this wish of mine and made it come true and again, we can hear peels of laughter coming from happy kids and one day, I too can bring my kids there and create happy memories for them.



Faizal n Fashitah said...

Nang sayang Jerudong park ya kinek tok hoh. I still remember masa 1st nya bukak.. kamek ada pegi sia.. nang happening abis. Now I heard Jerudong Park dah sik kedak dolok.. makin terok sik terjaga. What a waste..

Kizz said...

Rollercoaster sidak dah di jual kmk dgr. Sapa ndak ka beli... cuba la di bukak balit park tok and charge kan org mcm Genting, kan ka bagus nak? Haih


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