Dear, dear me. What have a I done?

Dear Me,

Since I’m you and you’re me, I know you so well. Maybe not now, maybe in the near future, or maybe very soon, you will ask yourself these questions: WHAT DID I DO THESE PAST FEW MONTHS? WHY I CAN’T REMEMBER ANYTHING? WHAT WAS I SO BUSY ABOUT? WHAT, FOR GODSAKE, HAPPEN IN MY SECOND TRIMESTER?

And that’s where I came in.

My dear scatterbrain dove self, as I said, I know you. You know me. As you ask yourself all those questions, you will ask your husband, “Do you remember what we did last few months?” and he will answer, “Hmm… The usual? Golf? Bike ride?” and you, ever so frustrated with his answer will give him the evil eye and say, “That’s what you do! Not me!” and you went into your cave and pout for 3 weeks.

And then slowly, it’ll strike you; HEY! I HAVE A BLOG! LET ME CHECK WHAT I WROTE IN THAT 3 MONTHS AND THE MYSTERY ARE SOLVED! But alas… there’s nothing much in there except your stupid rants and 2-3 updates in like… 3 months? Again, ever so frustrated, you clawed your Mac screen in super annoyance and storm into your cave and pout for another 3 weeks.

So, me… Sigh…

To spare you for the future frustration and pouting and storming dramatically to your ever so posh and glamorous cave, let me highlight to you what has been going on lately while my brain is still fresh.

So far;

1. You have been busy attending dinner parties, wedding, and functions with friends, family and colleagues –almost every night. In a week, you only cook once at home. And by cooking, I mean, water. You cook water for drinking. ONLY. Well done. At least you accomplished SOMETHING.

2. You have been admitted in a hospital for 2 days and was given a strict instruction to rest for 2 weeks (refer to this post). Throughout that whole 2 weeks, you only stepped out of the house 3 times. The first time was to buy banana fritters 5 minutes away from your house, second time was to have family dinner at your sister’s house (Mom picked you up) and the third time was to buy the new Percy Jackson book (The Son of Neptune). Other than that, you were a couch potato watching Friends DVD 24/7. Bravo. Now there’s a cluster of green moles growing on your butt for sitting/lying on the couch that long. You are NOT WELCOME.

3. You went to work, came home, cooked dinner, tired and fell asleep at 9pm. You are indeed THE BAD GIRL, THE HAPPENING ONE, and THE PARTY GIRL everyone likes to talk about. Way to live up your reputation, woman!

4. You decided to stop blogging. For the I-don’t-know-how-many-zillion-times. And you decided to screw that coz you’re weak. Again, for the I-don’t-know-how-many-zillion-times.

5. There’s a mysterious coding in your blog that you do not how to get rid of. And there’s a glitch somewhere that for some reason does not allow some browser to see your Facebook fan page. So, since you’re bored and lazy and plus, no time whatsoever to twiddle with the layout and coding and stuff, you decided to hire a professional to create a new layout for you. The layout will be done by December and hopefully will be up before New Year.

6. You’re friends and family plan a baby shower for you. You thought you’re just gonna sit back and do nothing. Nope. YOU ARE NOT THAT KIND OF PERSON. So now, at this very moment I’m writing this, you’re also busy helping with the preparation. You JUST HAVE TO BE in control, don’t you? Some things just don’t change.

7. For the first time in how many years, you just stay put in Miri for the longest duration of time! There’s no traveling except the one time trip to KL during your 3rd month of pregnancy and you went there just coz you wanted to EAT! Then there’s the short day trip to Brunei to watch movies. This year is indeed your cost recovery year and so far, you have reduced your credit expenses and hopefully by next year, you are totally debt free. Then and only then you allow yourself to buy a new car. Ah… you have grown up to be a responsible person, aren’t you? [proud]

8. As for work, inevitable changes occurred which you thought would be the end of the world (Ever so the drama queen) but turns out to be an excellent opportunity to move even further up. God is mighty generous with you this year. Alhamdulillah…

9. At the same time, baby is well, healthy and kicking and punching and doing God knows what in there every day. It makes you smile, laugh and cringe coz it can be quite painful, weird feeling and sometimes even awkward. Imagine sitting in a meeting and your baby decided to participate and give his honest opinion about the whole thing by giving 3-4 huge big kick till the people sitting next to you can see your belly moving. Yes, he’s indeed a treasure. Love him to bits!

That pretty much sums up what has been going on lately in your life, me. If you think that this summary is a bit off, stupid, lame, incomplete, boring bla bla bla, well, eat dung, you!

Till then, do create a more happening, adventurous life MINUS GETTING ADMITTED IN THE HOSPITAL PLEASE. Then, your life won’t be so boring.




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