I'm slowly turning into a creature of the night...

Name: Kaisan Rizq
Meaning: Kaisan (wise one) Rizq (Provision/Profit/Wealth)
Likes: Sleeping in the day time. Farting like a boss. Mommy's boobies. Bullying his parents by staying awake at 2am-6am. Mommy singing like a loon at 4am to make him sleep.
Dislikes: Bath time. Changing diapers. Nail clipping. Nose digging. Socks. Being bundled up.

If you look closely, you can see how messy my house is. It’s like Mothercare and Anakku just threw up in there.

Baby things are everywhere, scattering around as if each and every one of it has a pair of long creepy legs, moving all about making themselves at home. It’s driving me crazy! People kept telling me to sit and rest instead of swinging broomstick around my head. I. Can’t. Rest. When. The. House. Is. In. A. Bloody. Chaos!

By the way, A BIG THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN SHOWERING US WITH BABY GIFTS! Since Kaisan only knows how to yawn and poop at this stage, I, as his mother will be doing the cartwheel spelling THANK YOU to each and everyone of you!

Now, back to mundane stuff like taking the opportunity to sleep when he's sleeping *Yawn*



Anonymous said...


lv said...

kaisan sleeps like a boss!! hahaha!! he is the king of the house now ya! :p

Balqiz said...

Asidah, who? Me? Aiseh thank you babe

Lv, oh he is! He's the center of everything now. Including gravity hahahaha


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