I'm of the opinion that people don't know what a hypocrite they are about 90 percent of the time.

Friend 1: Ever since I marry ‘up’, suddenly I’m ‘in’ and those wealthy and high class people, who used to not bother about my existence, are my unofficial friends now, wanting to introduce me to their other high class friends. When I was a mere nobody, these people wouldn’t give me two hoots but now? I even received an invitation to a join the ‘in’ club just because they see me as their equal now. I hate these people! Bloody bunch of hypocrites! I am not stooping to their shallowness. I ignored their invitation and went on my own merry way and keep my so-called-low-class friends.

Friend 2: Count yourself lucky. At least they seek you out for your social class. The hypocrite is at a minimum level and very transparent. In my case, people wanted to befriend me so they can be the first to witness as and when I fall from grace. To them, I’m like a time bomb ticking, ready to explode and prove their assumption about me is right. They are itching to say, “See? XXX is BAD! She’s a menace to society! She’s an embarrassment! She’s no good! It’s expected she’ll do something like that! I told you! How many times did I tell you? She WILL show her true color sooner or later” What’s worst, I don’t know who they are until it’s too late. They follow my blog, Twitter and Facebook diligently; they are super friendly in real life and so on and so forth. But behind me, lo behold! There’s not a shred of my dignity left intake once these people finished bitching and analyzing and devouring my every words, actions, activities and such.

Friend 3: Wow. Life sure sucks big time for you guys! LOL!



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