WARNING: A lot of FLESH shown not suitable for narrow minded people (Baby Making Part 22)

How intriguing is the title eh? Made ya click! Boo yah!

No, there’s no nudity here. Ha-ha!

Just my FAT, FAT SELF which people said, “Oh it’s perfectly normal to be fat when you’re pregnant” But because I’m an idiot and my brain has been brainwashed by our society who finds ‘skinny’ to be fashionable, the IN thang, en vogue, bla bla bla oh what a cruel, cruel world, I feel slightly embarrassed to be photographed especially when my arms are the size of a footballer’s hard sexy thigh [insert an image of a disgusting looking drooling pregnant woman] Yum.

BUT! But because I STILL think pregnancy is beautiful and I love to archive my every moment in life, so… behold! Feast your eyes on my get-together-party which was initially a baby shower but due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to cancel it (Miri was hit by crazy storm and a lot of people cancel which is pretty understandable) so we turned it into a BBQ dinner since there were many chicken wings ready to be devoured. Some friends and family still came and we had a blast!

Thanks you guys!

Deco was done by my sister:

Some baby photos of the mister and I:

Gift for guest. It's a potted plant (real plant!) with a card saying "Thank you for coming! Please take care of this plant. Our baby would like you to keep the earth green for him!"

Mom made some last minute muffins and donuts:

Red velvet cuppies from Nurul and Siti! I've never tried red velvet before so I was blown away when I ate it. VERY DELICIOUS !!! Thank you to Nurul and Siti!

Ermm... yeah. Me *koff* No makeup. Pale. Arms the size of a oil tanker. La la la la la [singing in my head to kill the awkwardness]

But Ooooh! Thank you to all for the gifts! I didn't expect any coz well, it was supposed to be a BBQ but THANK YOU STILL! The little hoodie sweater was from Nurul and I was calculating in my head, how much weight should I shed in order to fit in that blue sweater...

Some of the crazy people who weather the storm to attend the party. I'm touched!

Photos were by Nurul and more can be seen in her Facebook.


LadyBird said...

*sob sob sob* *sniff sniff*

sedih dan terharu at the same time. sad coz i couldnt make it due to last minute unforeseen circumstances. terharu for you coz despite the cancellation, friends and family support still there for you and the show still goes on.

btw, your baby shower gift are so meaningful. i would never thought of that. im happy for you, woman. :)

Balqiz said...

Hahaha no problem babe! I had a great time despite the freaky storm (^_^)


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